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eBook Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain epub

by Kathleen Tracy

eBook Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain epub
  • ISBN: 1559724749
  • Author: Kathleen Tracy
  • Genre: Biographies
  • Subcategory: Arts & Literature
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Birch Lane Pr; First Edition edition (September 1, 1998)
  • Pages: 320 pages
  • ePUB size: 1474 kb
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Jerry Seinfeld, Tracy. Kathleen Tracy is an entertainment journalist who wrote other biographies.

Jerry Seinfeld, Tracy. This 1998 book was written after the series ended. This book covers Jerry's life from childhood to a national television star in 19 chapters.

Jerry Seinfeld provides an in-depth biography and insightful retrospective. The book also gives an extensive, behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of making Seinfeld. It covers Jerry's life from childhood to Hollywood humor mogul, offering an intriguing look into his public persona and private personality, his drives and ambitions, and his complicated love life.

Semua pencarian terakhir akan dihapus Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain mobi download . "A comprehensive history of the series that changed the face of television and an in-depth biography and insightful retrospective. K Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain PPT download Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain azw download EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy. 16. The Cartoon" (January 29, 1998) SUMMARY Elaine tries to prove a New Yorker cartoon isn't funny.

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Jerome Allen Seinfeld (/ˈsaɪnfɛld/ SYNE-feld; born April 29, 1954) is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director. He is known for playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself in the sitcom Seinfeld, which he created and wrote with Larry David. The show aired on NBC from 1989 until 1998, becoming one of the most acclaimed and popular sitcoms of all time. As a stand-up comedian, Seinfeld specializes in observational comedy.

Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain, Carol Publishing Group (Secaucus, NJ), 1998. Tracy, Kathleen, and Jeff Rovin, Ellen DeGeneres Up Close: The Unauthorized Biography of the Hot New Star of ABC's Ellen, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 1994. The Girl's Got Bite: An Unofficial Guide to Buffy's World, Renaissance Books (Los Angeles, CA), 1998, revised as The Girl's Got Bite: The Original Unauthorized Guide to Buffy's World, Completely Revised and Updated, St. Martin's Press (New York, NY), 2003.

Books about the show Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld have become something of a major industry in the United . But the TV show is the reason to read this book.

But the TV show is the reason to read this book.

Provides an amusing biography of the famous comedian's life, complemented by full-color photographs, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Seinfeld, an in-depth look at the show's co-stars, and stories about the sitcom's creation. 50,000 first printing.
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What a treat it was to read behind the scenes info about the creation, characters and how Jerry and Larry collaborated on maybe the best sit com of our generation! I love them all and miss them even more !!! We purchased two copies of this book!! Thank you!
Jerry Seinfeld, Tracy

Kathleen Tracy is an entertainment journalist who wrote other biographies. This 1998 book was written after the series ended. Jerry Seinfeld chose to end the series after nine years, it wasn't due to falling ratings. [The book says there was criticism about the stories.] This book covers Jerry's life from childhood to a national television star in 19 chapters. It has an `Episode Guide' to the 179 episodes and an `Index'. It tells about the stand-up comedians and the business of comedy in the 1980s. The show ran from May 1990 to May 1998. Was it "a show about nothing" as some said? It portrayed (or mocked) the lives of the personal servants of the rich and their problems. Did many of its audience identify with these characters and their problems? Did they know people like them? Or was it because it dealt with topics censored from the usual TV comedies? [I was not a fan and seldom watched the shows.]

One example of its influence is on page 133 where an executive employee was fired for discussing an episode. A wrongful termination lawsuit awarded him $26 million. Euphemisms may work in a controlled TV show but have unwanted effects in the real world. Was this double-entendré part of the appeal of the show? Episodes dealt with the events of everyday life but looked at them from a humorous viewpoint. Can parking in a handicap-only spot generate humor? Its not funny to a handicapped person who needs that spot! Dealing with topics not usually discussed is certainly daring. It also dealt with ordinary problems, life finding your car in a huge parking garage. [Write down the location on a piece of paper.] It warned about the need to safeguard your financial records ("The Truth"). [Use a copying machine.]

Jerry was born in 1954 and spent a lot of time watching TV (Chapter 1). [That TV station in NYC (p.3) now shows reruns of "Seinfeld" at night after prime time.] He graduated from Queens College in 1976 with a double major in theater and communication arts; then started as a stand-up comic (Chapter 2). The 1980s saw hundreds of comedy clubs started (Chapter 3). [There is a lot of details about the comedy business here.] Jerry appeared on "The Tonight Show" in 1981. His career grew (Chapter 4). He was a clean comic. Jerry could earn as much as "the mid-five figures per week" (p.48). Jerry built up a car collection (p.51). [Some inner hunger?] Jerry got together with Larry David to work on an NBC show about conversation (Chapter 5). Characters were based on people they knew. NBC ordered four more shows (p.63). Jerry's job as performer, producer, and writer was a heavy workload. The remaining fifteen chapters continue the story of this successful comedy show. Chapter 14 tells Jerry's idea of a perfect girlfriend. Read Chapter 15 for more details.

Can this show ever be copied? For what reason? Shows are aimed at the 18 to 49 year olds because they have the most disposable income and spend their money more freely (p.111). Would you like these characters as neighbors or friends or co-workers? Too self-absorbed? What has changed after 15 years? Chapter 18 explains the economics of show business regarding salaries ad advertising. What does this say about the audience for TV shows?
Books about the show Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld have become something of a major industry in the United States since the show leap-frogged from it's cult status into a bigtime ratings hit. A lot of these books recounted episodes, offered bios of the actors and had lots of information about Seinfeld's private life. What was MISSING? A book that had a lot of this information but also put it into a comedic context -- into the context of who Jerry Seinfeld was, who he is and how and why his series had such innovative humor...humor that would define a generation. This book truly explains it. It's clear that Seinfeld and his collaborator Larry David had a concept for the anti-sitcom sitcom. They were willing for it never to be aired, rather than compromise on it. They did add cast members if the network wanted...but there was no "hugging" and topics were unusual and even the comic payoffs were different than on other shows. They weren't trying to be cutting edge, they were trying to execute their creative idea with integrity. They truly didn't compromise and that's why the series remains so unusual and consistently funny to this day. Stylistically, this is a good sized book but a very quick read due to the easy writing style. Quotes are used very skillully throughout. Of all the books I've read on Jerry Seinfeld and the show, this is the best...because it explains why this show is among television comedy's best.
This book allocated sufficient chapters to cover issues that we needed & wanted to know about Seinfeld, the person & Seinfeld, the show. It's interesting to read about the backgrounds & humble beginnings of the 'family' members of Seinfeld mainly Larry David, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis Dreyfus. I was most interested to read how the team came up with the storylines for a show about nothing, of how they came out with characters such as George, Kramer, & Elaine (life imitated art, literally). We also read about how desperate NBC was to retain the Seinfeld team for more seasons towards the end, the pay rise negotations which sparked other actors & actresses from other NBC projects to follow suits, Jerry's romance with Shosanna, & so forth. The ending of the book stated that whilst Jerry was the king of his domain, his life remained a void...which would stay corrected considering that he has since married. Not to be missed. An exciting & user friendly read.
This is not so much an autobiography on Jerry, but more on the Seinfeld show. Everyone from Jerry, Larry David as well as the other cast member's backgrounds are included as well as how the show was pitched to NBC and the hurdles that had to be overcome before it was a success.
There are a few colour photographs in the middle as well as an index at the back. Each year of the show has a commentary of what happened both on the show and behind the scenes and how the fans reacted. Also what was going on in the star's lives at the time. A summary of each episode, who was in it, directed it and so on is also in the back of the book. Also talks about his previous book Sein Language and CD Telling You for the Last Time.
This is a must for anyone who enjoyed one of the funniest and best shows ever made.
Fast Lovebird
I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting this book was. The author has a very conversational tone, and the writing flows as smoothly as a cool Junior Mint down the gullet. The book gives most of its time to Jerry, but each of the other three co-stars gets their own chapter as well. Larry David is the focus of much of the book as well, and you'll learn a lot about how the series came about.

The episode guide is good, and the book should be in the house of any serious Seinfeld fan.

Is a serious Seinfeld fan an oxymoron?
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