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by Valerie Garner

eBook Prince William epub
  • ISBN: 1566490499
  • Author: Valerie Garner
  • Genre: Biographies
  • Subcategory: Leaders & Notable People
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Welcome Rain; 1st Edition edition (August 15, 1998)
  • Pages: 96 pages
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Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Prince William has emerged on to the world stage as a new star in the Royal Family.

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After his mother's tragic death in 1997, Prince William of Wales has emerged as the next royal superstar. Tall, handsome and charismatic, Diana's oldest son will one day be King. This is the first illustrated biography to detail his life, from his first public appearance when he was brought home from the hospital, to his recent visit to Canada, where throngs of teenage girls afforded him a welcome usually reserved for a Hanson, or Leonardo DiCaprio.

Prince William has emerged onto the world stage as a new star in the Royal Family. This photo-biography details his life from his first public appearance as a baby to his emergence into the spotlight of world acclaim in the year following his mother's death.

ISBN 10: 1566490502 ISBN 13: 9781566490504. Publisher: Benford Books, 1998.

1990 QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER Hardcover Book by VALERIE GARNER. Debretts Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Garner, Valerie, Used; Good Book.

Hardcover with dust jacket. Ships from the US. Hardcover Publisher: Benford Books (1998) ISBN-10: 1566490502 ISBN-13: 978-15. Hardcover with dust jacket. Hardcover Publisher: Benford Books (1998) ISBN-10: 1566490502 ISBN-13: 978-1566490504 Product Dimensions: . x . inches Shipping Weight: . pounds.

Documents of Valerie Garner (born Fleet). Valerie Gray (born Garner) was born on month day 1930, at birth place, to William Garner and Ada Agnes Garner (born Beale)

Documents of Valerie Garner (born Fleet). Valerie Garner Valerie Garner in England & Wales, Death Index, 1837-2005. Valerie Garner was born on month day 1946. Valerie passed away in month 1995, at age 48 at death place. Valerie Fleet Valerie Fleet in England & Wales, Marriage Index, 1837-2005. Valerie Gray (born Garner) was born on month day 1930, at birth place, to William Garner and Ada Agnes Garner (born Beale). William was born on December 26 1895, in Billinge, Lancashire, England. Ada was born on June 27 1897, in Aldershot, Hampshire, England. Valerie had 3 siblings: Phyllis Mary Roberts (born Garner) and 2 other siblings.

Shows Prince William, the future heir to the British throne, at home and on vacation with his family and at school with his classmates
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I can't help it. I like the gossip, the scandals, all the fal-de-ral with Royal watching. Not just the Brits, but this quality little photo bio book piqued my interest. Just about 80 photos covering William's life from opulent birth through tragic adolescence in 1998, one year after the demise of his mum, Princess Diana. Pix of trips, sports, school, family and semi-private precious reflections cast deep into his sad eyes.
This is not just a *Tiger Beat* oooooo & ahhh, look at him book. Quite introspective as to what a royals life entails even at an early age. But, ok, he IS cute too! Authoress Valerie Garner interjects interesting factoids. Enjoyable addition to bio collections.
This book (naturally) caught my eye the second I walked into our local bookstore. My friends say I'm obsessed with him, so I do have everything about him, and I'm so glad I saw this book! It has the best pictures I've ever seen of him, and the story was written wonderfully. It made me want to learn more about him than I already do, and that's quite impressive since I know so much! Anyone who loves the pictures of him, and interested in reading about his whole life, buy this book. Guaranteed you'll rate it 5 stars like so many other people did!!
This book is WONDERFUL!!!!! My friend give this great book to me for my 19 years old birthday present!!!! I feel extremely happy when receiving this wonderful present!!! I feel extremely surprise and always in high spirit!!! I hope to collect more products about Prince William of Wales!!!!!! Prince William is really cute and lovely!!!!
This book has lots of pix of Prince William from toddler to teen. Overall:beautiful and attractive. valuable for money.
Dead Samurai
One might call this a photographic-biography of the young prince. He is captured in photographs from the moments his parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, left the hospital with him through his visit to Vancouver, British Columbia in March, 1998.
The front cover has a picture of the handsome prince dressed casually while vacationing with his father at Balmoral just prior to the death of his beloved late mother. The inside of the front cover shows shows Prince William and his father, Charles, Prince of Wales, mobbed in Vancouver. Next is another great picture of the young prince on vacation at Balmoral. His hair is sun-streaked, his shirt is his favorite color - blue, and he is wearing khaki trousers. Opposite the title page is a terrific picture of the young prince who is wearing a tuxedo.
This book if filled with pictures of the handsome young prince from childhood to the charismastic, self-confident, sensitive prince we see today. There are a few black and white pictures of him with his late mother and his brother, Prince Harry. All of the other pictures are in color and cover almost all stages of his life. All members of his family are included in these pictures. It has been said that Prince Willima is the most popular royal ever - both inside and outside of the family and is by far the smartest of all the royal family. All the pictures are captioned or accompanied by a story.
The boys at Eton College know they cannot talk about the young prince for fear of expulsion. He is lucky that three of his friends from Ludgrove School are also students at Eton.
Pictures of Prince William today indicate a young prince who towers above his classmates and appears disciplined and more serious than his smiling pictures reveal. Also, he appears older than his classmates of the same age, he is the most British prince for centuries, and William's modern outlook seems tailored for the new century in which the pace will be faster and the mood more radical.
His mother once said of her sons, "I want them to have an understanding of the people's emotions, of people's insecurities, of people's distress, of their hopes and dreams." I believe each of her sons has exhibited that he learned much from his mother. Upon viewing the millions of flowers left as a tribute to their late mother Prince William said to his brother, Prince Harry, that the world really loved their mother.
Princess Anne's children, Peter and Zara, are two of his best friends, as well as, his cousins. They rushed to be with him as soon as they heard of his mother's death. Zara can tease William and get by with it. It was Zara who teased William after a well-wisher presented him with a bouquet of flowers. Zara, in my opinion, bears an unncanny resemblance to Prince William's beloved late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.
This refers to the hardback edition. It has 95 pages and is 91/4"x113/4". I already had the paper edition which I had read and was preparing to write a review when I went in a local bookstore and as I was checking out the lady said, "I kept one of these in case you wanted it." Naturally, I did since I collect books on all members of the royal family, but with special interest on Diana and William. I wish they printed all the books in hardback for collectors. Both are identical in content with the same material appearing on each page.
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