eBook My Life epub

by Golda Meir

eBook My Life epub
  • ISBN: 0517233657
  • Author: Golda Meir
  • Genre: Biographies
  • Subcategory: Memoirs
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Random House Value Publishing (December 12, 1988)
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Golda Meir was a politician who became Israel’s first woman to be elected the Prime Minister of Israel. This biography of Golda Meir provides detailed information about her childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline. Golda Meir was a politician who became Israel’s first woman to be elected the Prime Minister of Israel. Nick Name: Iron Lady.

My Life is the autobiography of the first female Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir. The book was first published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson with the title A Land of our own and later by G. P. Putnam's Sons in 1975. The first German translation was published 1973 by the Scherz Verlag in Bern. The book became a New York Times best-seller. The title has the double-entendre of a life story and a well-known Jewish expression.

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by. Meir, Golda, 1898-1978. Meir, Golda, 1898-1978, Women prime ministers, Zionists.

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My Life by Golda Meir is a compelling autobiography, which tells of the life of this amazing woman, from her early poverty-stricken childhood in Kiev, to her . Through this book you are also exposed to a great deal of Israeli history.

My Life by Golda Meir is a compelling autobiography, which tells of the life of this amazing woman, from her early poverty-stricken childhood in Kiev, to her tenure as Prime Minister of Israel, from 1969 to 1974. This book also gives you insight into some of the great leaders as well as the great events that helped to shape the nation of Israel.

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Golda Meir - then Mabovitch - was born in 1898 in Kiev. In 1903 her father, driven to destitution, left Russia for the United States. Golda, together with her mother and siblings, moved to Pinsk and waited for her father to send for them. Pinsk was one of the centers of Jewish life in Eastern Europe, and Golda grew up amid the threat of pogroms (organized anti-Semitic riots) and in the subversive atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia. In 1906, the family moved to the United States and was reunited with Golda’s father in Milwaukee.

Comments: (7)
Golda Meir "My Life" is a straightforward account about an iron-willed woman who worked tirelessely for the things she believed in - and unlike many others, she practiced what she preached regardless of the hardship involved. Furthermore, she brought the Israeli cause to the forefront of many people's consciousness, especially United States Jews whose financial support was so crucial to the struggling country, and for that she is to be applauded.

That being said, Ms. Meir stood, inflexibly and against all reason, for a fixed economic and foreign policy which resulted in extremely high inefficiency and, ultimately, failure that haunts the country to this day.

Consider her support for the kibbutz: "I myself have always believed that the kibbutz is the one place in the world where people are judged, accepted and given a chance to participate fully in the community to which they belong not in accordance with the kind of work they do or how well they do it, but for their intrinsic value as human beings. (66)" Is it no wonder that the movement immediately collapsed as soon as it stopped being subsidized?

Consider her views on capitalism: "And we wish to state here again very emphathetically: private capital that does not employ Jewish labour is not welcome in Palestine because private capital of such a character will not make possible the mass immigration which we - and the Hadassah - desire... (113)" Except the wealth-building from private individuals could be taxed, which would help massive immigration, eh Goldie?

Or how about this gem: "I still think that it makes good sound socialist sense - which usually means good sound common sense - for the janitor of the Histadrut building in Tel Aviv who had nine children to support to get a considerably fatter pay envelope than I, who only had two children to support. (114) What does this policy in practice translate to? People working less and breeding more. What a way toward self-sufficiency.

Moving on. Her views on the Arabs, pining and pining for peace when it was clearly impossible (and still is - a recent poll in Ha'aretz found that 92% of Egyptians consider Israel an enemy country, and 99% of Jordanians think Jewish people are evil...how long until this translates into policy?) Or how about her policy on retaliation? "Although it is always much harder to exercise self-restraint than it is to hit back, we had one paramount consideration: nothing must be done - even in the face of constant danger and harassment - that might provoke the British into slashing the number of Jews allowed to enter Palestine. The policy of self-restraint (havlagah in Hebrew) was rigidly enforced. (119)" But of course, in reality, peacekeeping forces almost always give in to the side that physically threatens them more. The withdrawal of British troops in 1948 can be directly linked to the violent actions of the Irgun; how many more immigrant lives would have been saved had the Hagana fully joined forces with them years before?

Golda and her Socialist party were responsible for the training of terrorists such as Idi Amin; spending ridiculous amounts of money in hostile African countries trying to help them; letting the Arab armies attack in the Yom Kippur War out of fear of world opinion, which mattered more than the lives of 2,500 Israelis; refusing to stop so-called Peace policies that ultimately provoked war; having a weak, high-inflation economy that only changed for the better after the Right's capitalistic reforms; having a traitorous 5th column within Israel that is in danger of swamping the country demographically long-term ("Why did we want them to stay? There were two very good reasons: first of all, we wanted to prove to the world that Jews and Arabs could live together - regardless of what the Arab leadership was trumpeting"); the total separation of education from Judaism or Jewish history which is resulting in less and less people willing to join kravi (combat)...I could go on and on.

Overall, it's hard for me to fully critisize Golda because of immigration and funds that she helped bring to Israel early on which were crucial towards its survival, and because she lived according to her beliefs, but ultimately her and the Left's policies were tremendous failures and the damage they caused may be irreversible.
David Ben Gurion once called Golda Meir "the only MAN in my cabinet". Tough as nails, yes -- but also a qualified teacher, a wife, and .....a comedienne?

The first few chapters show Golda at what I think is her best.... The first few chapters could be called, "The Perils of Golda"(!) Flinch, (and also flinch with laughter), at her description of a brave young Israeli pioneer sets sale on the "Good(?) Ship Pochantas", where, it seems, every concievable mishap, (outside of a tsunami), happens to the hapless passengers. The captain, (or is it his brother?) is accused of murdering someone, there is a mutiny amongst the crew, who -- in Golda's words -- "take it out on the passengers". At one point, Ms. Meir recalls one particular crewman, and her thoughts of him at the time: "....pioneer or not, if he touches me, I am going to scream!"

As Winston Churchill, had he not become a statesman, would have been known as a great painter and artist, so Golda Meir would, had she not become a politician and premier, had a wonderful career as a stand-up comedienne! I'm not kidding about this -- the first few chapters of this book are totally hilarious!

Of course, things get more serious later on -- or so I imagine. Ms. Meir divorced her husband because he was not as "gung ho" on creating a Jewish homeland as she was. I suppose I'm the type who would sympathize more Ms. Meir's husband than I would with her: for me, it's great that there IS an Israel, but I don't think I could have sacrificed quite so much as she did to create it. That said, I lost interest in the book when the beginning funny part was over, and she actually landed in "Palestine" as it was then known.

Maybe the rest of the book is as desciptive of the weird, (and often very funny) things that happen, in real life, when you are trying to build up a new country,
I don't know. I lost interest when it came to the beginning of the "Super-Zionist" part, and stopped reading it.

Maybe some day I will pick this book up again. But if it doesn't have the infectious and wonderful "comedy of the absurd" presented in the first few chapters, I think I will put it down again. But of course, that's just me....
Reading this book was a fascinating story of her life, with her voice reflected in my mind as I recall it. Her strength and dedicatiion to her love of Israel was inspiring as well as motivating and I have passed it on to my daughter to not only learn the history of Israel, but to see the realm and possibilities of a strong and determined woman. She indeed sets the bar extremely high but as the reader sees, possibilities are limitless with a strong will. She is Israel and made great strides while also sacrificing much of her personal life. Her accomplishments will always give her a place in history.
Super long book of her meetings and others she's known, but not as much about her as I expected. Also, I had one view of her from the media (I was high school aged when she "ran" Israel) but find a totally different view of her from her own words. I'm not endorsing reading this "memoir" to anyone.
Received book in time frame stated and in condition described. This is an older book and I found it a bit difficult to get into because there are so many details about her life - famous people she dealt with and her political views on a variety of issues, that I got lost in the details. I found myself skipping around in the book because I really wasn't interested in the minutae of her life. She is a remarkable woman and her life held purpose. She accomplished much and Israel is much better because of her influence. I'm sure others would find the details vital and interesting.
After visiting Israel last fall of 2013, have been reading more books on Israel
and its past leaders. Its a interesting, never dull account of Golda Meir life.
Good to read her take on some of the major history events that effected
the Jewish people.
Great book about a remarkable life. And a woman can't be president here?
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