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eBook Miracles at Work: Building Your Business From The Soul Up epub

by John A. Adams

eBook Miracles at Work: Building Your Business From The Soul Up epub
  • ISBN: 0976429608
  • Author: John A. Adams
  • Genre: Business
  • Subcategory: Business Culture
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Life Without Limits Press (2005)
  • Pages: 265 pages
  • ePUB size: 1228 kb
  • FB2 size 1488 kb
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Miracles at Work book. Miracles at Work: Building Your Business From The Soul Up. by. John A. Adams.

John's book is a wonderful guide for anyone in business. com User, March 15, 2006. His book combines the wisdom of A Course in Miracles, The Artist's Way, 12 Steps, Wayne Dyer, The Four Agreements, and other spiritual guides, with his own experiences in the business world.

Federal Aviation Administration. Prior to starting Adams & Associates, John founded Adams and Adams Building Services, In. a commercial janitorial services company based in Enfield, Connecticut.

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John Adams, too, for all his ambition to serve in London . There would be further work to transact between them, further correspondence to maintain

John Adams, too, for all his ambition to serve in London, seemed anything but eager to leave the setting of such sustained contentment. I shall find nowhere so fine a little hill, so pleasant a garden, so noble a forest and such pure air and tranquil walks, as at Auteuil, he wrote to Richard Cranch. There would be further work to transact between them, further correspondence to maintain. But it was the last time they were ever to see one another. What John and Abigail Adams may have thought of this from the man who had professed to believe that all men are created equal is not known. The departure of your family has left me in the dumps, Jefferson wrote to Adams from Paris.

This book is long overdue and will certainly help thousands of folks start down the path towards Working Less and Making More. To sum it up, the book is quite elementary. And then I dare you to build your business to cater for it. 9 people found this helpful.

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Discover the 10 Principles of Upside-Down Thinking and 10 Practices of Business Success that are transforming the way we do business. John Adams was fired during the Air Traffic Controller's strike of 1981. But for years he had been nurturing the dream of starting his own business. By 1992, John was awarded the Hartford, CT Chamber of Commerce Small Business Leader of the Year Award. By 1996, Adams and Adams Building Services had grown to $3.5 million in annual sales employing 350 members. That is when John sold his company to share with others the unique Principles of Upside-Down Thinking and Practices of Business Success you will discover in this book. He is so sure you will find them helpful that he guarantees your satisfaction or he'll give YOUR MONEY BACK on the price of the book! The Principles of Upside-Down Thinking: Great Purpose Builds A Great Team, Embrace The Moment, Change Your Mind, Change Your World, Let Spirit Drive, Make More Than Money, Judge Less, Profit More, Break Out Of Victim Prison, Your Business Is Not Of This World, Give Away The Business, Project Your Inner Business. The Practices of Business Success: Have A Love Affair, Focus For Success, Manifest Your Destiny, Love Your Way To Wealth, Take The High Road To Profit, Conquer Your Fear Of Success, Open Doors The Easy Way, Senses Mean Business, Unify Through "We Power", Vitalize Your Workforce. Visit us at: http://www.miraclesatwork.com or call 860-437-0755 for more details or order here at amazon.com with a MONEY BACK guarantee.
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An application of the perennial wisdom starting with Epicurus down to the present "How to be successful." My recommendation is to apply this New Thought thinking to all of life.
Impala Frozen
Loved MIRACLES AT WORK by John A. Adams, a self-taught entrepreneur who built

a $3.5 million cleaning company after being fired as an

air traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration.

He then sold this business in 1996 to follow his real passion

of helping others by writing this book and beginning Life Without

Limits, a Connecticut-based business development company . . . he

now travels throughout the country sharing his message that you

should "Remember . . . always expect miracles because . . .

something wonderful is about to happen!"

My only complaint with the book is its subtitle: BUILDING YOUR

BUSINESS FROM THE SOUL UP . . . it implies that this is

primarily to be read by those looking to begin a business, and

methinks that it is so much more than that . . . I see it is a self-help

book that will inspire anybody seeking to fulfill his or her potential.

While there are many useful business examples, I found there were

even more valuable tidbits taken from Adams' life . . . I was inspired

by how he was able to get past his bad times and not let them get

him down . . . also, I liked how he learned from virtually every

experience he has encountered.

Among the many insights that I gained from reading MIRACLES AT

WORK were the following:

* Ask yourself whether your "Crazymaker" [a term coined by Julia

Cameron in THE ARTIST'S WAY] have not helped you, in some way,

to become a better individual. Mine have. Think about those in your

life against whom you hold a grudge. Then release yourself from the

burden of resentment and anger you carry by forgiving them. Then

begin a process of self-forgiveness and start to enjoy a feeling of

liberation. "Not so easy?" Okay, don't forgive them--bless them,

as Pope John Paul did, as he faced his would-be assassin in his

prison cell. The Pontiff knows that the power of forgiveness lies in

releasing your heart to God by seeing the goodness in every human being.

* When Admiral Hyman Rickover was asked about his climb from

obscurity to Chief Naval Officer in charge of nuclear operations, he

simply pointed to those in great need, the imprisoned, the homeless,

the poor, and said, "There, but for the grace of God, go I." We are

blessed to be in a place where we are building our own business. That

is Grace. Grace also comes into our lives by helping others.

* Love is the most powerful energy in the universe--much greater than

all the destructive force our egos could hope to muster. All these

Principles and Practices depend upon love. It is the starting point,

the meaning and purpose for being and the solution to our most

pressing problems.

Am amazing thing occurs when you give love. Because it follows

the spiritual laws of the universe rather than the dictates of this

finite world, it increases. The more you give away, the more you

have to give.
John Adams is the real deal! He is an award winning business man who has successfully integrated spiritual principles in his business, Adams & Adams Building Services, and who is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs do the same. He shows how spiritual principles and practices, along with concrete business principles and practices, lead you to create miracles in your work on a daily basis. A must for every conscious entrepreneur!

I run the Association for Spirit at Work, [...], and John has been a speaker at our meetings on a regular basis and has been instrumental in helping us to apply business and spiritual principles to the running of our organization.

Judi Neal, Ph., Executive Director, Association for Spirit at Work
Mysterious Wrench
Miracles at Work has allowed me to look at business differently. John's innovative way of thinking about business is shaping the way the world works. The heart of business is not the shareholders' profits, but the people who do the work and make the business the success that it is. The company's employees are the riches. They are the ones who deserve the most respect and a chance to benefit from their own hard work. John's company is a model for the rest of us. We need to recognize the local community around us and support that local community the best that we are able.

Tricia McAvoy


Blissworks Yoga & Healing Arts

New London, CT
Mitars Riders
This book changed my Life. I continue reading this over and over, year after year. John Adams is full of amazing Energy and it is poured directly into his Book. I am a growing Entrepreneur & Business Owner. The way John & I crossed paths was interesting and definitely meant to be. I wouldn't recommend any other Book. If you are a Leader, this book is a MUST. Xo - Nicole Roy Enfield, CT
Since I have been a Course In Miracles student, I was eager to read John's book about "Miracles at Work." As I read through the pages, I became reinforced and strenghtened once again to apply the principles that were outlined in this amazing book. There have been so many instances in my interacting with my elderly residents and staff in the senior housing facility that I work as the Director of Resident Services and serve as an Interfaith Minister, as well. My awareness has broadened, so I am able to see a more united and harmonious atmosphere for the benefit of all I serve. The book's bottom line for me is that "I am a spiritual being having a physical experience." Bravos, John, and thank you.
John's book is a must-read practical textbook for anyone who wants to go into business for themselves. He provides a road map and inspiration for them to plan, organize then strive to achieve their objectives, which he helps them identify.

He uses his own life example of losing his job as a federal employee, then building a very big company in his field - from scratch!

He sold his interest in his company to his partner and has dedicated his life to inspire and help guide "Entrepreneurial Wannabe's."

Dickson C. Buxton
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