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eBook Well Done, Secret Seven (Swift Books) epub

by Enid Blyton

eBook Well Done, Secret Seven (Swift Books) epub
  • ISBN: 0859976513
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • Genre: Children
  • Subcategory: Action & Adventure
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Electric Power Storage; New edition edition (August 1985)
  • Pages: 96 pages
  • ePUB size: 1430 kb
  • FB2 size 1653 kb
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That would be the best thing to do, agreed Peter. Janet and I will be here each morning, and we'll look and see if any of you have left a note.

We'd better have a meeting of the Secret Seven, said Peter to Janet. We haven't had one for ages. Oh, yes, let's! said Janet, shutting her book with a bang. It isn't that we've forgotten about the Society, Peter – it's just that we've had such a lot of exciting things to do in the Christmas holidays we simply haven't had time to call a meeting. But we must, said Peter. That would be the best thing to do, agreed Peter. I hope somebody does!

Well Done, Secret Seven book. See a Problem? We’d love your help.

Well Done, Secret Seven book.

Ships from and sold by Prominent Books. Never min. hese books remain one of my best friends for life: they began my own reading adventure so do read these special adventures of the Secret Seven Society for yourselves.

2 Blyton Enid Secret Seven 11. 3 Blyton Enid Secret Seven 12. 4 Blyton Enid Secret Seven 13. 5 Blyton Enid Secret Seven 3. 6 Blyton Enid Secret Seven 4 (OCW) Secret Seven on the trail (1952). 7 Blyton Enid Secret Seven 6. 8 Blyton Enid Secret Seven 7. 9 Blyton Enid Secret Seven 8. 10 Blyton Enid Secret Seven 9. 11 Enid Blyton - Secret Seven - Secret Seven Adventure. 12 Enid Blyton - Secret Seven - Go Ahead, Secret Seven. 13 Enid Blyton - Secret Seven - Puzzle For Secret Seven.

The Secret Seven are a group of kids named Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbara, Pam, Colin and George. I liked this book because it had a strange twist that you wouldn't think would happen so I wanted to know.

At last they had done the job really well. Quite safe now," said Jack, testing the platform by walking over it slowly. have a biscuit and a drink, and go home. We can come back this afternoon. We'll bring books and a game and enjoy ourselves

At last they had done the job really well. We'll bring books and a game and enjoy ourselves. It's funny how grown-ups don't like us to eat just before we have a meal, in case we can't eat our dinner or tea afterwards," said Janet, nibbling a biscuit. I could eat six of these super biscuits and still feel hungry for my lunch.

Enid Blyton SECRET SEVEN x 5 WELL DONE WIN THROUGH, ADVENTURE, GO AHEAD, TRAIL. Secret Seven Collection 5: Books 13-15 by Enid Blyton Paperback Book Free Shippi. The Secret Seven By Enid Blyton (Book - Paperback). Secret Seven: Puzzle For The Secret Seven: Book 10 by Enid Blyton Paperback Book.

They had gone down the lane, noting the car-tracks as they passed. They came to the old house. They saw that the gate was shut. They leaned over the top and saw tracks going up the drive. They leaned over the top and saw tracks going up the drive footprints that I made yesterday morning, said Peter, pointing to them. And look, you can see Scamper's paw-marks here and there too – but our tracks are all overlaid with others – bigger footmarks – and other marks too, look – rather queer. A bit like prints that would be made by someone wearing great flat, roundish slippers, said Jack, puzzled

Comments: (7)
I defer to no one in my admiration of Enid Blyton and her contribution to children's literature. I have very fond memories of every single book in the Adventure series, (River of Adventure, Island of Adventure, Castle of Adventure, etc.) But, some series hold up better than others.

Secret Seven is the entry level series. Then there are the Five; then, the Adventure series.

The Secret Seven mysteries are very simple. Every few pages a random adult provides critical information. The boys are very patronizing in their treatment of the girls, and the girls appear to accept this condescension as fair and appropriate. Given how many modern entry level mystery series now allow for strong and personable girl characters, this weakness seems especially glaring. There is not much atmosphere, little character development, and not a great deal to capture the imagination. On the other hand, the books aren't all fantasy, magic and dragons, and there is a lot to be said for the old-fashioned neighborhood gang-of-kids mystery.

The upshot is that while I can certainly see the Secret Seven series hooking a young reader as a solid entry-level read.

I have this first volume in my early readers library. I'm waiting to see if any of my grandchildren warm to it before I get any more. (But, all of the Adventure series books are sitting there waiting for the kids to get older.)
Many of these books were on the banned list when I was at school... why? Not sure as i do not see anything sinister - it is fiction after all... a little tame compared to Twilight and other fiction fodder now freely available to kids these days
An easy read, enjoyable and a nice little puzzle for the kids to think about
Very child-centered book, obviously written by an adult who deeply KNEW and appreciated children and their clubhouse/mystery adventures.
My daughter wasn t interested in book . I tried everything . Then i remembered that when i was a kid i loved these books. They are well written, fluid, with an actual story that always has a little mystery to solve. My daughter loved the first one so much that i purchased the whole collection.
I know that the stories are dated, however, I am thrilled that some of the Enid Blyton series are available as E-books on Kindle. i have already purchased the entire the Famous Five and the Secret Seven series. i look forward to buying the Mystery series as well as the Barney series. i hope they are released soon.
excellent gift for kids
Good old adventure stories for kids!
Enid Blyton has a way of telling stories to children which compels them to want more. I am reading this book with my 7 year old daughter. One chapter is never enough!
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