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eBook The Dark Pond (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) epub

by Joseph Bruchac

eBook The Dark Pond (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) epub
  • ISBN: 1417694815
  • Author: Joseph Bruchac
  • Genre: Children
  • Subcategory: Geography & Cultures
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Turtleback Books (July 26, 2005)
  • ePUB size: 1442 kb
  • FB2 size 1183 kb
  • Formats azw rtf lrf lit

For use in schools and libraries only. Only 17 left in stock (more on the way)

For use in schools and libraries only. Only 17 left in stock (more on the way).

Library Binding: 224 pages. This book is loved by so many kids I know. This series are great fun for kids

Library Binding: 224 pages. This series are great fun for kids. They are funny and creative and keep kids reading.

Book Description : FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Enjoy this beautiful companion book to the extensive Exploring Calvin and Hobbes exhibition at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library. Includes an in-depth, original,and lengthy interview with Bill Watterson. Exploring Calvin and Hobbes is the catalogue for an exhibition by the same name at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum at Ohio State University that ran in 2014.

He goes to the pond on the schools property and is almost drawn right into the pond by something unseen. After that he keeps feeling something pulling him to the pond.

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Library Binding: 400 pages. Let me get this straight

Library Binding: 400 pages. The Long Walk is a re-read for me that I picked back up for Book of the Stephen King Challenge. It is also one of the original stories that King wrote as Richard Bachman. I found it funny in the prologue section entitled The Importance of Being Bachman, King writes that he used his secret alias for when he felt that he had a really dark story that needed to come out. Let me get this straight. King has stories inside him that are too dark and horrible to put his name on them? Wow! This I've got to read again.

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. After he feels a mysterious pull drawing him toward the dark, shadowy pond in the woods, Armie looks to old Native American tales for guidance about the dangerous monster lurking in the water.
Comments: (7)
It was an interesting story with plenty of twist to keep me interested and would be a good quick read
The Dark Pond by Joseph Bruchac
Wonderful combination of realistic teen problems with folklore and myth, Native American and Old English (Beowulf and Grendel) and religious (St. Francis). It works! Lessons in trust and courage and survival in nature, prepared to find shelter and build a fire, how to find one’s way in the dark, feed the birds, and pay attention to the cross fox. I love Armie, his intelligence, his persistence, his friends (that he doesn’t think he has). His parents “busy doing important work” worried me, as their son is also important. I kept thinking of my friends who opted to stay near home, to be there for their children, and the parent volunteers at FHN who said the teen years were the most important for staying in their children’s lives because of the potential for such big problems. There’s so much content in this little book!
A bit of wisdom:
“Sometimes all you need to know about something strange is that you need to get away from it.”
“ . . . heathen comes from (heath) . . . the people who live away from the villages . . . following the old ways.”
"if something calls you, you don't have to answer."
Joseph Bruchac delivers an interesting adventure tale in THE DARK POND. His main character is Armie, a half-Shawnee Indian/half-Armenian teen who's been kicked out of several schools. His wealthy, busy parents keep finding new schools to put him into. But the one he's currently in, high in the mountain country, has more danger in it than anyone could imagine.

Armie is a good character, solid and sympathetic, and he also has unusual powers that kids will enjoy. Even though he doesn't understand it, animals love Armie. He fills his pockets with raisins and nuts so the birds and squirrels will have something to eat when they come to visit.

But Armie also demonstrates a lot of the same weaknesses that plague most kids: not fitting in, missing parents, and a lack of friends. All of those things make him interesting. But when he finds the dark pond high up in the mountains and discovers the evil lurking inside it, readers will be compelled to find out what's going to happen.

Bruchac blends a lot of world myth in his novel, primarily borrowing from the Abenaki tribe tales and the stories concerning Beowulf. The evil is so familiar and alien that it seems entirely too real.

The book can be a little difficult to get through because there isn't much dialogue. The first-person narrative helps quite a bit, but the story often has Armie off on his own. That makes the danger more real, but I like dialogue in stories. I read this book to my nine-year-old and he had the same opinion. Just not enough talking.

But by the time we reached the thrilling climax, we were both solidly hooked. I'd reach SKELETON MAN and enjoyed it. THE DARK POND has convinced me that I need to read more of this author's books, and my son agrees.
This Genre is realistic fiction. I think the most accurate theme is courage and gallantry. The setting mostly takes place in the forest near a boarding school in which Armie goes to go. A boy named Armie goes to this boarding school because has parents are working most of the time and all the other schools he goes to, he always gets kicked out. One day while Armie was walking in the forest there was this one dark pond. It had this type of lure that Armie couldn't resist. Any time Armie had,he would go to this dark pond and see what was inside. He was always to scared to go inside the pond and see for himself. A new worker came to work in the school and he was sort of like Armie. Armie was very nature like and loved hiking,feeding birds and playing with the animals. In school Armie was always trying to fit in and have lots of friends. When he was like this, he hardly had any friends. This worker was just like him. This worker also never talked. They met in the forest and they were speachless. This guy was looking for the same thing in the pond. Its up to you to findout what is in this mysterious pond.
Joseph Bruchac, author of Skeleton Man, includes Shawnee traditions and tales in this suspenseful story. The main character is Armie Katchatorian, a Shawnee-Armenian-American who is a student in the North Mountains School. He is sent there because his humanitarian lawyer parents don't seem to have time for him with all their work and travel. He always has seemed to be especially in tuned to nature and animals have always been drawn to him. It is this sensitivity that strongly draws him to a dark pond in the woods. But there seems to be a deadly force that is under the water. Fellow Native American, Mitch Sabattis, helps Armie to learn about the pond and its dark force, and ultimately stopping it.

The story is good and a little creepy, certainly not too much for a younger audience. And I enjoyed the character of Armie who was interesting and unique. While the story wasn't as measurable as Skeleton Man, I wasn't disappointed in it. Anyone one who takes pleasure in mysteries or other works by Joseph Bruchac will also like The Dark Pond.
This book, based on tales told by Native Americans in the Northeast, is a story by Joseph Bruchac, a member of the Abenaki tribe. I couldn't help but compare it to Skeleton Man by the same author and the same premise of taking a traditional story and putting it in contemporary society. The characters never became alive in this story. It's an excellent story of itself, but the story is the thing here, not the characters.

If you read Skeleton Man and loved it, you'll like The Dark Pond. If you liked The Dark Pond, read Skeleton Man, you'll love it.
Book arived in a timely manner, but back cover had a rip in it. It can be repaired by covering the book.
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