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eBook Rocky Road (Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers, No. 5) epub

by Franklin W. Dixon

eBook Rocky Road (Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers, No. 5) epub
  • ISBN: 1416900063
  • Author: Franklin W. Dixon
  • Genre: Children
  • Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Aladdin; First Edition edition (August 1, 2005)
  • Pages: 160 pages
  • ePUB size: 1998 kb
  • FB2 size 1462 kb
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The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers is a detective fiction series of books published by Aladdin Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster), which replaced The Hardy Boys Digest paperbacks in early 2005.

The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers is a detective fiction series of books published by Aladdin Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster), which replaced The Hardy Boys Digest paperbacks in early 2005. All the books in the series have been written under the pen name of Franklin W. Dixon. The Undercover Brothers is about two teenage brother detectives, Frank and Joe Hardy, who are the sons of world-famous PI Fenton Hardy.

Movie Menace, Hardy Boys by Franklin W.

by Franklin W. Movie Menace, Hardy Boys by Franklin W.

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So far, I've enjoyed the new Undercover Brothers series and I hope this poor story is just a bump in the road and not a harbinger of things to come.

Ships from and sold by jerryjeffrey. Only 3 left in stock (more on the way). So far, I've enjoyed the new Undercover Brothers series and I hope this poor story is just a bump in the road and not a harbinger of things to come. 3 people found this helpful.

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The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers Rocky Road The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Series Book of 39 Author: Franklin W. No further information at this time.

The Undercover Brothers need to get to the bottom of the arson, and other . Throw in a dead body and intrigue, and there's no time for a vacation.

The Undercover Brothers need to get to the bottom of the arson, and other mayhem surrounding the filming of the hit comic book. 38: Movie Mission - 09/2011 For Sale ~ Book Two in the Deathstalker Trilogy Mission: Frank and Joe Hardy have been posing as extras on the set of the upcoming teen movie, Deathstalker. While the Undercover Brothers manage to keep Anya safe at a comic book convention, the threats just keep coming.

Franklin Hardy (Frank Hardy) is an undercover agent of American Teens Against Crime (ATAC) and the older brother of Joe Hardy by one year, and the son of Fenton and Laura Hardy. The brothers live in the town of Bayport, with their parents and their father's unmarried sister, Trudy. Frank and Joe are top field agents for American Teens Against Crime, a top-secret government organization co-founded by M. ardy. ATAC is used for cases where an adult law enforcement officer would be out of place.

Rocky Road (Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers, No. 5). (Book in the Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers Series). by Franklin W. Select Format: Hardcover.

Atac briefing for agents frank and joe hardy mission . product description page. Help us improve this page. From the manufacturer. No information loaded.

ATAC BRIEFING FOR AGENTS FRANK AND JOE HARDY MISSION: Someone is suspected of planning the destruction of Niagara Falls. Find and detain the culprit before any damage is done. LOCATION: Niagara Falls, Canada POTENTIAL VICTIMS: Tourism in the area. Rocky Road - (Hardy Boys (All New) Undercover Brothers) by Franklin W Dixon (Paperback). Shipping & Returns. Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store & online. See our price match guarantee.

ATAC BRIEFING FOR AGENTS FRANK AND JOE HARDY MISSION: Someone is suspected of planning the destruction of Niagara Falls. Find and detain the culprit before any damage is done. LOCATION: Niagara Falls, Canada POTENTIAL VICTIMS: Tourism in the area. Tourists. SUSPECTS: No further information at this time. THIS MISSION REQUIRES YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. THIS MESSAGE WILL BE ERASED IN FIVE SECONDS.
Comments: (4)
Hardy Boys means adventure! These two brothers lead an almost normal life except for the fact that they are part of the A.T.A.C. [American Teens Against Crime.] Their father is a police officer and part of the organization headquarters. Their mom doesn't work and doesn't know about the A.T.A.C., which sometimes makes their job a little harder.
The location of the story is Niagra Falls, Canada. Their mission is to stop a psycho before he can cause any damage. To find out more you will have to read the book your self. I personally liked the book but thought it could have had more details. It is easy to read and full of suspense.
Frank & Joe have a mystery right there in Bayport, but when they get an ATAC mission they must regretfully leave. However when they get to the mission location they find the case solved! Frank & Joe must now solve the Bayport mystery and find out what's up with ATAC.
The plot is a pretty good one and defiantly worth the read. Sure this is not one of the absolute best but I still liked it. If you liked any of the last few ones you will probably enjoy this one too, and I'm glad I got it.

P.S. Amazons whole product description (a.k.a. the back of the book) is about the case they find solved and does not really summarize the book.
Frank and Joe recive a mission, taking it days to drive to Canada, only to figure out that was a wild goose chase! Frank and Joe have been sent on wild goose chases, when mischef has been going on in bayport!Who is this ATAC guy? Whats his problem? Figure out in the book!
"We said our good-byes," Frank Hardy recalled after he and "good friend" Callie Shaw surveyed the vandalism of Bayport High.

MORE than he, she, or the reader THEN knew--

It was Callie's FINAL APPEARANCE, her FAREWELL to the Hardy boys going back all the way to the orginial Tower Treasure, 1927.

SADLY she finished as she had begun, except for a FEW glorious years, WASTED.

Last-in-the-Cast Callie.

And yet she STILL had even LOWER to fall.

In Tower Treasure she had actually helped Frank become a detective, visiting family, ruined, destiture, after father accused falsely and Callie urged Frank and his brother to work with their father to clear him. Yet in what would become the standard (mis)treatment, Callie was NOT invited to the party the man held to thank the Hardys!

Then, in 1929, DISASTER.

In the original Secret of the Caves, Callie uttered these fateful, HATEFUL words:

"I wish I was a boy. They have all the luck. They get to go. Girls just have to stay home."

And for SIX DISMAL DECADES she did just THAT.

"Favorite date," "favorite among all the girls in his class," going to a party, a date, a dance, carnival or fair, the beach, barbecue ribs and biscuits, malt at the ice cream parlor, sodas at the drugstore.

Giving Frank fruit punch after hit in head by crooks in #24 Short Wave Mystery nice moment Biff got tied up and gagged AGAIN, old taxidermist tied up and gagged. The sleigh ride in #33 Yellow Feather Mystery no doubt BIG thrill for her Frank, and Joe AND Chet got tied up and gagged AGAIN.

"She's a nice girl," Aunt Gertrude said (Casefiles #30, Deadliest Dare). "It's a wonder, though, that she puts up with you." Walked out on A LOT--#11 While the Clock Ticked, ditched at dance Frank and Joe got tied up and gagged AGAIN and AGAIN, dimwit detective and bombmaking freak tied up and gagged, #44 The Haunted Fort, "protested in vain" summer plans disrupted, #45 Mystery of the Spiral Bridge, skipped Fresh Air Camp Annual Benefit Dance she and Iola already got tickets for Joe and Chet got tied up AGAIN, #78 Cave-In cancel date to leave on case, "I'll call...understand," Frank says, her reaction unrecorded. "Mother, have you heard from Callie?" Frank asks #41 Clue of the Screeching Owl, rare show of conern, "Not a word," advises "not stay away too long or [she] will find other escorts." Took to #153 Eye on Crime to FINALLY have enough: "The last time you guys got involved in a case, Iola and I didn't see you for weeks!"

#2 House on the Cliff met at school asked how case was going Frank and Joe AND Mr. Hardy tied up FIRST time, farmer and wife tied up and gagged,#17 Secret Warning has to skip going to beach with boys to put up hair for barbecue Mr. Hardy got tied up and gagged AGAIN, #32 Criss- Cross Shadow school dance with Iola found name of Indian tribe that began with an "R" Frank and Joe AND Chet got tied up and gagged AGAIN, #36 Secret of Pirates Hill spent day at beach with boys "screamed in terror" at fireworks explosion Frank and Joe AND Chet got tied up and gagged AGAIN, #38 Mystery at Devil's Paw waved good-bye as the boys left on case, wish them luck off to tennis with Iola Frank and Joe got tied up and gagged AGAIN,#75 Trapped at Sea had dinner with them night before leaving for Bahamas to defuse mad scientist's A-bomb Frank and Joe AND Chet got tied up AGAIN Chet got tied up and gagged AGAIN.

Then she VANISHED by time, if not BEFORE, the next page was turned, FORGOTTEN, like she NEVER existed--Last-in-the-Cast Callie. A RARE end-of-story REappearance was unfortunately, disastrously, regrettably, wretchedly----


Though her role, as usual, was TINY, about pathetic 26th of 30, she played BIG part in making it the all-time WORST EVER Hardy story, bad-cover (Nancy Drew was NEVER bound and gagged on hers')-to-the-last page, when on that LAST page---


MORE shocking than the time-bomb!

It exposed the so-called "surprise" party honoring the boys as HEROES to be in fact A COVER-UP that Chet saved Frank and Joe tied up and gagged AGAIN from the time bomb! (Ask yourself, WHY isn't Aunt Gertrude screaming at the bomb-making freak and the banker for almost KILLING Frank and Joe--the freak TWICE!--with their foolish, selfish, irresponsible behavior? WHY are the pals, especially Biff, NOT ashamed to show their faces after walking away, failing to help? WHY is Chet, who saved, untied, them TWICE brushed off with just "great appreciation" for "ASSISTANCE"?) It was Iola and Callie's mean joke--Iola obviously had gotten truth from Chet, bought silence with turkey-- getting even with Frank and Joe for ditching them at the dance ("This is one party you won't run out on!" Iola taunted), the boys as helpless as if they were still gagged, bound, keeping quiet, LYING to Aunt and friends, BETRAYING Chet (AT the time, it was "If we said thanks a million times it wouldn't be enough"--NOW must be #1,000,001) by their silence knowing the truth will RUIN them, make them LAUGHINGSTOCKS.

When tried to help efforts sadly fizzled out:

#4 The Missing Chums--scared from case by crazy hermit Frank and Joe got tied up AGAIN gagged FIRST time Chet and Biff got tied up and gagged FIRST time;

#7 second Secret of Caves--attempt to get waitress jobs at spy-front restaurant blown when sister of kidnapped scientist nervously let out REAL name had to flee Frank and Joe got tied up and gagged AGAIN;

#26 Phantom Freighter-- warning to Frank about overhearing man threatening him ignored as Frank went after him alone--and spent night tied up AGAIN.

(Did #21 Clue of the Broken Blade drive them to the airport to begin case Frank and Joe got tied up AGAIN, #22 Flickering Torch Mysetry create diversion for Hardys pretended to faint, said she saw a mouse, Frank got tied up AGAIN Lefty the Informer tied up, , #27 Secret of Skull Mountain saw, told Frank of crucial coded message Frank and Joe got tied up AGAIN Chet got tied up and gagged AGAIN, two engineers tied up, #45 Mystery of the Spiral Bridge recommended Tony's rec room for "secret meeting" of Hardys and pals --was NOT invited--Joe and Chet got tied up again.)

Callie's few perils in those days only showed UNimportance--she couldn't get tied up to save her life, or LOSE it!:

#3 Secret of the Old Mill--arrow fired in her direction as warning to Hardys--they IGNORED it, Callie disappeared from story;

#6 Shore Road Mystery--frogman tried to DROWN her, not buddy-breath away as captive (done to another girl in TV series), ONLY chance for 60 years to kidnap Callie THROWN AWAY!. Cave would be filled with Frank and Joe AND Chet AND Jack Dodd AND Mr. Dodd AND UNCLE Dodd (LUCKY there weren't COUSINS!) tied up and gagged.

#12 Footprints Under the Window--sea shell snatched from Callie by "unkempt stranger," she "stepped back in fright" Frank and Joe got gagged AGAIN

#39 Mystery of the Chinese Junk--hid with Iola and Chet too well from gang in cave, passed out. Gang left NOT knowing they were there, had girls, Chet, suffocated could NOT been charged, deaths would not even be MENTIONED at trial like NEVER HAPPENED--be too prejudicial! Had that gotten out--Mrs. Morton shouting in court, "You killed my children!"-- been immediate mistrial, possible DISMISSAL of charges Chameleon walking FREE Frank, and Joe, AND Chet got tied up AGAIN--while girls yards away from them at party! (Scenes NOT in unsold 1967 TV pilot--FORTUNATELY!)

#48 Arctic Patrol Mystery--attempt to kidnap Frank in front of her, no attempt grab her to keep her from as did, run, scream for help, attempt failed Frank and Joe got tied up AGAIN, Biff got tied up and gagged AGAIN.

#59 Sign of the Werewolf-- screamed at "snarly, wolf-like beast," architect' son Bubbles (Bubbles?) Upton got tied up and gagged.

Humiliating moments:

#20 Mystery of the Flying Express--jacket kidnapped, NOT Callie;

#34 Hooded Hawk Mystery--Callie said to be "frequently very helpful in the boys' sleuthing" but when Frank says, "Good girl!" referring to his FALCON Miss Peregine. Callie just went to fish fry "begged the boys to be on their guard" Joe got tied up and gagged again. Crook Arthur Daly got tied up and gagged, boy from India Rava kidnapped for ransom, Daisy K. tied up--BOAT!

#35 Clue in the Embers-- tricked by crook posing as door-to-door salesman talking about barbecue he blew up, SETTING IOLA'S HAIR ON FIRE, Joe got tied up and gagged AGAIN , Frank and Joe AND Chet got tied up AGAIN, Tony Prito got tied up FIRST time.

#37 Ghost of Skeleton Rock--IOLA TIED UP AND GAGGED , distinction of ONLY girl for OVER 50 YEARS going to HER.

#89 Sky Blue Frame-- IOLA upped to Co-Star got to go on case tied up and gagged AGAIN Callie Last-in-Cast waving good-bye at curb off to visit Grandma.

#107 Panic on Gull Island--IOLA KIDNAPPED tied up AGAIN Hardys, Chet rush to Florida to rescue, Callie doesn't even know what's happening.

Callie, by circumstances NOT the Hardys' fault, naivity, want to please Frank, could, SHOULD have been kidnapped, bound, gagged, rescued, make for better, more heroic stories. For PROOF see my VERSIONS of:

Yellow Feather Mystery;

Phantom Freighter;

Demolition Mission;


hold on---

no kidding--



Frustrating, infuriating, "Franklin W. Dixon" FAILED to understand that the GREATEST act of a hero is NOT catching the crook, recovering the formula, finding the treasure, or loot --instead SAVING HIS GIRL, especially when she was The Beauty of Bayport High! BUT he self-defeatingly, strangely, stubbornly, STUPIDLY preferred--"CALLIE GIGGLED."

Just two minutes at beginning of unsold 1967 TV pilot based on Mystery of the Chinese Junk, no cave scenes, BEST under circumstances. Helped in first season of 1970's TV series (not Frank's girlfriend instead Fenton Hardy's part-time secretary/assistant working in office inside Hardy home), Callie, "Now all the two you of have to do is prove it," Frank, "No now all THREE of have to do is prove it," Callie had BIG smile. Same time practically disappeared from novels-- of #49-96 in less than a dozen, Hardys seemingly everywhere BUT Bayport, Callie absent EVEN when set in. MAJOR EVENT for Callie was #70 Infinity Clue---FINALLY BECAME "FRANK'S GIRLFRIEND"!--Mr. Hardy, Chet got tied up AGAIN.

Then, in 1987---


NO more "stay home"!

In #1 Dead on Target, she INSISTED going with boys after terrorist who killed Iola. NOW it was----

"Iola was my friend, too. And I'm going to help. You might as well get used to that."

Help she DID!

Tied up--FIRST TIME!--with Frank, Joe , Chet, Tony with the time-bomb (compare how HER presence raises drama while that worthless old freak with the boys in While the Clock Ticked drained it from the scene) she freed herself, others, helped defuse bomb, save Bayport Mall, classmates, candidate Walker.

She faded from sight then, seemingly just an isolated moment of glory, but in #8 See No Evil came roaring back, getting involved in case after attacked at night, left bound, gagged FIRST time, figured out killer, saved Hardys with baseball-bat blow, forced even antagonistic-to-idea Joe to say, "Okay, welcome to the team."

She was now CO-STAR CALLIE:

#10 Hostages of Hate--communicated with Frank with hand signal code used in class while captive of terrorists.

#13 Borgia Dagger--saved the brothers again.

#15 Blood Relations--FIRST rescue of bound, gagged, Callie at CONCLUSION.

#19 Nightmare in Angel City--alerted Hardys to come to Los Angeles for case, fought off knife-wielding attacker, bound at climax with Frank and Joe.

#34 Final Cut--bound -in- peril climax with Frank and Joe

#35 Dead Season--haunted (?) hotel in Barbados, deadly snake in Callie's room.

#38 Diplomatic Deceit--saved her French pen-pal, her diplomat father from spies.

#39 Flesh and Blood--CALLIE, BOUND AND GAGGED WITH A TIME-BOMB! (No "giggling"--THIS time, "Before Frank had time to react, Callie kissed him hard")

#45 In Self Defense--"So, where do we start?" "If you want to use my car we all go."

#80 Dead of Night--all time GREATEST Hardy story, ONLY rescue of kidnapped girlfriends at conclusion.

#91 Hot Wheels--helps Hardys catch terrorist.

#100 True Thriller--GREATEST DANGER--explaining to her parents how her car got shot up. "Joe suggested that Callie tell her parents she came out of the mall and found her car that way, which wasn't too far from the truth." Their reaction NOT recorded, Callie NOT seen again rest of case.

# 106 Shock Jock--EYEFUL infiltrating biker gang in "leather jacket about six sizes too big...cutoff shorts with ripped black tights underneath and big motorcycle boots."

Then, in what might be called a sudden outbreak of "Casefiles Courage," in the REGULAR novels at half-way point A SERIES OF BREAKTHROUGHS:

#97 Cast of Criminals--


Star of community play, "accidents" by jealous understudy, bought theatrical diamond tiara for role, REAL, stolen, crooks after her too, get back, ROBBED AT GUNPOINT ONSTAGE!

#105 Smoke Screen Mystery--


Held at gunpoint, then with Frank, Joe, Iola dramatically roof-hop from burning building.

#112 Demolition Mission---


"Her hands and legs were TIED...Frank removed the adhesive tape GAG from her mouth and the blindfold."

FINALLY made it, 65 years (1927-1992), beaten to it by Aunt Gertrude (#16 A Figure in Hiding), Iola (#37 Ghost of Skeleton Rock, #89 Sky Blue Frame, #107 Panic on Gull Island), EVEN Mrs. Hardy (#93 Serpent's Tooth Mystery) and Mrs. Morton (#37 Ghost of Skeleton Rock).

Sadly, that WOULD BE IT!

Though set in Bayport, #113 Radical Moves Callie did NOT appear, and the momentum WAS LOST. When she next appeared, #120 Case of the Cosmic Kidnapping, Last-in-the Cast AGAIN. Around same time, 1992, began fading away in Casefiles--after #60 grimly appropriately titled Deadfall, appeared in little more than a dozen, her best showing, of course, Dead of Night. She was over-shadowed by Vanessa Bender in True Thriller (see review) as well as #103 Campaign of Crime and in #108 Blown Away she was reduced to waiting by the phone. Her last significant role was in #119 The Emperor's Shield and it was truly SAD to next see Co-Star Callie demoted back to Last-in-Cast in #123 High Wire Act.

First Super Mystery Double Crossing 1991, Nancy Drew asks "How's Callie?" MET, OR AT LEAST KNOWS ABOUT HER. Frank, "She's great she's--" DIDN'T FINISH SENTENCE. Never in series #25 Secrets of the Nile, Frank tells Nancy, "As much as you mean to me, I'm in love with Callie." Not in 1995 TV series. Last Casefile appearance next-to-last #126 Fire in the Sky, hospitalized WHOLE time after plane crash. With series 1998 end just left to be Last-in-Cast in regular series when there, not often at that. Had a few important parts--#153 Eye on Crime, with Iola hypnotized to rob, #156 A Will to Survive, #171 Test Case saved by Frank from being run over, #175 Trick or Trouble, helped, #180 Typhoon Island first trip with Hardys--but MORE likely to go with Frank to a dance, #139 Search for the Snow Leopard, for pizza, #140 Slam Dunk Sabotage, the movies #167 Trouble Times Two,or to a rock concert #185 Wreck n' Roll. (When HAD a moment of apparent peril, in #166 Clear and Present Danger with Iola receiving an e-mail threat, "Tell the boys to back off. Or they can kiss their girls...good-bye," Hardys didn't--and NOTHING happened.)

Regular #183 Warehouse Rumble declined with Iola to go on reality show turned into case to work in food pantry, turned up at end for milk and cookies, LAST CHANCE. Final regular appearances, "hi, good-bye" moment bumping into brothers at movies on way to sleep-over with girlfriends in #186 Hidden Mountain, next-to-last #189 One False Step with Iola merely "the girls they double-dated" Frank and Joe got tied up AGAIN.

Then, JUST Undercover Brothers #5 Rocky Road, August, 2005.

"Good friend"

"We said our good-byes."

And AFTER THAT, for Callie Shaw---


In Egypt for Undercover Brothers #13 The Mummy's Curse, Joe thought about "our friends back home, Chet, Iola, Belinda..."


Last-in-the-Cast had become LOST-in-the-Cast Callie.

(First in a series, see Murder at the Mall, Iola Morton; True Thriller, Vanessa Bender; Double Deception, Belinda Conrad.)
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