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eBook The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! epub

by Mo Willems

eBook The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! epub
  • ISBN: 0786818697
  • Author: Mo Willems
  • Genre: Children
  • Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children; unknown edition (May 1, 2004)
  • Pages: 40 pages
  • ePUB size: 1927 kb
  • FB2 size 1719 kb
  • Formats doc lit txt azw

When Pigeon finds a delicious hot dog, he can hardly wait to shove the entire thing in his beak. But . . . then a very sly and hungry duckling enters the scene and wants a bite. Who will be the more clever bird?In this hilarious follow-up to the acclaimed Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Mo Willems has created another avian adventure that encourages children to share even their most prized processed foods. Mo Willems is a six-time Emmy Award-winning writer and animator for Sesame Street and the head writer of Cartoon Network's Code Name: Kids Next Door. The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! is the companion to Mo's first children's book, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! He is also the author of Time to Pee!.
Comments: (7)
the book is good. It's solid fun and my 3yo took to it instantly. It's also beautiful. A piece of art.


the book is made from some special type of paper. I don't know. They're soft. They're big - it's a large book, really. And they wrinkle really quickly. And then they tear.

My daughter has a ton of books. And she's very good with books. something about the size of the pages or the paper.. I don't know. It tears. I wish this was available in a library sturdy type paper. Or even hard like Curduroy is (makes for a giant book, but it lasts!).

the story is so simple. It's clearly for very young children. I wish the manufacturing part was a tiny bit more sturdy/durable.
If you love Mo Willems, you will love this book. heck, if you don't know Mo Willems, you should, but, you'll still love this book. He has such a delightful way of telling a story with simple pictures. this book has photographs with cartoony pictures on top. The storyline is simple but is easily relatable for young kids (ages 2 1/2 - 5). There's some nice repetition with where they go and I think most kids and parents can relate to feeling frustrated with communicating with little guys before they can really talk. Also, the attachment to a stuffed animal or other toy that is missing is relatable. I have given this to older siblings as they get a new baby at home - sort of a more fun way to talk about toddlers.
Gold Crown
We had to read this book for a school project. Both of my kids loved this book because it is funny and well illustrated. It turns out that this book was written for his daughter based on actual events. If you read this book (and the others that Mo has written) Closely, you will find that there is more than meets the eye. The illustrations show a huge amount of emotion and there is more written between the words then at the actual words. That is what makes this book brilliant.

This is the 1st Mo Willems book that we read. We found out that the pigeon is in every book hidden somewhere.

We have now read almost all of the Mo Willems books.
Funny duck
nothing better than elephant and piggie books! they are such a fun read. great illustrations and story! I live far far far away from my grandson and I bought him this book to help him understand what far away meant and why he wasn't seeing me all of the time like his other grandparents. I even included a copy of a map of the east coast and mapped out the roads from his house to mine. Folded it up in the page where the characters talk about the MAPPY MAPPY MAPPY. Worth buying for a little one you love!
This is our 1st Mo Willems book. It's a great way to show your toddler how frustration works for both parent AND child -- and the importance of clear communicating. I kid you not: we can refer to Trixie and/or her daddy mid-tantrum, and it eases the tension immediately. We've made it a point to communicate feelings from Day 1 so he could learn to label his frustrations, but this helps put a 3rd person perspective on it, so we can reference it -- and it's worked! Our kid has had a fairly intense personality from the very day he burst from my loins (completely expected, given his parents...). This book was a wonderful discovery for us!
Once again a simple fun loving story that is great for young children. I read the Knuffle Bunny book series to my 3 year old daughter all the time. She loves the big pages which makes it easy to follow along with the scenes. You can also add lib and at to the illustrations that don't have a lot of text to explain the situation. All 3 Knuffle Bunny books focus on things that happen in the real world. In the case of this book Trixie is eager to show her classmates her special Knuffle Bunny for show and tell. Only to find out that Sonja has a Knuffle Bunny also and shows her bunny to the class first which discourages and upsets Trixie. Be sure to show your little ones the different colored ears to differentiate between the 2 bunnies. The secret rendezvous in the middle of the night in their pajamas is pretty funny. I always feel much better reading this story to my daughter rather than parking her in front of a TV, phone, or tablet. Mercer Mayer also has some very nice starting books about Little Critter that really compliment this story that are great reading before bedtime. Overall I would definitely rate this a 5 star children's book my daughter always smiles and stays focused when I read this story to her.
Mo Willems has a great reputation to uphold. "How could another book be as good as Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!"? But, you'll be glad to know that I (and my students) think that it is just as good or better than DLTPDTB.
The curve-ball this book throws at you catches you by surprise. In fact, after the last page, my group said, "Let's read it again, because now we GET IT!"
The silent movie reference took a little explaining, but it enhanced the suspense because it helped them understand 'why the baby geese couldn't just help out'. On the second read-through, they cackled aloud as every page gave up it's mystery to them.
Mo, you are OK with my class. They thoroughly approve.
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