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eBook My Invisible Friends: Guardian Angels epub

by Michelle Whitedove

eBook My Invisible Friends: Guardian Angels epub
  • ISBN: 0971490848
  • Author: Michelle Whitedove
  • Genre: Children
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Whitedove Press; 1st Edition edition (November 5, 2005)
  • ePUB size: 1306 kb
  • FB2 size 1191 kb
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Many children have so called imaginary friends and this book explains the widespread phenomena. Guardian Angels are actually the invisible friends that inspire, protect, and are always positive companions for our children. Parents and kids alike will be interested in this fascinating look at Guardian Angels as inspiring companions who stay with us throughout our life.My Invisible friends is inter-denominational book, because all religions believe in Angels. Fully Illustrated hardback storybook for ages 3-8.
Comments: (6)
A great book for kids.
Thanks for writing My Invisible Friends! It has a treasured place among my collection of spiritual bedtime stories for kids. The words are brilliant. They are exactly what I believe (not sure if you have one or two guardian angels but so what, what an awesome book!) I really like the idea of the kid/soul looking down from the heaven-world before birth and also having a spiritual mission. This is something I strongly believe and yet have found hard to find in kids' books. Thanks again. I have to admit I used to be 'biased' against psychics but I read your work (and also looked you up online) and If feel that you are a really good person and I honor you for this work. Thank you!
What a delightful book teaching children about the wonders of God, heaven, souls and angels. It's not a bad book for adults to read either. This book gives the simplest of explanations to terms - i.e. meditation = listening; intuition = how God communicates with us, etc. The illustrations are enjoyable, but the best is the bottom line...we are never alone...our angels are always with us. Talk to them...receive their answers. I love the picture on the last page showing Michelle with her dogs Pookie and Foxy. Makes me smile. It's absolutely adorable! She spreads love wherever she goes!
Many children have invisible friends. But parents usually regard them as fictional characters that are a product of an active imagination. But the truth is far more interesting than fiction.

Whitedove wants to educate parents and children alike. These invisible friends are guardian angels that inspire, protect, and are always positive companions for our children. She tells us that we all have an unseen support team...whether we see them or not. Michelle Whitedove explains the widespread phenomena of children and their Angel companions.

What children learn from this book:

▪ That God assigns an Angel to guard every child

▪ How Angels help to protect us

▪ Why some children see their invisible friends...and others don't

▪ Everyone can learn to communicate with their Guardian Angel. (through Prayer)

▪ Why NOT to be afraid of the dark

▪ How angels inspire us

This is an excellent nondenominational book which is full of beautiful illustrations!
I read "My Invisible Friends" to my 3 yr old daughter, after having this book for months.

We absolutely love it. Although Ellie is not old enough to understand all of the text, the pictures speak clearly enough. We went through the entire book, pointing at the pictures and talking about the events taking place. She was so, so happy to see the page where the boy is in bed and sees a shadow that scares him, then his angel comes to help. She is also very afraid, actually terrified, of shadows on the walls around the house, and I think that to see that others have the same feelings was such a relief for her. She immediately started to tell me about her angels and how there are so many of them in her room, on the windows and walls around her bed and she described what colors they are.

She loved the book so much that I had to let her take it to bed, because she wanted to sleep with the book. She actually got up a while after I put her in bed asking me to read it again. I highly recommend this beautiful book!
Wild Python
The illustrations as well as the format in this book are excellent. This is a book that not only gives children their own insight to GOD and a clear understand of Angels and gives a first step of introduction into the spirit world but it explains specifics in at a level the child can grasp and truly understand. Michelle did a very nice job on this book. I have hopes that she moves to the next level to address issues that the "teenager" could use to help guide them upon this journey of life. ~Jen Card
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