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eBook 3 In 1: (A Picture of God) epub

by Joanne Marchausen,Benjamin Marchausen

eBook 3 In 1: (A Picture of God) epub
  • ISBN: 0570077907
  • Author: Joanne Marchausen,Benjamin Marchausen
  • Genre: Children
  • Subcategory: Religions
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Concordia Pub House (June 1, 1973)
  • ePUB size: 1825 kb
  • FB2 size 1277 kb
  • Formats txt azw mobi lrf

Such an old picture book to be loved so much.

Such an old picture book to be loved so much. This year I found this creative book, 3 in 1: A Picture of God by Joanne Marxhausen (Author), Ed Koehler (Illustrator), Benjamin Marxhausen (Illustrator) The author uses another method to guide children through the Holy Trinity with three parts: peel, flesh and core. Those parts represent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

3 In 1 by Joanne Marchausen (1973). Great book, very practical illustrations for helping children understand the Trinity. I grew up reading this book and am delighted to be reading it to my children. Наиболее популярные в Научная литература. Показать все. Текущий слайд {CURRENT SLIDE} из {TOTAL SLIDES}- Наиболее популярные в Научная литература. Be Here Now by Ram Dass (1971, Paperback).

Items related to 3 In 1: A Picture of God. Joanne Marxhausen 3 In 1: A Picture of God. ISBN 13: 9780570034193. 3 In 1: A Picture of God. Joanne Marxhausen.

This book effectively explains the Trinity to young children by using an apple. Just as the apple consists of three parts: the skin the flesh the seeds. 3 in 1: A Picture of God (9780758606808) by Joanne Marxhausen. it is still one apple. God had three persons: Father, Son Holy Spirit. but He is one God. This new hardback version includes the same wonderful text and refreshed artwork. Ages 4-9.

Joanne Marxhausen (Marxhausen, Joanne). used books, rare books and new books. Learn More at LibraryThing. Joanne Marxhausen at LibraryThing. Find all books by 'Joanne Marxhausen' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Joanne Marxhausen'. 3 En 1 (3 in 1). by Joanne Marxhausen. ISBN 9780758613608 (978-0-7586-1360-8) Softcover, Concordia Publishing, 2007. 3 In 1: (A Picture of God): ISBN 9780570077909 (978-0-570-0779) Softcover, Concordia Pub House, 1973.

Submit a book or article. 3 in 1 (a Picture of God). St. Louis, M. Concordia Pub. House (1973). Upload a bibliography. Personal pages we track. Information for publishers. This article has no associated abstract. God Juvenile literature God. Categories. Ethics in Value Theory, Miscellaneous.

com's Joanne Marxhausen Page and shop for all Joanne Marxhausen books. Books by Joanne Marxhausen. Jul 1, 2004. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Joanne Marxhausen. by Joanne Marxhausen and Ed Koehler.

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This is a longer picture book. a. Read 3 in 1: A Picture of God by Joanne Marxhausen. It discusses the attributes of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit using the story line of a child asking an adult questions about God. It has nice illustrations as well. Show an apple and a hard-boiled egg. Talk about how the apple peel, flesh, & core are separate parts but are all the apple. Talk about how the eggshell, white, & yolk are all parts of the egg but all make up the 1 egg. Compare this to the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit being 3 persons in 1 God. b. In the "God Is" booklet write "3 in . Ask the children what we should draw. We drew the egg and apple and its parts).

Compares the three parts of an apple to the three-in-one concept of God.
Comments: (7)
This little book is just excellent. It circles just barely around the edges of modalism, but is still one of the best and most visual attempts at describing the Trinity to younger scholars I have ever read. I highly recommend it.
Be aware that this book treats other theological topics, including substitutionary atonement. I'm returning the book because the text and illustrations, "Sometimes we do things that God doesn't like. God said there must be a punishment for these things. That would make us very sad. It would hurt a lot. For a very long, long time." Maybe this works for you and your tradition, but it doesn't work for our parish and our faith development goals for preschoolers. It's too bad the author couldn't just stick to helpful illustrations of God's triune nature so that the book could serve Christian communities with different christologies.
Overall I like this book. I think the author does a good job of trying to take an incredibly difficult concept to grasp (the Trinity), and put it into language that children can understand. There are a couple things I wasn't big on - I think on one of the pages, it says something like "Jesus came so we can live beautiful, happy lives" or something like that, which is.....kind of true, I guess. But try telling that to someone living in a closed and heavily persecuted nation, you know? But overall, a good little book.
I first bought this book for my twin sons over 40 years ago, and I have just purchased it from Amazon for my twin girl/boy grandchildren who are 5.
They will be receiving it soon, and I know it will bring back many good memories to their dad and their uncle when it arrives. This is written so they can read it themselves, and their are great illustrations on each page. I have also used this book to teach to young children in Sunday School Class, and they love it as well. This is a "must have" for parents who want to teach their children about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a easy to read, easy to understand format.
Best best way to teach the holy trinity. I am a 1st grade ccd-relegion teacher.
My mentor showed me a copy of this book. I love the way it explained a very abstract theological concept by using a tangible thing children are very familiar with. Brilliant way of explaining the trinity! My husband is a Children's Minister so I bought two, one for our house and one for his office.
I bought this book after my 6 year-old began asking me questions about the Trinity, and I needed to provide a better kid-sized explanation. This book fit the bill quite well. I love the metaphor of the apple to explain and illustrate the three Persons of the Trinity and how they function as One. It's simple (but not simplistic!), and the images stick in your head. Both of my kids have really enjoyed this book and seem to have a clearer grasp on this very beautiful relationship.
Makes understanding the complex idea of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit easier for children; and maybe for adults also!
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