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eBook Elidor (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)) epub

by Alan Garner

eBook Elidor (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)) epub
  • ISBN: 0152056246
  • Author: Alan Garner
  • Genre: Children
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Odyssey Classics; Reissue edition (March 1, 2006)
  • Pages: 192 pages
  • ePUB size: 1594 kb
  • FB2 size 1192 kb
  • Formats lrf doc docx lrf

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Are you sure you want to remove Elidor (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)) from your list? . In this fantasy novel, Alan garner unleashes his extraordinary skill and imagination to create a classic masterpiece.

Are you sure you want to remove Elidor (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)) from your list? Elidor (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)). Published March 1, 2006 by Odyssey Classics. In it, four children enter (by accident) a magical and mysterious land called Elidor. They are assigned,by Malebron, four Treasures (a spear, cauldron, stone, and a sword; one for each of them).

Items related to Elidor (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)). ALAN GARNER is the award-winning author of Elidor, The Owl Service, The Moon of Gomrath, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, and The Stone Book Quartet. He lives in Cheshire, England. Alan Garner Elidor (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)). ISBN 13: 9780152056247. Elidor (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)).

The Owl Service (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)). Publisher:Odyssey Classics. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. See all. About this item. Postage, Returns & Payments. Best-selling in Fiction.

First published in Great Britain by William Collins Sons & Company Ltd. in 1965"-Title page verso. While exploring a church that is being razed in a Manchester slum, four English children are drawn into another world where they are compelled to combat the evil power which grips most of the land.

In the brightly lit compartment, and among other people, he realised that there could be a normal explanation for everything.

In the brightly lit compartment, and among other people, he realised that there could be a normal explanation for everything gineer had said there was a lot of it in the house. He had frightened himself before by staring at something quite ordinary in a poor light. You’re always imagining things. That was a family joke.

Download The Perilous Road (Odyssey Classics (Odyssey Classics)) PDF. Alissa Treece.

The much-loved classic, finally in ebook. Roland, Helen, Nicholas and David, four Manchester children, are led into Elidor, a twilight world almost destroyed by fear and darkness. On a gloomy day in Manchester, Roland, Helen, Nicholas and David are lured into a ruined church, where the fabric of time and place is weak enough to allow them into the twilight world of Elidor. Kids Fantasy Young Adult.

Odyssey Classic is an Open Source, Top-Down 2D MMORPG written in VB6 and thriving since 1997. We've made a number of changes to improve guild PK on Odyssey Realms: Classic server. Crendale is now a white map. - CHD has been moved back to Crystal Lake.

Start studying Classics Odyssey Book 8. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools Classics Odyssey Book 9. 14 terms. Classics Odyssey Book 10. 16 terms. Classics Odyssey Book 11. 5 terms. Classics Odyssey Book 1. 10 terms.

A mechanical street map, a deserted slum, a church in ruins, and a football. Four ordinary things lead the Watson children on an extraordinary adventure to a magical land called Elidor. In pursuit of four ancient treasures, the forces of evil have crossed over into our world, and it falls to the Watson children to find the treasures, seal the bridge between worlds, and guard the strayed unicorn Findhorn . . . even though their heroism may cost them everything.
Comments: (7)
4 siblings, Enid Blyton kids in mildly mean streets of post war bombed-out Manchester. Filling time with a walk into a demolition area before the train home, they encounter a pied piper (fiddler). He is a presentiment of strange places and events. A booted football taken from the street, a broken window in a church, angry demo workmen. Alan Garner starts his story as slowly as the children walking. A simple telling leads us into a new world linked to, evidenced by and then emerging in our ordinary one. Apparent casual normalcy obscures the continual magic of events. At first we hardly notice, as it gradually builds to a mythic crescendo. When it bursts upon us, our eyes open. In "Elidor", Alan Garner has written a unique book. It is for children or adults, a quick easy read. The writer's deep knowledge of story, legend and place barely show, yet they are the deep foundation on which the story is built. Though I didn't realise it until the book neared its end, this is one of the finest imaginative novels I've read. I strongly recommend it and Alan Garner's work.
An unpredictable story of otherworld passages and Garner's wonderful ability to paint a scene. Suspense and strangeness everywhere. The initial setting, in the remains of a bombed out section of Manchester is creepy enough and it gets weirder from there. Alan Garner is one of my favorite authors - as a child nearly 50 years ago, and to read/listen all over again as an adult.
I read this as a 10 year old in primary school and re-read it recently. It is suspenseful, creepy in parts and realistically portrays the 4 children. I found it interesting from a historical perspective too, with the descriptions of old Manchester. My 9 year old tried it, but it does not translate easily to an american audience in his age group. He may have to watch some BBC first.
Okay, Garner lacks the modern sensibility of Rowlings, but this is great stuff. A bit darker than Narnia, easier to grasp than Middle Earth, this is thrilling stuff-- I can still remember tha chills I got during the climactic scenes of this book long ago. A great read from a terribly under-appreciated author...
"Roland shivered with the effort of looking. He wanted to fix every detail in his mind for ever, so that no matter what else happened there would always be this." It's been a number of years since I read Garner's books. I pulled them out and started into ELIDOR. Turns out - I didn't remember any details of this book in the series, so it truly was a new reading to me. Like so many of my favorite writers, Garner fits enough plot and character into 145 pages whereas many writers can't make a clean work in 500 pages. Written in the late '60's and my copy a reprint from the early '80's - it has a definite Narnia plot running - thin walls between our world and another that is being swallowed by darkness and needs the help of four siblings (David, Nicholas, Helen & Roland). A shift between the two worlds - a hunt for magical treasures is followed by a return to normal life at home and the slipping away of whether it ever happened at all. Similarities - but this story runs darker than Narnia. And the reminders of their adventure keep jabbing at these kids - bursts of static electricity, phantom silhouettes in the rose garden, some serious harassment of these folks front door and mail slot and even a handful plastic prizes: "Are you saying Malebron's sending us souvenirs from Hong Kong?") While the kids turn skeptic, Roland alone packs enough faith to keep the whole bunch on the right track and the story takes some clean, sharp turns - before clipping off abruptly. Geek notes: Had to go online and look-up a few things (dolmen - [...] and even found their old house address at 20 Fog Lane, Manchester: mappable). I'll be on into reading the next book in the series and see if it keeps me guessing, too.
Siblings Roland, Helen, David, and Nicholas are exploring an area of Manchester when they are transported to Elidor. With help from Malebron they retrieve four treasures and must take them back to their own world to guard them. The children bury the treasures in the garden. But as time passes they realize that evil forces from Elidor are searching for them. The children must find a way to protect both Elidor and their own world. The spooky manifestations of the evil from Elidor are very well done and the folklore references are effective, but the story is strangely lacking in action, leaving the reader wanting more. Nonetheless, an intriguing read.
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