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eBook Gungrave Archives epub

by Yasuhiro Nightow,Softbank Editorial Division

eBook Gungrave Archives epub
  • ISBN: 1593075227
  • Author: Yasuhiro Nightow,Softbank Editorial Division
  • Genre: Comics
  • Subcategory: Manga
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Dark Horse (December 5, 2006)
  • Pages: 256 pages
  • ePUB size: 1914 kb
  • FB2 size 1582 kb
  • Formats azw mbr mbr docx

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Gungrave Archives Paperback – December 19, 2006.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Gungrave Archives brings together this set of separate, untranslated books from Japan to the . completely translated.

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Gungrave Archives book.

Yasuhiro Nightow (内藤 泰弘, Naitō Yasuhiro, born April 8, 1967 in Yokohama, Japan) is a Japanese manga artist. His major work Trigun was adopted into an anime series and film. He also designed the characters for the video game and anime series Gungrave, and has been working on the manga Blood Blockade Battlefront. Nightow was born in Yokohama, and moved to Yokosuka when he was in elementary school, and spent his junior high and high school years in Shizuoka.

Writer: Yasuhiro Nightow Artist: Yasuhiro Nightow Format: B&W . Artistically this book is a joy to behold.

Writer: Yasuhiro Nightow Artist: Yasuhiro Nightow Format: B&W, softcover, 5 ¾" x 8 " Age: 12+ Volumes: 1–2 Sales: Over 200,000 copies sold! Dark Horse’s per-unit manga bestseller. it is apparent that Nightow knows guns and he pays a great deal of attention to detail in absolutely everything.

Zerochan has 31 Gungrave anime images, wallpapers, and many more in its gallery. 31 anime images in gallery. Tagged under MADHOUSE, Series, Anime Starting In 2003 and Nightow Yasuhiro. Normal Mode Strict Mode List All Children.

Gungrave Archives brings together this set of separate, untranslated books from Japan to the U.S., completely translated, at a reasonable price, in high-quality binding and featuring two pull-out posters! Yasuhiro Nightow's additions are only a part of the wide range of materials in this special, double-size artbook set. Also included in this set are exclusive photographs of Grave figure, custom made by famed figure modeler Takayuki Takeda! This is the only chance to see this model, as it will never see production. Also included is a short interview with Takeda about his challenges creating the exclusive custom figure.
Comments: (7)
First of all I need to point out that when I first got my book from Amazon and it was not..well. The Spine was already ripping out
and pages were already getting torn out and I emailed amazon and they sent me another book right away (with a 50cent charge for
shipping at UPS) and they gave me 30 days to return my book. I was happy with my purchase and the customer service Amazon provided
and the new book that was clean and brand new..
Now that that is out of the way..Let me start talking about the actual book. It's amazing and if you ever wanted more from GG
and this book gives you so MUCH more...GG archives offers...
- Beautiful Promotional art
- Character design art
- Rough Character Sketches
- Level Design art
- Rough Level Design Sketches
- Art from the Anime and the two Games
- Little notes that the artist wrote with his sketches( AWESOME TO READ every little note)
- Tips in the Original GG game
- Character Bios and descriptions
- Interviews, The origin of Gungrave and more!
I'm Really satisfied with my purchase. I love Gungrave.. HARD and it's my favorite series of ALL time for it's epic story and art
(I got into gungrave because of the anime though, not the the game).. Do yourself a favor because if you love Gungrave You'll really
Love this one
If you are reading this it's because you liked Gungrave videogames or Gungrave the anime, so, be careful. If you like Gungrave as a whole, this book is just for you. You will find several pointers, insights and fact around the process behind creating Gungrave and it's world.

It is primary focussed in the videogames, but, as you find out as you read this book, you will see that Beyond the Grave was created as a concept since day one.

Overall, the book contains beautiful artwork, several sketches and tons of interviews. If you have the two videogames, the anime series and an action figure or a Gungrave Wallet this book may catch your attention and you may enjoy it.
The amount of content in this book is boggling.
The details and posters and artwork and text are all incredibly good.
If you're a fan of ANYTHING Gungrave, this book covers it, plus more.
An excellent purchase.
I am a big fan of Gungrave and I ordered the book and it has a lot of cool art and stories about it. This is a must have for all die hard fans of Gungrave.
Gungrave ARCHIVES contains artwork, rough sketches, interviews, quick character profiles, a few walk-thoughs, and even storyboards from the PS2 video-games Gungrave and Gungrave Overdose, that inspired the hit-anime.
It even contains a concept manga of Gungrave (made before the video-game).

For those that have only seen the anime, it contains only a few pages with pictures/sketches from the TV series of Young Brandon, Harry, Maria, and Beyond the Grave (sorry, no pic's of Kenny, Nathan, and Jolice, although some of those anime sketches can be found on the TV DVD's, while supplies last).

But anime fans may want to check to ARCHIVES to find out the original story of Gungrave (which has a different ending and a different origin for the inhumane mosnters Beyond the Grave fights).

The book has designs of characters from the Overdose game, such as Jyuji Kabane, and RocketBilly Redcadillac. Sherry Walken and Bunji Kugashira are brought back to fight. I guess Sherry's original name could have been Necrola (but it got changed).

Fan of the anime and Trigun would be happy to know that the interviews include some the voice actors (although Balladbird Lee has a different voice actor in the game). Interview with the music director Tsuneo Imahori (who also did the Trigun music and plays the guitar for Cowboy Bebop band The Seatbelt). Also an interview of the creator, Yasuhiro Nightow (wrote the Trigun manga, as well). And even more interviews, though a lot of the book consist of sketches.
A few designs by Kosuke Fujishima (Ah! My Goddess artist) are also in the book.

Those could use the artbook as a Guide book for the first Gungrave game (since there's a few hints, etc.).

Since I'm a fan interested in film, video games, manga, Gungrave, and Trigun, I have enjoyed this book. I've spent hours reading the notes and looking at the pictures.
This book is a paperback book, about the size of a 1 inch thick textbook. It has 2 posters of the front and back cover pictures at twice the size! It has 300+ pages if I remember correctly (I have the book, but not with me right now). It has concept art of all the enemies, characters, and stages from both of the video games and it has storyboards for the anime as well. As well as a lot of promotional art and publication stats from the series as well. Its a great book, a very good buy if you are a fan of the series as a whole!
It's kind of silly but I bought this book only for a small picture of an exclusive sculpture done by a great sculptor, TAkayuki Takeya. It is said that this sculpt can only be seen in this book. Unless of course you know the guy that owns it. I must admit that I do like the drawings. Very nice.
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