eBook Arisa 3 epub

by Natsumi Ando

eBook Arisa 3 epub
  • ISBN: 1935429175
  • Author: Natsumi Ando
  • Genre: Comics
  • Subcategory: Manga
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Kodansha Comics (July 12, 2011)
  • Pages: 176 pages
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Tsubasa thinks that her pretty and popular twin sister, Arisa, has the perfect life. Everyone at school loves Arisa-unlike the hot-tempered Tsubasa.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Arisa is complete with 12 volumes. Book 3. Arisa, Vol. 03. by Natsumi Andō. In the shadow of the moon.

Born January 27th in the Aichi prefecture of Japan, NATSUMI ANDO won the prestigious 19th annual Nakayoshi Rookie Award in 1994 for her debut, Headstrong Cinderella. Her other popular series include Zodiac . and Kitchen Princess. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, and eating delicious food.

Natsumi Ando (安藤 なつみ, Andō Natsumi) is a Japanese manga artist. She debuted in 1994 with Headstrong Cinderella, which won the 19th Nakayoshi Rookie Award. She is best known for Zodiac . as well as Kitchen Princess, the latter for which she won the Kodansha Manga Award for children's manga in 2006. Tsuiteru ne Hijiri-chan (ツイてる ね 聖ちゃん)(April–November 1998, Nakayoshi, Kodansha, 1 volume). Smile de Ikō (スマイル で いこう) (February 1999–?, Nakayoshi, Kodansha, 2 volumes). Maria-ppoino! (マリアっぽいの) (2000).

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Read Arisa Vo. Chapter 11 Page All; Tsubasa and Arisa are twin sisters who haven't seen each other for three years due to their parents' divorce. They have communicated through letters, but finally decide to meet each other again. Vo. Chapter 1 Vo. Chapter 2 Vo. Chapter 3 Vo. Chapter 4 Vo. Chapter 5 Vo. Chapter 6 Vo. Chapter 7 Vo. Chapter 8 Vo. Chapter 9 Vo. Chapter 10 Vo. Chapter 11 Vo. Chapter 12 Vo. Chapter 13 Vo. Chapter 14 Vo. Chapter 15 Vo. Chapter.

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Tsubasa thinks that her pretty and popular twin sister, Arisa, has the perfect life

Tsubasa thinks that her pretty and popular twin sister, Arisa, has the perfect life.

PagesPublic Figure Arisa (Natsumi Ando). English (US) · Suomi · Svenska · Español · Português (Brasil). Information about Page Insights Data.

Tsubasa thinks that her pretty and popular twin sister, Arisa, has the perfect life. Everyone at school loves Arisa-unlike the hot-tempered Tsubasa, whose nickname is “The Demon Princess.” But when Arisa attempts suicide, Tsubasa learns that her seemingly perfect sister has been keeping some dark secrets. Now Tsubasa is going undercover at school - disguised as Arisa - insearch of the truth. But will Arisa’s secrets shatter Tsubasa’s life, too?IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOONTsubasa hunt for The King thickens when Arisa's class goes to a planetarium to watch an eclipse and The King makes a decree that turns the chosen against each other. Later, suspicion mounts on Midori, who asks Tsubasa on a date! Can Tsubasa save the day from The King, and protect the stars in her sister's sky from ill fates?Includes special extras after the story!
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I took a very long break from this series, but I have finally finished it. I really, really enjoyed Ando’s Kitchen Princess series, and really wanted to like this one, but it was just… a bit overdone and dramatic.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike this series. I enjoyed most of the characters, and the art is really pretty. I would have enjoyed a bit more romance for Tsubasa, but overall I really appreciated the sister aspect. That’s something that I think was really well done, and I liked that it was given the main focus. Overall, this story was about the two sisters, and how Tsubasa was there for her twin at all times, even when Arisa didn’t deserve it. The ending for them as sisters, too, worked, and made me happy for them.

The idea behind the King plot line I liked, and the reasons we were given for Arisa starting it, also worked. There was some depth given, or at least attempted. It was mostly the Midori part that didn’t work for me.

Midori went through some bad things, and that’s why he is the way he is—those things make sense to me. But how overdone his emotions for it all were, and then the way that it all turned around in the end to make him seem like a victim, just didn’t work for me. Having him be the victim in a moment of horror twisted around, just seemed like a cheap ploy to have people not hate him.

Arisa’s feelings for him didn’t work for me. The fact that no one actually ended up hurt in the end, didn’t work for me. In the end, the only parts I liked were the sisters relationship, and Tsubasa and her friends (from her original school). The rest of it was just cheesy and unrealistic.

Overall, I’m a little disappointed with this series. I wanted more from it. But, still, I look forward to reading her next series to be released.

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Arisa Vol 3 went by really quickly. I fell like a lot happened, but there wasn't any action. Certainly not like the last volume. It was still really good and I'll tell you this, you finally meet the King.

Tsubasa learns that anyone could be The King, Arisa's best friend, or Midori Arisa's boyfriend. Arisa is still getting notes from The King and Tsubasa is worried that her card might be up. The King also has a special session planned... only five people will win and their cell phones will contain the passwords to enter King Time and get their wishes granted... But Arisa's best friend is cast aside, Tsubasa hacks her password, and Midori refuses to enter a wish because he wants King Time to be over. Once you learn who the king is... I don't want to spoil it, but I'm really curious as to how that person became the King and what the connection is to Arisa.

All in all it was a nice volume, the second one had more action and was darker, but this volume pushed the story along and we learned important things along with Tsubasa. Volume four is coming out Sept 6, which by the way is the date a lot of yaoi and manga come out so enjoy!
My daughter love reading these.
Cool Story
It ended beautifully just like how Kitchen Princess did! The only thing I hoped for was that Manabe and Tsubasa were a couple but, you can't have everything! :)
love this series so far and i enjoy buying my manga online because of the price can't wait till my next pay check
Arisa is a multiple layered story with mystery elements, which are all coming together in these later volumes. This is the very end of the story - it would be beyond pointless to start here. Go back to the beginning and proceed in order.

** Since we are so close to the end of the series and it is a mystery at heart I will keep all discussion in this review general and it will have NO SPOILERS for any volumes.**

And so it ends. Tsubasa's quest to stop The King and discover the dark secrets behind her seemingly perfect twin sister's desperation comes to a head as The King's identity and motivations have been revealed and a final vicious strike is put into play.

While the general resolution won't please everyone, it was logically and carefully built and is a suitable payoff for the preceding 11 volumes. Ando also spends an appropriate amount of time on wrapping things up after the climactic moments.

There is a side story flashback after the end of the main story to close out this volume and the series. It features a time when the twin swap went the other direction, and is an amusing further look at the differences between Arisa and Tsubasa.

While somewhat over the top Arisa been a wonderful mystery series from start to finish that features carefully building tension throughout and is driven by a strong cast of well developed characters.

Highly recommended.
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