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eBook Black Jack, Vol. 14 epub

by Osamu Tezuka

eBook Black Jack, Vol. 14 epub
  • ISBN: 1934287946
  • Author: Osamu Tezuka
  • Genre: Comics
  • Subcategory: Manga
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Vertical (May 31, 2011)
  • Pages: 304 pages
  • ePUB size: 1330 kb
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Black Jack, Vol. 14 book.

Black Jack, Vol. 12. Osamu Tezuka Black Jack, Vol. 14. Osamu Tezuka

Black Jack, Vol. Osamu Tezuka. Black Jack, Vol. 7. What makes Black Jack so great, in addition to Tezuka’s artwork and whirlwind narrative velocity (you can either breeze through these volumes or linger on the details), is his bottomless bag of stories. Tezuka effortlessly integrates scores of different surgical procedures into short, sharp tales that eviscerate the codified vicissitudes (especially reticence and duty) of Japanese society with, yes, surgical precision. Richard Gehr, The Village Voice.

Each chapter of this book has a separate tale of Black Jack which is self-contained.

Only 12 left in stock (more on the way). Black Jack was Tezuka at his best; moving beyond his comfort zone, away from licensable children’s robot characters (for him) uncharted gekiga manga territor. ou don’t need a doctor’s prescription and there’s no complicated follow-up medication or painful physical therapy-just some serious entertainment from the pen of one of the world’s masters of comics. Each chapter of this book has a separate tale of Black Jack which is self-contained. Usually there is a moral to the story, or a message about life, but many times Tezuka just sets out to entertain us.

Black Jack vol 1 Tezuka Viz + Taschen Manga history book. Osamu Tezuka Charactor Illustrated Reference Book "Black Jack". Customs services and international tracking provided.

Black Jack?The best 14 stories by Osamu Tezuka (14) (??) .

Black Jack?The best 14 stories by Osamu Tezuka (14) (??) by 手塚治虫 and Osamu Tezuka.

The following is a list of chapters for the Japanese manga series Black Jack. It was created by Osamu Tezuka and published in Weekly Shōnen Champion from November 19, 1973, to October 14, 1983. Some of the manga chapters were published in English by Viz Media throughout Volume 3 Issue 9 to Volume 4 Issue 8 of their manga anthology magazine, Manga Vizion. It was later released as two graphic novels.

Black Jack, Volume 14 Tezuka Osamu Random House (USA) 9781934287941 : A rich medical drama that mixes mystery, intrigue . Black Jack, Volume 14, Tezuka Osamu. Варианты приобретения.

Black Jack, Volume 14 Tezuka Osamu Random House (USA) 9781934287941 : A rich medical drama that mixes mystery, intrigue, suspense, action, and a dash of humor, with a fascinating main characte.

Black Jack is a mysterious and charismatic genius surgeon who travels the world performing amazing and impossible medical feats. Through highly trained, he freelances without a license because he distains the medical establishment. This leads to run-ins with the authorities and unscrupulous, sometimes criminal, individuals. Because Black Jack keeps his true motives secret, his ethics are perceived as questionable and he is considered a selfish, uncaring devil.The Third Call: A man who's mother recently passed away calls Black Jack's home office. As soon as the surgeon picks up the phone, the stranger on the other line goes into a long tirade about hospital conditions and the lack of care his mother's doctors were able to provide. He quickly turns to attack Black Jack's practices and his high fees, calling the rogue medic out for ignoring his medical roots to alienate the poor and challenged. And before he hangs up he informs BJ, that he has kidnapped Pinoko. He demands Black Jack lower his fees or else after three calls he will not only kill Pinoko he will kill everyone BJ saves. Transcient Love: A young woman is dying from what has long been considered a terminal illness. With only about a month or so to live she shares her dying wish with her parents. Despite being bed-riden she wishes to someday marry. She wants to be a happy bride, and realize the joy of having someone love her eternally. Her father struck with grief, promises to marry his daughter to the first man who walks into her hospital room. That man is Black Jack, and his medical fees do not normally include fake marriage fees. This is going to be one costly marriage, however he cannot deny the fact her wish is essentially what is keeping her alive right now. If taking her hand will give her the strength to survive this procedure, it will have to considered part of the treatment.
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I ended up reading this one out of order, but then the best part about this series is that you truly don't have to read any of it in order for the most part. You can pick up almost any volume and read it without worrying that you'll be lost.

The stories in this are pretty varied. We have twins that feel each other's pain, a manga artist and their lover, and people trying to get revenge on our favorite doctors for perceived slights. All in all, this is a normal set of activity for Black Jack. (Oh, and Kiriko is back! Yay!)

Above all else, I'm glad to see Kiriko making an appearance in this volume. He's not exactly someone you'd like to run into if you're a patient (or maybe you would, depending on the situation), but I love seeing him show up in these stories. His and Black Jack's interactions are always great.

What really struck me in this book was how much the artwork reminded me that this was from an entirely different time period. The artwork itself is very obviously Tezuka, but there's little touches here and there that would be met with outright horror if an artist were to draw them nowadays. (I'm talking about Tezuka's depictions of Africans, if you're wondering.) It's kind of interesting to note how much has changed in both culture and artwork since then, which is part of why I like reading the older manga.

This is absolutely a must have for fans of the series.
good job.
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