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eBook Nose to Tail Eating (Tpb): A Kind of British Cooking epub

by Fergus Henderson

eBook Nose to Tail Eating (Tpb): A Kind of British Cooking epub
  • ISBN: 0330484486
  • Author: Fergus Henderson
  • Genre: Cookbooks
  • Subcategory: Regional & International
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pan Books (October 20, 2000)
  • Pages: 224 pages
  • ePUB size: 1586 kb
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Nose to Tail Eating book. See a Problem? We’d love your help.

Nose to Tail Eating book.

Fergus Henderson with chef Mary Sue Milliken at a dinner at the US Embassy in London in 2019.

The book explains the philosophy behind his cooking explaining that "it seems common sense and even polite to the animal to use all of it. Rather than being blood-lust, it actually seems to be a gentle approach to meat eating. In 2007, he published a sequel, Beyond Nose To Tail, and in 2012 The Complete Nose to Tail: A Kind of British Cooking. Fergus Henderson with chef Mary Sue Milliken at a dinner at the US Embassy in London in 2019.

Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking by Fergus Henderson Hardcover £1. 0

Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking by Fergus Henderson Hardcover £1. 0. I love this, fantasy cooking and wonderful to read As with the first book, all the recipes I've tried have worked out very well, but I don't actually cook them so often as they tend to be for special occasions. One person found this helpful.

Fergus Henderson's two classic Nose to Tail books in a single, covetable volume that boasts additional recipes and photography. See all Product description. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Nose to Tail Eating : A Kind of British Cooking. By (author) Fergus Henderson, Introduction by Anthony Bourdain.

Nose to Tail Eating (Tpb): A Kind of British Cooking by Fergus Henderson - Pan Macmillan - ISBN 10 0330484486 .

Nose to Tail Eating (Tpb): A Kind of British Cooking by Fergus Henderson - Pan Macmillan - ISBN 10 0330484486 - ISBN 13 0330484486 - . t John at 20: five classic Fergus Henderson recipes. Chef Fergus Henderson Best Cookbooks Baking Recipes New Recipes London Restaurants Learn To Cook How To Cook Beef Eccles Cake Beef Tongue.

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Fergus Henderson caused something of a sensation when he opened his restaurant St John in London in 1995. Set in a former smokehouse near Smithfield meat market, its striking, high-ceilinged white interior provides a dramatic setting for food of dazzling boldness and simplicity. As signalled by the restaurant's logo of a pig (reproduced on the cover of Nose to Tail Eating) and appropriately given the location, at St John the emphasis is firmly on meat.

maverick chef Fergus Henderson s two acclaimed cookbooks Whole Beast and Beyond Nose to Tail. The Complete Nose to Tail presents Henderson s complete culinary oeuvre: recipes that offer a unique and delicious eating experience.

ud flock to Fergus Henderson s London restaurant, St. John, to indulge in his culinary artistry.

British food was served only with a side of disillusionment Mr Henderson presents: he showed us a new way to eat ( AFP/Getty ). Nose to Tail by Fergus Henderson: The book that changed the way we eat. Henderson's book was . .

British food was served only with a side of disillusionment. We wanted Italy, we wanted sundried tomatoes, we wanted something Peter Mandelson might eat. And then, this man, this chef in a suit with a pinstripe. Mr Henderson presents: he showed us a new way to eat ( AFP/Getty ). Henderson's book was a blueprint for a better way of living.

A collection of simple traditional British dishes with a strong carnivorous bent by one of London's young chefs. Fergus Henderson's outlines his firm belief in eating the finest ingredients simply cooked and presented, with salads such as Mussels and Cucumber with Dill and revivifying soups such as Chicken Broth with Wild Garlic. More crucially, here are the recipes that have marked him out as one of our most innovative yet traditional chefs, recipes which hark back to a strong rural tradition of delicious thrift, and which literally represent nose-to-tail eating, be they pig's trotter stuffed with potato; rabbit wrapped in fennel twigs and bacon; or his signature dish of roast bone marrow and parsley salad.
Comments: (7)
Simply remarkable. Fergus is a genius who is responsible for the sort of seismic shift in cooking that we can thank Alice Waters for: he is a culinary God. This book is a must have for every chef (your grandmother won't know what to do with it, or already does and you know she does as well.) it's not for the once a week kitchen warrior, but if you want to impress your friends and influence their dining out it is an excellent coffee table book - though you'll be tempted to try the recipes, as well you should. Thank you, Fergus, for your gift to the ???? you're one of my heros for this.
We, as a society have depended on supermarket cuts of protein- beef, pork, chicken etc... and we have forgotten some of the pieces of protein that our ancestors relied on to feed their families. This book helps us get back to the cuts of protein that are tasty, full of wonderful fat and exceptional eating. Offal is a word that has lost meaning in our society. This book brings it back to the table and more.
With the economy in the state that it's in, buying offal is another way of feeding the family right and for decent prices.
Tongue, pigs feet, ox tail, pork belly, pigs tail & all the wonderful pieces of protein that have been forgotten.
Fergus Henderson has brought back many recipes that my family used to cook, and living here in Miami, FL, I have access to many parts of the animal that many of the rest of the country does not have.
This is a great book, with excellent antidotes, excellent, easy to follow recipes and it's fun to learn about parts of the animal that you rarely find in the typical supermarket.
Pork belly is a daily food item in my house now that I've learned easy ways to prepare it and I don't have to worry about chemicals going into my family's mouth from cured bacon.
Good book, good read, good eating education. Thumbs up!

Miami, Florida
This is an excellent book for those interested in the character of food and taste. It describes the (unfortunately) fast disappearing cooking of the old and less affluent days. I see this as the equivalent of English "Soul-Food". Hard times force creativity! Prior to modern times, people used the whole beast, all parts of available vegetables, throwing away the minimum. Slow cooking, coaxing flavours and the "terroir" from the ingredients. Maybe the terrible reputation English food had came from the American troops turning up in England from 1942 onwards. England had been under siege for years at that point, importing only fuel and munitions and other essentials, forcing people to eat local traditional foods. Sheep that were no good for wool any longer were eaten, chicken that didn't lay, were "retired" and eaten. All of the cabbage was cooked, including the tough outer leaves. So old, strong flavoured mutton, stewed cabbage, rabbit, pidgeon - gamey foods were a shocking contrast to the abundant great foods in the USA. The English needed to recall the historical roots of their cooking. I like to think "The Whole Beast", brings them back with some modern and international twists. Lovingly and enigmatically.
Fergus Henderson has written and listed a fascinating collection of recipes and interestingly in a strange and quixotic tone. Deciphering the text and his meaning is fun. It makes one think and search more deeply for the character of the dish, more successfully than simply listing out steps in a recipe. The one big problem or challenge, is finding the raw materials in the U.S. But it is worth the trouble. Full marks!
For me there is nothing scary about cold lamb's brains on toast or crispy pig's tails. I grew up in a gourmet teaching kitchen where lunch was left overs from classes including such wonders as sweetbreads, kidney pie and fish roe. When Bill Cosby came out with a routine about the Chicken Heart that ate Chicago - we ate chicken hearts and loved them - craved them!

So a book with nose to tail eating is not going to make me squirm - it is going to make me drool! and such a well done book. The recipes are in a simple format under the headings Stocks, Soup, Salads, Starters, Lamb's Brains and Sweetbreads, Meat, Birds and Game, Fish and Shellfish, Vegetables, Dressings sauces and Pickles, Puddings and Savories, and Baking.

I find this book a good cross over for those who wish to learn more about using the whole animal - yet need to do this in baby steps. Recipes include "less threatening" cross overs such as Beans and Bacon, Roast Pork Loin with Turnips, Garlic and Anchovies.

With the exception of breads and some sugar in the dessert section, all the ingredients are healthy choices - animal fat, olive oil and real butter. I found this book through the [...] under their thumbs up book reviews. I have yet to buy a book from that recommendation list that has not become a favorite of mine - this book included.

After making the fish pie, sweetbreads and Boiled Beef and dumplings, I have added a trip to Fergus Henderson's restaurant to my "things to do before I pass" list. It doesn't hurt that the restaurant happens to be overseas :-)
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