eBook Guys in Suits epub

by Van Whitfield

eBook Guys in Suits epub
  • ISBN: 0385498470
  • Author: Van Whitfield
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Subcategory: Humor
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Anchor (December 3, 2002)
  • Pages: 272 pages
  • ePUB size: 1928 kb
  • FB2 size 1822 kb
  • Formats txt docx mbr rtf

A group of friends try to make sense of love and life in the new millennium in this hilarious novel from Van Whitfield, author of Something’s Wrong with Your Scale! and Beeperless Remote.After years of disappointment, Simon Washington has grown tired of the Washington, DC, dating scene. He’s desperately looking for a wife when he runs into his first love and determines to regain her affections. Meanwhile, Simon’s best friend Stuart Worthington is doing his best not to settle down when he also rekindles a relationship with an ex-girlfriend. As it happens, both friends are in immediate need of dates for their annual New Year’s vacation. With the clock ticking and their tickets waiting, Stuart and Simon lay plans to convince these old flames to accompany them, only to have a shocking revelation threaten everything at the last minute. With its page-turning plot and hilarious insights, Guys in Suits is a delightful novel that shines a spotlight on the imperfections of men, the enigmas of women, and the perils they both face in the quest to find someone right.
Comments: (7)
I love, love Van Whitfield! He is one of the funniest authors I have read. I read this book many years ago and when I saw it was an e-book, I had to have it. Thanks, Amazon. Van is both witty and clever in his telling of this hilarious tale about these men and the effusive, amazing Evelyn who turns out to be Eve and Lynn, the one woman both men, Simon and Stuart are dating but don't know it. Their antics are crazy and humorous and you don't know who you want to root for. And still, although she's playing both men, you can't be mad at Eve or Lynn or whoever you want to call her. She could teach us all a few things about how the game is played.
I wanted to like this book because I loved his last one, but I just couldn't get into it. It was often hard to distinguish which of the two characters were narrarating because their voices at times could be very similar. It also didn't help they had similar names.
Whitfield also has a tendency to drag out descriptions leaving me to think, "Enough already, I get it!" He tries to be too literal.
My advice is to get a copy of 'Something's Wrong With Your Scale'.
I really enjoyed Something's Wrong With Your Scale(SWWYS) so when I heard that Van Whitfield was coming out with a new release I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed. The first 100 pages were really good as I read about two friends who were unknowingly involved with the same woman. It was entertaining and hilarious to read about what they were willing to do to get this woman to go on the "Annual Vacation" with them. And yet still neither of them nor the female knew that they were talking about the same person or that two friends were dating the same woman. Unfortunately, the more I read the story became sort of redundant and not very exciting. But I stuck with the book because I wanted to see if it would get better toward the ending. No such luck. Maybe my expectations were too high. I was looking for the same style that made SWWYS such a funny and witty read but Guys In Suits didn't quite do that for me. Nevertheless, I'm not mad at Mr. Whitfield and I still look forward to other reads from this author. I just hope that the next read is better than this one.
I've read most of Van Whitfields books and I've loved each one I've read. He's funny, honest and has a really good writing style that makes it easy to read and makes it flow well.

This book is hilarious. Simon is ready to settle down after getting sick of dating when he runs into one of his ex-girlfriends and decides to try and win her back again. His best friend Stuart is trying anything but to get married but he also finds an ex and starts up an old relationship again.

I can't give away anything else because it's something you've got to read for yourself (you'll love it), but it's well written and really enjoyable. I love the 60-Day Relationship Rule For Guys in the front of the book. Very funny.

This is a great book and you'll see how addictive his stories are. As I said, I have a lot of his books, but not all - I'm going to go and order some more because I've not been disappointed yet by anything of his I've read so far.
This is the third book I have attempted to read by Mr. Whitfield and the third I could not finish.
The book, "Guys in Suits", has captured a great and somewhat unique idea for a storyline but Mr. Whitfield was not able to pull it together. It opened with the plot of two eligible bachelors looking for companions to accompany them on their yearly excursion. As the book progressed I became less and less interested in whether Simon and Stuart found dates for this yearly excursion and realized the book had turned into a novel filled with misadventures, mishaps and mistakes.
In a couple of the chapters, I found myself becoming increasingly confused about who (Stuart, Simon, or any other added character) was talking and a couple of the jokes were just...for lack of a better word-stupid. For example, what was this "geezer" verses "sneezer" routine?
On a more positive note, Mr. Whitfield does appear to have a slight sense of humor and on occasion there were some really funny lines.
For people who are fans of Mr. Whitfield and have enjoyed his first two books, I am sure this one will be a winner but he is definitely out of my reading game.
Van Whitfield has struck gold again. The narrators Stuart and Simon are two very real characters. The supporting characters of Rod and Trevor are fully written as well. The heroine Eve/Lynn/Kit Kat is a fascinating and complicated woman. You see why Stuart and Simon go to such lengths over her. She is both more and less than the image the two guys have of her. I laughed all the way through this book. It's rare that a writer can produce a book that's funny, touching and totally "real" all at the same time. The ending is a huge suprise. You'll like this one.
Kimberley Wilson, author of 11 Things Mama Should Have Told You About Men.
I want to give a brotha props for attempting to write about the black male perspective of relationships. However, he missed the mark. It should have been called "Boys in Diapers." Sorry, Mr. Whitfield, but the book bordered on the adventures in adolescent land. I mean men over 30 acting like 12-year-olds. The scene in Dave and Buster's bathroom was disgusting and the part where Stuart pretended to be a producer was so sophomoric.
The only purpose this book would serve is how not to write a novel or the recycling bin at work. I know I am harsh, but the book was beyond fictional it was just hideous. Where did the material come from?
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