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eBook MetalMagic: Talisman epub

by Derek Donais

eBook MetalMagic: Talisman epub
  • ISBN: 1604943548
  • Author: Derek Donais
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Subcategory: Fantasy
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Wheatmark (September 15, 2010)
  • Pages: 266 pages
  • ePUB size: 1852 kb
  • FB2 size 1958 kb
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Not so with Derek Donais' "Talisman", the first book in the Metal Magic series. This book starts so strongly, it was always easy to pick up and remember just what had happened b Derek Donais' Metal Magic: Talisman.

Not so with Derek Donais' "Talisman", the first book in the Metal Magic series. Sometimes life intervenes to keep us from reading books we really want to read. When the chance to finally sit down and start reading gets interrupted almost continually, it sometimes makes it hard to remember what went on before. Not so with Derek Donais' "Talisman", the first book in the Metal Magic series.

Book 1-MetalMagic: Talisman. In the magic, Morgaine has found a calling in which Jaren cannot interfere. She has great potential, but her arcane talent arouses resentment and unwanted attention in their village of Dal Farrow. By DerekDonais Ongoing - Updated Jul 23, 2012. Prince Aldrain has accepted the fact that he'll inherit the throne of Carathon.

MetalMagic Talisman Book Trailer by Derek Donais. Ruqya Course 5 - Types of Magic + Amulets & Talismans - Продолжительность: 1:32:11 RuqyaSupport Recommended for you. 1:32:11. Blues & Rock Ballads Relaxing Music Vo. 7 - Продолжительность: 54:20 Aldo Millo Recommended for you.

MetalMagic : Talisman. Select Format: Paperback.

In the magic, Morgaine has found a calling in which Jaren cannot interfere.

About Derek Donais: I'm a husband, father and writer. I'm also a huge geek. I can say that now because being a geek is cool  .

Книга "MetalMagic Talisman" (Derek Donais) для скачивания! . MetalMagic Talisman by Derek Donais. newSpecify the genre of the book on their own.

Книга "MetalMagic Talisman" (Derek Donais) для скачивания! "I just don't understand it. Sometimes it feels like there's energy all around me - inside - and I'. . Author: Derek Donais. Title: MetalMagic Talisman. No user reports were added yet. Be the first! Send report: This is a good book.

Created and written by Derek Donais. A powerful sorceress who will stop at nothing in the quest to subjugate all. Jaren and Morgaine Haldannon find themselves in the midst of a struggle between the established power and an emerging, insidious force. PagesPublic figureAuthorThe MetalMagic TrilogyAbout.

"I just don't understand it. Sometimes it feels like there's energy all around me -- inside -- and I'm sure it's got to be the magic."--Jaren Haldannon An elusive magic. A stricken kingdom. A twisted sorceress bent on the conquest of Evarlund's six realms.   For fifteen-year-old Jaren Haldannon, the key to wielding metalmagic--a feat that maddeningly defies him--is hidden in the mists of time and further complicated by his lack of awareness. With time running out, Jaren must discover within himself the key to solving the magic's riddle.   Morgaine, Jaren's older sister, is tired of her brother's meddling and of her responsibility to look after him. In the magic, Morgaine has found a calling in which Jaren cannot interfere. She has great potential, but her arcane talent arouses resentment and unwanted attention in their village of Dal Farrow.   Prince Aldrain has accepted the fact that he'll inherit the throne of Carathon. That day, however, seems far away and the heir apparent would rather spend his time hunting and courting. Unknown to all, a sinister plot is unfolding within the capital, one that will thrust great responsibility into Aldrain's hands much sooner than he ever anticipated.   Against these three unwitting heroes is arrayed the fearsome might of the Warwitch. Through unnatural means, she has used the metalmagic to transform herself into an unstoppable adversary. Armed with an old-world weapon of mass destruction, the Witch moves to subdue any who might oppose her.   Loyalties of blood and honor will be tested. Ages-old deceit will be revealed. In the end, who will remain to claim mastery of the metalmagic?
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Metalmagic: Talisman is a fantastic, fast-paced, descriptive, and character-driven read.

The story revolves around three very likable, adolescent villagers: Iselle, Jaren, and his older sister Morgaine. Morgaine has been deemed by the Valir (a guild for those who have mastered the use of magic through Metanduil) to possess the ability to wield magic. Jaren desperately wants to possess this talent, but slowly discovers that he may not be able to do so. And Iselle is a strong-willed, at times comical, friend who has a particular fondness for Jaren.

What is enjoyable about the book is the dynamic relationships between these three characters as they progress through the story, which reveals the deep bond shared between siblings while also detailing the commotions of sibling rivalries.

This trio is sent out from their village of Dal Farrow to soon discover that they are caught up in the greater workings of a conspiracy by the Warwitch, an evil sorceress who is determined to rule Evarlund's six realms. In the Witch's arsenal is a powerful weapon that has already destroyed part of the Kingdom of Carathon's castle compound killing members of the royal family thus thrusting the initially reluctant prince Aldrain to the throne.

Will the Warwitch succeed in capturing and manipulating Morgaine's magical talents? Will King Aldrain live up to the responsibilities of the throne and guide his kingdom through the deadly, conspiring forces that seek to destroy him and his people? Will Jaren accept his inability to use Metanduil? These are the questions that will haunt the reader as they are quickly pulled into the book's very descriptive, well-written, and character-driven story.

Derek Donais has created a vivid and original fantastical world that is fast-paced, enjoyable, and very easy to follow. It is a pleasant and fun read that I would recommend to any fan of fantasy.
Derek Donais' initial entry into Fantasy Fiction is a heartfelt, adrenaline-laced adventure that gives readers what they want while providing keen insights. The book's first chapter introduces readers to the main character, an inquisitive boy that wants to understand Metanduil and its link to those that are gifted enough to use the alloy to perform magic. Jaren's sister, Morgaine, has the ability to use the magic metal but Jaren does not, despite the increasing connection he feels to the magic.

An immediate conflict emerges between Jaren, Morgaine, and another gifted village girl. It is a conflict that will force the brother and sister to leave everything behind in search of refuge, but the pair is chased across the land by sinister agents. Morgaine has the potential to become a truly powerful Valir (someone that wields Metanduil and acts as an advisor to the land's various kings). The agents are desperate to reach Morgaine and deliver her to a corrupted Valir that has developed a weapon that can destroy kingdoms with a single blow. The Warwitch has already killed one king and her army threatens to overrun the rest of the world.

What none of them, including Jaren, realize is that the boy is the most powerful of them all. Jaren can use magic without the use of magic metal, but his first attempt at controlling the power is an utter failure...and without control, Jaren knows that he will destroy everything around him, including those he loves.

Donais' writing style is fluid while providing outstanding descriptive narrative; it is the kind of writing style that readers of any age should enjoy because the author understands all of the creative elements of a great story: plot, tempo, theme, and mood. Most importantly, MagicMetal has a message for all of us that live in the modern, technically driven world: science and technology are tools, they are neither good nor evil. It is how we, as individuals, decide to use these tools that determine if we are good.

The climatic finish kept me on edge for the last hour of reading as I fought beside Donais' heroes. I could see the instant flashes of magic in a multitude of colors. I could feel the power of the spells. I felt the emotions of Jaren and his sister as they struggled to survive against the Warwitch...

This was an outstanding first book for a new voice in Fantasy Fiction. I highly recommend reading this novel and watching Derek Donais over the coming years. I am hoping for many more novels from this writer.

Tod Langley
Author, Prince Kristian's Honor
Not sure how i stumbled onto MetalMagic: Talisman but i am sure glad i did. It is a worthy 1st book by a new author. Very entertaining and kept me engaged throughout. Is the book perfect? No. Is the author the next Brandon Sanderson? probably not but he is a worthy addition to a stable of up and coming Fantasy authors. For someone who has trouble finding authors i like to read I thouroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely be buying book 2. Book is worth the few bucks it cost to try. Give the book a chance and you will not be disappointed!
What is the book lacking? Well lets see, first the characters. The is no adequate description for any of them, they might as well be stick figures with name tags saying 'my name is ******'. At no point that i can remember does the author say how old ANYONE is in the book, this confused me as it made it so i could not relate how the characters were acting with how i felt someone would, 14 and 18 year old act differently. You get things like "He looked about 5 years older than me". OK? How old WAS he. Their personalities are also bland with the dialogue and interactions being boring and somewhat monotonous, especially between the siblings.

Another problem was the setting, also lacking in detail. I'm not just talking describing where they are, but also the world as a whole and how they relate to it.

Finally, of what ill say in the review, is the magic. There is nothing said about this at all. For something central to the story you would think the author would explore or explain this more thoroughly. Instead you get what you have in the description, Most mages need the metal to use their power, some few dont. That about it, you read about some things they do, but not what the CAN do. Or cant for that matter.

Altogether this amounts to a disappointing read. The author needed to spend more time fleshing out the characters and other things to support the plot as it is not strong enough on its own.
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