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by Karl Edward Wagner

eBook Conan: The Road of Kings epub
  • ISBN: 0553226932
  • Author: Karl Edward Wagner
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Subcategory: Fantasy
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bantam Books (May 1, 1982)
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The Road of Kings (Conan novel) (1979). Karl Edward Wagner, "The Once and Future Kane" in Wagner, Midnight Sun", San Francisco: Night Shade Books, 2003, pp 431-37.

The Road of Kings (Conan novel) (1979). Kramer, Edward and Richard Gilliam (ed). Michael Moorcock's Elric: Tales of the White Wolf.

Conan squinted toward the gibbet, a black line against the climbing sun, seven coils of hemp trailing like sooty cobweb from the span overhead.

Conan the road of kings, . Conan: The Road of Kings, . Conan squinted toward the gibbet, a black line against the climbing sun, seven coils of hemp trailing like sooty cobweb from the span overhead. To his nostrils came the acrid sweetness of carrion-wafted from the rotting corpses of last week’s condemned criminals, left to swing above the scaffold until seven new partners were brought to dance with death.

Conan Adventures by Tor Books. As Conan flung himself past the stone warrior, the creature pivoted from the edge of the parapet to face the Cimmerian once again. As it raised its blade and started forward, leathery sails detached themselves from the darkness and flapped full into the demon’s face. Other author's books: Conan: Road of Kings.

Conan (Fictitious character), Conan (Fictitious character). Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by ttscribe7. hongkong on January 27, 2018. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Karl Edward Wagner is one of the most talented of the younger fantasy writers, and best known for his heroic fantasy saga of the mystical swordsman Kane. Born in 1945, he maintains a deep interest in and knowledge of fiction from the pulp era. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Wagner was a practicing psychiatrist and . He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with his wife, Barbara. Библиографические данные. Conan: Road of Kings.

Conan book In that, Conan: Road of Kings is perhaps the epitome of the Conan saga to date-and most like what Howard himself might have penned given that.

Within some circles, author Karl Edward Wagner is considered not just an amazing fantasy and horror author, but one of the best of all time. His short life left us with a small but powerful body of work, most notably the creation of his character, Kane, in the book, "Darkness Weaves", among others. In that, Conan: Road of Kings is perhaps the epitome of the Conan saga to date-and most like what Howard himself might have penned given that mortality wasn't an issue to a writer's career.

Karl Edward Wagner has done a masterful job at creating another fantastic adventure for Conan and the reader. He is a welcome addition to the ranks of Conan authors. There is no shortage of action and intrigue in this Conan novel. Written in the late 1970s, "Conan: The Road of Kings" is a good novel, the best of all the many Conan "pastiches" or, continuing stories by another writer other than the creator, that came out between the 1950s and 1990s. Although Karl Edward Wagner was an outstanding writer of fantasy and horror - his "Kane" novels are quite entertaining - his Conan is not quite the same as Robert E. Howard's.

Conan: The Road of Kings (also called simply The Road of Kings is a Conan novel by Karl Edward Wagner first published by Bantam Books in October, 1979.

In the days of old Kordava, the avenue had borne another name-now forgotten-and had been a wide, straight passage between proud buildings.

In the days of old Kordava, the avenue had borne another name-now forgotten-and had been a wide, straight passage between proud buildings s two carts abreast-Eel Street offered Korst his best point of assault, and, as his advance faltered elsewhere, the king’s general concentrated his attack here. A familiar voice hailed him from a group of wounded. You’re a welcome sight! Santiddio said you’d gone fishing. Carico was trying a dirty bandage about one massive thigh.

The Road of Kings is a fantasy novel by Karl Edward Wagner, featuring Robert E. Howard's sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. It was first published in paperback by Bantam Books in October 1979.

Facing the gallows for defending his honor-by killing the captain of the guard-the mighty Conan jumps feet first into a rescue attempt of one of his fellow prisoners. When Conan learns his rescuers are the daring Rebels of the White Rose, he joins their blood-soaked insurrection. But Conan's struggles are only beginning, for the road to the throne is defended by the Final Guard--indestructible warriors made of stone. Conan must draw steel against these indomitable foes and pray that Krom will guide his blade both strong and true.
Comments: (7)
Conan: The Road of Kings is often regarded as one of the best Conan pastiches, and I would agree. Wagner clearly gets Conan, and probably takes the least liberties with the character than any of the pastiche authors. His Conan (the character, not the story) is probably the closest thing to Robert E. Howard's portrayal of the character. The books opens with bang - a duel followed by a date at the gallows. It is easily the best opening sequence I've yet seen in a pastiche. But the pace slows quickly from there, and the story is quickly immersed into political intrigue. Conan finds himself allied with a radical political faction, the White Rose, in the city of Kordava in Zingara. They are essentially Marxist revolutionaries in a sword and sorcery setting. It's feels a little odd, but doesn't really hurt the story. A new friend of Conan's becomes leader of the White Rose, but against Conan's warnings, comes under the influence of a Stygian sorcerer, and soon the faction has set it sights on overthrowing the King.

The story is one of corruption of power. It is well told, but there are a few points where it suddenly skips over weeks or months, which can be a little disorienting. The plot is dominated by political intrigue, so the action scenes are surprisingly few and far apart, although well done. The Road of Kings is driven largely by dialogue. Wagner's style is blunt and straightforward, and so he takes little time creating atmosphere. But this austere style helps move the story along quickly in spite of some long stretches of plotting and conspiracy. The characters are clearly defined, but not deeply fleshed out. The story picks up again toward the end, and concludes with a satisfying finale. I also liked that Conan, while a thorough bad ass, was not an all-powerful killing machine like he is sometimes portrayed. Instead, he is occasionally challenged and in danger.

Road of Kings is a solid Conan story; swift moving, direct and faithful to the protagonist's roots. Three & 1/2 stars.
Anybody who doesnt know who Karl Edward Wagner is..Well they need to find out..Cause its about one of the best storytellers of the epic-fantasy genre ever to exist..He is the author of Kane..The bloody mercenary who wanders the earth trying to find peace..but he is doomed never to find it..Try to find his Kane books and read them..You will be blown out by his ability to write..Same goes here..Robert Howard was his favorite author,and Conan his favorite hero..Thats why he completed this story,this book, to pay homage to both writer and hero..And the result?Just great..Amazing story from the beginning till the very end..Feel free to start your journey..You will enjoy it..!!!!
I am going to have to completely disagree with some of these reviews. Best non-Howard book. No way. I've certainly read better. But this was a fun read. There was more than one moment that I felt Conan wasn't acting like Conan and to me that is the biggest mistake they can make while writing this books. But, overall it was enjoyable. Not the best but certainly not the worst. A helpful tip, NEVER read Conan the Liberator.
Though I am a die hard fan of his Kain series, the writing style and story turns that Karl brought to the table is nothing short of amazing. Here we follow Conan, at the gallows through to being the leading contender for the throne. In typical Wagner style nothing comes with out a cost and here the price of power is examined.
After reading Wagner's Kane series multiple times, so expected more. Still it was fun sword and sorcery.
This is easily the best non-Howard Conan book. It doesn't fully capture Howard's style and characterization but comes much closer than any other book. If Wagner were still around, he might be able to write other novels in this vein. He was far better than the vile L Sprague de Camp certainly.
well written story but very predictable.also this conan bore little resemblance to the cimmerian of Robert e Howard's stories.this author's version of conan lacked the ruthlessness and savage demeanor that has made conan such a fan favorite.details of the story could also have been e,explored more thoroughly.I would recommend this book as a one time read .and would hope that in the future the author more fully understands and captures the character.especially one as well established as conan.
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