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by Elizabeth A. Lynn

eBook Sardonyx Net epub
  • ISBN: 0425053261
  • Author: Elizabeth A. Lynn
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Berkley (June 1, 1982)
  • ePUB size: 1576 kb
  • FB2 size 1371 kb
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At first he could not put name to face. Then she turned around, and he saw her clearly. It was Tori Lamonica.

At first he could not put name to face. seen her it had been long. Hands in her pockets, moving with graceful strides, she was traveling away from him, walking north. She wore lavender and black, and her Starcaptain's medallion gleamed through the lace of her shirt front. Gold hoops dangled from her ears

The Sardonyx Net is responsible for picking up space trash (. convicts) in the Sardonyx sector. Zed gets great pleasure from torturing the convicts before selling them as slaves. The authorities of the planets in the Sector turn a blind eye as the Yagos drug and torture the criminals

The Sardonyx Net is responsible for picking up space trash (. The authorities of the planets in the Sector turn a blind eye as the Yagos drug and torture the criminals. But the Yagos’ entire operation is at risk when there is a shortage of the drug they use to control the criminals and when Dana Ikoro arrives. In this story of forbidden love, crime, corrupt justice, and lucrative business, the Yago family must fight to keep their business stable.

The Sardonyx Net is responsible for picking up space trash (.

Elizabeth A. Lynn won two World Fantasy Awards in one year-for her novel Watchtower, and for the short story . Lynn won two World Fantasy Awards in one year-for her novel Watchtower, and for the short story, "The Woman Who Loved the Moon. She is also the author of The Dancers of Arun, The Northern Girl, A Different Light, The Sardonyx Net, and the short fiction collection, The Woman Who Loved the Moon. She lives in San Francisco, teaches martial arts, and is at work on a sequel to Dragon's Winter.

The Sardonyx Net. Lynn Elizabeth A.

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Comments: (7)
When Starcaptain Dana Ikoro tries drug smuggling in the Sardonyx Sector, he gets caught in the Sardonyx Net and ends up enslaved on the planet Chabad, where slavery is alive and well. Now owned by Rhani Yago, one of the powerful First Families of Chabad, Dana desperately wants to regain his freedom, and especially escape from the sadistic Zed Yago.

I first read this book in the early 1980’s, and enjoyed it then. When I re-discovered it twenty years later, I still enjoyed it. It has some edgy thematic elements--slavery, drugs, incest, and sadism--and some readers may be unsatisfied that not every evil gets its comeuppance nor are all the ethical dilemmas resolved. I found the three main characters compelling, especially as all of them were flawed.

Probably I'd suggest this book for ages 18 and up.
Prince Persie
I bought this book thinking, it has great reviews, it's science fiction, and it has gay characters; exactly what I was looking for. From the tags this book looks to be overflowing with gay storylines. Well to my disappointment, it was not. There is one sadist character that likes men(sometimes). His scenes are few and neither graphic sexually or sadistically. While I kept waiting for the all the "gay stuff" to appear, I genuinely got caught up in her storytelling. The author is excellent at world building as well as character developement. Interesting and well paced, this was a fun read. I enjoyed it greatly. With her talent, I'm definitely going to look into her other books.
This is neither the worst or the best book that I have ever read. It is okay, but a bit boring at some points. I think it needed more action and a lot more romance.
This review, mostly is prompted by some other reviews and probably even more so - by the blurb.

Who on earth wrote the blurb? Apparently someone who never read the book. Maybe just opened it here and there to pick up some names? To put it extremely politely, the blurb is... misleading.

One of the reviewers said the book has not enough action and (much) not enough romance. Well, true. Thankfully. There are plenty of books of action and romance. So you can always choose a 1000th (ish) book of the same to read - *or* this one.

Yet someone else was looking for "gay stuff". No "gay stuff" in this book. I guess you should check out some other books by the same author for that. There is a sadist who loves torturing men (quite possibly he would like to torture women too, but his victims happen to be male in the book), but the torture is hardly of particularly sexual nature. However, when the sadist falls in love (sort of), he does fall in love with a woman. Something rather incestuous than homosexual.

Yet someone else said that there are ethical issues that remain unresolved... However it's exactly the bit underlying my own opinion, something I'd say about the book first:

No clichés.

There are zillions of books tackling the subject of slavery, and pretty much always you eventually get some sort of revolution (led by the main character more often than not). Well, no revolution here. Not because the author justifies slavery, but because it's not what the book is about. And after you've seen a million times this chain of events: slavery - the protagonist appears - revolution, it's surely refreshing to get something different instead.

You have a he and a she, and no love story. Hey, whoever may argue that there *is* a love story between Dana and Rhani - just keep reading... Both of them have other reasons than just love to do what they did.

There is a baddie... and no punishment/retribution (well, sort of). Again, it almost never happens in books and is totally refreshing.

And so on.

I've read this book years ago, and the paperback copy wasn't even mine. So bought the Kindle version just to have it close at hand to reread a couple of pages of the whole whenever I feel like it.

A full five stars book, just maybe not for everyone.
When a drug deal goes bad, smuggler and Starcaptian Dana finds himself in custody of a slaver and embroiled in the politics of the ruling families of the planet of Chabad. Of all Lynn books, this is reminiscent most of The Northern Girl: a political and personal drama about complicity and power, trauma and sympathy, how social systems effect and are changed by the individuals within them. Plot developments are logical rather than dramatic and three PoV characters makes for a lot of reiterated information, but this doesn't feel like an oversight because the emphasis is always on personal responses and motivations within a larger context. This isn't my favorite Lynn novel, but I am consistently in love with her work, with her interpersonal focus and diverse characters and dynamics, and The Sardonyx Net is no exception.

The Sardonyx Net takes place in the same universe as A Different Ligh, but can be read alone.
I bought this book back in the late eighties. The cover was a mess and some of the sections had been torn out but I loved what I could read so much that I found a copy in good condition. As a fan of Ursula, the sexual indifference did not deter me. Lynn's take on how we perceive levels of enjoyment; sadistic, sexual, entertainment or other wise, was refreshing. I was completely engaged with the characters and even felt a little sorry for Zed in the end (very little). In this new era of science fiction, I believe we can push the envelope further and not worry about whose sensibilities would get hurt. The eighties were a turbulent time for same sex issues and so glad Lynn wrote this to show how much of a non issue who you have sex with really was.
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