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eBook Hatred In The Ashes epub

by William W. Johnstone

eBook Hatred In The Ashes epub
  • ISBN: 0786006161
  • Author: William W. Johnstone
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Action & Adventure
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pinnacle; 1st Printing edition (1999)
  • ePUB size: 1103 kb
  • FB2 size 1316 kb
  • Formats mobi lrf lit lrf

William W. Johnstone is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of over 300 books, including Preacher, The Last Mountain Man, Luke Jensen Bounty Hunter, Flintlock, Savage Texas, Matt Jensen.

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VALOR IN THE ASHES The Ashes Series: Book William W. Johnstone .

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com User, November 11, 2006. I have been a fan of "Raines/Johnstone" from book one and I find this story to be a great set up for the next one in the series.

Ben Raines and his gang of renegades must confront the ultimate enemy when the diabolical President of America demands that Ben be destroyed for treason unless he surrenders to her way of thinking, disbands his troops, and buries his hope for freedom. Original.
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I stumbled on the Ashes series by accident. Book #1 is Out of The Ashes, a must read as far as I am concerned. There is quite a bit of action in it, as are all the Ashes books. Except for the last three, I believe. William Johnstone had passed away, and a ghost writer tried to do what Johnstone had done, but failed. I don't recall the first of the series that was writen by the ghost writer but when I read it, something wasn't quite right, it wasn't the typical Johnstone I was familiar with. I researched it on line and found out Johnstone had died. I have read the series twice, 1 through 28. I am now working on it for the third time using my Kindle. It's the kind of series that makes you think. This is the way our government should be, instead of the way it is. I loved the series. 1997 is when I read the first book. It was hard to find, I had to order it. When I placed my order the clerk asked me which one I wanted? What? Well it's a series, she said. So I just ordered the first one, Out of The Ashes. I read the book in two evenings. I also realised I should have ordered all that were in print which at the time, I think there were 18 or 20. I finally got the entire set. What is nice about the series is you can actually pick up any one of them and you get a brief overview of what has happened up to that point. I strongly recommend you read at least the first book. If you like it the way I did, you will soon have the whole series. I did notice on the second go round with the series, that they were reprints, and they did not know what a proof reader was, a lot of mispelled words. That should not disuade you however. It is a series of fiction, however it will let you understand how things should be. Both entertaining and enlightening. Enjoy.
I don't usually pay this much for a paperback ($15.00), especially a used paperback, but I have the first 25 books of The Ashes Series and I had to buy this one because our local library system didn't have it and I hate being left hanging wondering what was happening with the Rebels and General Ben Raines.

The book is used and although it said it was in "good" condition, it was like new! It didn't even look like it had been cracked open! It looks great! I just hope the other book (Crisis in the Ashes) I ordered (which costs twice as much-used) is in as good of condition as this one.
This was a great book. The best part to me was when the general went in to get his daughter back from the bad guys. Their return trip to home and safety. The way each one of them knew what the other was going g to do in a fire fight.
Great book in good condition delivered on time. A must read for this ashes series
By far my favorite end of the world book series. With over 20 books in the series there is a great opportunity to revisit your favorite characters and meet new ones along the way. Out of the Ashes is a great setup piece to the saving of the world that happens after an event shuts down the world and anarchy reigns. It can get a little bit preachy in parts but the after anarchy, rebel army, mercenary, patriot and vision themes ket up through the series make for a great read.

Get "Out of the Ashes" and you will quickly find your collection of Ashes book increasing ;-)
I've enjoyed all but one of the series. I'd read it, too, but I can't find it at a price I want to pay I'm sure it's like the other gazillion in the Ashes series. A fun time following Ben Raines' "heroic" explouits.
enjoy all the ashes series
great series
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