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eBook Timecross'd: A Love Story Out of Time epub

by Sean K. Thompson

eBook Timecross'd: A Love Story Out of Time epub
  • ISBN: 097107965X
  • Author: Sean K. Thompson
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Action & Adventure
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Filbert Pub (November 1, 2003)
  • Pages: 450 pages
  • ePUB size: 1119 kb
  • FB2 size 1373 kb
  • Formats mbr azw mobi lrf

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SFE : Science Fiction Encyclopedia : (1965- ) US playwright and author whose Timecross'd: A Love Story Out of Time (2003), based on his own unpublished play, implicates . born Austin Texas: 1965.

SFE : Science Fiction Encyclopedia : (1965- ) US playwright and author whose Timecross'd: A Love Story Out of Time (2003), based on his own unpublished play, implicates its protagonists, through the Invention of . Timecross'd: A Love Story Out of Time (Kandiyohi, Minnesota: Filbert Publishing, 2003). Internet Speculative Fiction Database. Previous versions of this entry.

Sean M. Thompson is the author of the collection TOO LATE from MCMANBEAST Books, and the novella HATE FROM THE SKY from Eraserhead Press. Thompson grew up in a suburb of central Massachusetts. A coffee-swilling, sarcastic son of a bitch who loves cats and gallows humor. He lives just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and seems to be positively obsessed with things that get him funny looks.

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Dr. Abigail Ross is a woman with a problem. She's invented the Loop, a machine capable of sending people through time, yet shes the last person in the world youd want to have access to all of history. An abusive father and murderous mother have left her a headstrong alcoholic, emotionally inaccessible, and completely incapable of love. Pity no one bothered telling that to her partner Zachary Walker, the timid history professor who has inadvertently fallen head over heels for her.

Too little too late, Abby discovers true love. But, with the typical bad timing of this pair of timecrossd lovers, the Loop is stolen, Zachary is killed and Abby finds herself in a strange new world where she is a second-rate technician and engaged to a guy named Paris. But Zachs death is only the beginning of their love and adventures. Award-winning playwright Sean K. Thompson has created a thrilling new novel based on his successful stage play.

Timecrossd is your typical tale where boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl loses boy, girl finds boy, boy dies, and then the real fun begins....

Comments: (7)
I ran across Timecross'd just perusing Amazon for some time travel novels and thought I'd give this self-published novel a try. After sitting on my to be read pile for a while, I finally picked it up and give it whirl. I'm glad I did.

Timecross'd is mostly the story of Abigail Ross. Brilliant but flawed after a troubled childhood, Abigail creates the Time Loop or Loop which allows you travel back (and forward) in time. Abigail is an abrasive, somewhat cold, self-centered woman and luckily puts together a team that can deal with her fits of pique, which are frequent. Zachary Walker is an historian that Abigail convinces to join her team and the two form somewhat of a symbiotic pair. He can ease her rough edges with his soft, likeable personality.

All goes well until Abigail, having funded the project out of a well endowed trust fund, must seek outside help. I don't want to give too much away here as what happens next drives the novel as the Time Loop gets loopy and Abigail and Zach are caught in the middle, or multiple middles as the case may be.

The one drawback to the novel is the ending. I would not call the ending unsatisfying as it does basically fit with the rest of the story and it did not leave me with a "that's it?" feeling as I am with some novels. Nevertheless, it does seem to me the author didn't quite know how to end the story and came up with one that left a few questions to ponder and didn't completely close all loops, so to speak.

Despite what I thought was an odd ending, the novel is fast paced, entertaining, and ultimately satisfying. I do wonder why it could not find a publisher, it's better than most novels I've read.
As an author of a time-travel book myself, I'm familiar with the
amazing potential that time travel offers to a story. There is
potential for the speculative application of philosophy, religion, and
science. There is the potential for plot-twists and surprises. There is
also the potential for pure confusion and, as a result, unreadable
stories. Timecross'd accomplishes the first two, and escapes the third,
in an action-packed time adventure that is both fun and exciting. I
recommend it highly.

The story involves the aptly named "loop" -- a time machine which is
the temporal equivalent to the portal in the movie "Stargate" -- which
is used effectively to create "loops" in the plot's timeline. The love
story is always present, though it often takes a back seat as the
characters involved forget their emotions in an effort to focus on
survival. This book has everything from nazis to Shakespeare, however,
and despite what you are looking for in a book, there is a good chance
you will find it here. The only thing that I felt was out of place was
a slightly awkward love scene in pre-history. Overall, the story
progressed rapidly and kept the reader interested in the delightfully
dysfunctional cast.

I also feel that the subtitle and cover detract somewhat from the
quality of the book. I had passed this book up on several occasions
because the cover gave the impression of a romantic comedy. After
seeing that several readers recommended my own books Out of Place Out of Time: The Testimony of Dr. Trenton Stowel and Cluck: Murder Most Fowl in addition to Timecross'd, I picked it up and was
delightfully surprised to find a thoughtful and adventurous story that
offers far more.
Hawk Flying
This is a delightful and well written book. Full of mystery,intrigue, and unrealized love. The science and action makes the love story much sweeter. I could hardly put it down. As I read my mind filled in the characters with some of today's actors so, I hope there will be a movie.
As another reviewer mentioned, I purchased this book on the strength of it being mentioned numerous times as "another great time travel book." It was appallingly badly written. The concept was very good; it's a shame Thompson didn't have the services of a good editor for simple things like repetitive use of adjectives. This sort of thing can be simply remedied and make the author eminently more readable. The dialog was laughable (not humorous, but really strained, unrealistic). The descriptions stretched credibility, e.g., hard for women to run in tight skirts and high heels, etc. I pushed on through the book. The resolution was amusing. But, overall, a huge disappointment.
I purchased this novel immediately aftering finishing "Replay" by Ken Grimwood (excellent time travel novel) and "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger (enjoyable read, but definitely not worthy of all the praise it gets!). I was specifically looking for another time travel novel. Having read these two other books on the subject I was looking for another page turner.

The author seems to be trying to copy some of the electricity that you might have found in the 80s TV show "Moonlighting" with Bruce Willis and Sybil Shepherd. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. The dialogue is awkward and unrealistic. To be honest, I read the first 20 or 30 pages and just had to put the book down.

I hate giving struggling authors bad reviews. Still, I can only assume that there are others like me who are always looking for another good time travel novel. And this novel is heavily marketed in other time travel novel listings here on Amazon.

To be blunt, this novel bordered on the cartoonish. Before I bought this book I tried to find a review by a major magazine or web site. (A comment from a Houston radio station doesn't count.) Couldn't find a thing - no Publishers Weekly, no Booklist, nothing. That should have told me something.

If you're careful with your money and only buy books you're going to read I recomend that you first, at the very minimum, find an excerpt of this novel. Some readers have apparently liked this book. Before you spend your hard earned money find out first if this a book that's worth your time. I wished I had.
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