eBook DOWNTOWN epub

by Anne Rivers Siddons

eBook DOWNTOWN epub
  • ISBN: 0316909165
  • Author: Anne Rivers Siddons
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: LITTLE, BROWN (1995)
  • Pages: 374 pages
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The year is 1966, a time of innocence, possibility,and freedom. I am a rabid fan of Anne Rivers Siddons, but I somehow never read Downtown

The year is 1966, a time of innocence, possibility,and freedom  . I am a rabid fan of Anne Rivers Siddons, but I somehow never read Downtown. If I read it before, I recalled none of it. If I had I read it before I read Colony, I many never have read another book by this author.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Arriving in a city that is torn apart by the civil rights crusades of the sixties, Smoky O'Donnell begins her job as a writer with Atlanta's Downtown magazine and meets three young men that change her life.

Anne Rivers Siddons (born Sybil Anne Rivers, January 9, 1936 – September 11, 2019) was an American novelist who wrote stories set in the southern United States. The only child of Marvin and Katherine Rivers, she was born in Atlanta, Georgia, was raised in Fairburn, Georgia, and attended Auburn University, where she majored in illustration after initially studying architecture. She was named Loveliest of the Plains and was a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority.

I’m thinkin. hat I’ve forgotten all about Andre, I said, surprising myself. I’ve lost him entirely- He kissed the top of my head. Smoky, you can have Andre and all this, too. I’ve lost him entirely- He kissed the top of my head READ BOOK: Downtown by Anne Rivers Siddons online free. You can read book Downtown by Anne Rivers Siddons in our library for absolutely free.

SUMMARY: Growing up, the only place tomboy Thayer Wentworth felt at home was at her summer camp-Camp Sherwood Forest in the North Carolina Mountains. For as long as she can remember, they were Cam and Lilly-happily married, totally in love with each other, parents of a beautiful family, and partners in life.

Novelist Anne Rivers Siddons was born in Fairburn, Georgia in 1936. She studied at Auburn University in Alabama and Oglethorpe University in Atlanta. Her treatment of the South in her novels often earns comparisons to Margaret Mitchell. One of her books, Peachtree Road, won her Georgia author of the year honors (1988). Her novels include: Sweetwater Creek, Off Season and Burnt Mountain. In 2014 her title, The Girls of August, made The New York Times Best Seller List.

The year is 1966, a time of innocence, possibility,and freedom

The New York Times bestselling author of Colony returns to Atlanta and draws upon her own life for the background of her new novel. Downtown follows the burgeoning career of a promising young writer who comes into her own in the 1960s.

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Her new job as a writer with the city's Downtown magazine introduces her to many unforgettable people and propels her into the center of momentous events that will irrevocably alter her heart, her career, and her world. Fiction Contemporary Romance. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Comments: (7)
Downtown is, yet again, another Anne Rivers Siddons classic. In my mind, she's incapable of writing anything less. Masterfully and vividly set in mid-nineties sixties Atlanta, Siddons parallels the rise of the Southern city as it grows into its own through turbulent times, with the budding career of new arrival, journalist Smoky O'Donnell, who hails from an insular, Catholic community, among the Irish working-class of Corkie, which rests along the waterfront of Savannah, Georgia. Smoky is twenty seven, wide-eyed and bursting at the seams to join the vibrant world beyond her hometown, and when she fortuitously lands a job in Atlanta, at Downtown Magazine, her life finally shifts into gear. It is a swift and fascinating evolution replete with sixties music, miniskirts, free love, and social unrest. Smoky's position with Downtown Magazine places her at the core of it all, working beside an eccentric boss and a group of creatives who come to be her city family. Through the eyes of a reporter, the reader learns about upper-crust, Atlanta society as well as its desperate underbelly. Amongst roiling tides, the civil rights movement is seen up close and at first hand. In language both personal and confessional, Smoky tells her version of a life on the rise, in a town that shapes destinies, in a voice sympathetic to all sides of the changing times. This is a book to educate anyone not living in the pivotal sixties of America. That it is set in the South gives the reader a particular, advantageous spin from a very critical vantage point. It portrays a search for identity, a search for purpose, new love, and the shaping of a young woman from innocence into the life-altering placement of a sustained open mind.
Siddons is one of my favorite mainstream authors, but this is not my favorite book of hers. I am a little suspicious of characters who are writers. Smokey O'Donnel brings the naivete of a determined girl from a poor family to observe the fast pace of Atlanta in the sixties while writing for Atlanta's city magazine DOWNTOWN . Characters around her are interesting if slightly exaggerated. Smokey starts out as a typical romance heroine when she gets engaged to the son of old money Brad Hunter. But she shows her spirit writing articles depicting the struggles of Atlanta's Negroes. Her angry reaction when Brad refuses to understand her work begins her independence. She learns to love Lucas, the cameraman for the civil rights articles whose wild sense of humor and addictions to action mask deep goodness. Editor Matt Comfort, small of stature, looms larger than life as mentor, prankster, and hard drinking jovial host. When Matt returns from a binge to inspire everyone at the magazine to slave over a presentation for a prospective buyer he will find to save them from ruin, readers breathe a sigh of relief. His drunken collapse in front of the "chicken king" brings a terrible sense of letdown for readers as well as the writers. Siddons never fails to entertain, but to me, STILLWATER CREEK about the girl who trained the family's Boykin spaniels to be great bird dogs is more fun.
Anne Rivers Siddons using her time-tested formula to good effect in this story of a Southern gal of poverty-stricken Irish background, who comes to Atlanta in the late 1960s to work for a buzzworthy magazine, falls under the spell of its charismatic, politically committed editor (historical figures like Martin Luther King figure sharply) There's romance - the clearly 'wrong' guy, the guy who seems wrong, then right... the guy in the 'friend zone', the sweet gal pal who finds her own path to love - but the real awakening at the heart of the novel is this young woman's growing commitment to social justice
Another strong hit! This author has the ability to write a story that is nothing more than the characters within it, but that winds you so tightly in their grasp that you HAVE to continue reading! I have long been a fan of her work, and this was no exception! A surprisingly gripping story about a time when the world was gripped in its own turmoil. Well done!
One of my favorite writers. Siddons' writing takes you to places she had created, and creates characters you come to care about. They are complex and can be related to as if they were real people. She also takes you to places inside yourself, giving you the opportunity to question what you would do in similar circumstances, or to question what you DID in similar circumstances. Her writing flows & grabs you. Give yourself a treat & discover her, if you haven't done so yet!
I enjoyed this book more than I realized. All of a sudden it was 12 midnight and I had to stay up to finish it. Thank you for a wonderful story and the descriptions of the landscapes and the apartments and the bus ride put me in the actual place each time. I read more of the author's books and hunger for more each time I finish another one. Have recommended all that I have read so far to friends and family.
I bought this book because I LOVE Pat Conroy and he recommends Anne Rivers Siddons as a writer. I wasn't disappointed in the story although I thought the first few chapters were SLOW. My complaint is all the errors. Typographical errors, spelling errors and grammatical errors. I just can't give a good review to a book I paid for that has so many errors. Someone is not doing their job!!!
The suspence in this book was exciting . Character descriptions were good but not always sure who she was talking about at times. I think it was a pretty realistic depiction of the feelings and what was going on at the time. Certainly gave me much to think about. The ending was perdictable.
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