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eBook Falling for You epub

by Jill Mansell

eBook Falling for You epub
  • ISBN: 0755332628
  • Author: Jill Mansell
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Headline Review (2007)
  • Pages: 448 pages
  • ePUB size: 1274 kb
  • FB2 size 1687 kb
  • Formats lrf lrf mobi doc

Falling for You book.

Falling for You book. And it was a really fun book!

What a shame, what a thing to happen, that’s America for you though, isn’t it, everyone drives like maniacs over there, rushing around, I’ve seen ‘em doin’ it on the telly, what I always say is take your time and get somewhere safely, better than goin’ too fast and not getting there at all.

Поиск книг и журналов. Falling for you (Mansell Jill). Chapter 1. If she jumped high enough into the air, Maddy Harvey could see the party carrying on without her, blissfully unaware of her absence. Well, she could see in a blurry, abstract kind of way - the lights in the house, the trees surrounding it and the outlines of other party-goers either drifting from room to room or dancing manically along to Kylie Minogue (truly a girl for all age groups). I bet this never happens to Kylie

Sophie has no interest in finding love. Falling for You. Jill Mansell. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device.

Sophie has no interest in finding love. But what happens when love finds her? Sophie Wells is a successful photographer with a focus on putting the past firmly behind her. When Josh Strachan returns to the seaside town of Cornwall from the States to run his family's hotel, he can't understand why the fun, sexy girl has zero interest in letting him-or any man for that matter-into her life. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

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Jill Mansell writes good comedy romance books. Jill Mansell is one of those Brit Lit authors whose books you cannot resist and cannot put down, and "Falling For You" is a perfect example. My husband allowed me to read one of these books to him on our trip from Florida to Ft. Worth, Texas. He drove the whole distance so that I could read the story about Poppy. With tongue in cheek, Mansell tells us about a modern-day Romeo and Juliet-type feud. But instead of the Capulets and Montagues, we have two very modern dysfunctional (or otherwise) families living in and near Bath, England.

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Jill Mansell writes good comedy romance books. My husband allowed me to read one of these books to him on our trip from Florida to Ft. Worth, Texas. He drove the whole distance so that I could read the story about Poppy. This one, Falling for you was about Maddy Harvey an ugly duckling as a teenager, who, later developed into a beautiful young lady. She met a handsome young man at a party where he rescued her after she fell over a fense. They fell in love, but he turned out to be the brother of the young man who was believed to have run down and killed her sister. Excellant story!
I'm a big fan of Jill Mansell's books. I find them to be a great diversion from everyday life. This one has some good twists and differs a little from her usual storylines. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.
A typical Jill Mansell novel-very enjoyable!
All her books are consistent and reliable. You know a Mansell book is going to be hilarious and plain interesting from beginning to end. Her heroine is always a smart women in riduculous, but real, situations. I would recommend anything by her!!
black coffe
Okay, so it was far fetched, but I really loved it. There were plenty of twists and turns, and plenty of storylines to keep up with, but I thought it was a fun, easy reading, summer book
Mitars Riders
Book was fun and characters were well developed. There is a portion in the middle of the book where the characters and plot run a little long. Would have liked to have more story on the "main" characters instead. But overall would recommend for any hopeless romantic out there.
I've read tons of Jill Mansell's novels, but am just having trouble getting hooked by this one. Still, the characters are charming and funny.
I was initially drawn to this book for its setting. Being that Bath is one of my favorite places in England, I was excited to read a book that would remind me of how beautiful the place is. From time to time the book would take me back, and this I enjoyed.
As for the story, I dont really have too much to complain about. It was simply a good fast chic lit read. There were quite a few clues throughout the book that did not leave much to surprise, although one possible side story might have been seen as a mystery to keep the reader hooked.
Jill Mansell's writing style is really what propels this book. Her language is not so flowery and verbose that one gets bogged down in the words.
A definite recommend for Anglophiles, those who like cute romances, and those that just want to go back to Bath even if only in their minds.
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