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eBook Hot Pink (Berkley Sensation) epub

by Susan Johnson

eBook Hot Pink (Berkley Sensation) epub
  • ISBN: 0425196828
  • Author: Susan Johnson
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Erotica
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Berkley (June 1, 2004)
  • ePUB size: 1866 kb
  • FB2 size 1208 kb
  • Formats mobi docx txt doc

A Berkley Sensation Book, published by arrangement with the author. Cover design by George Long.

A Berkley Sensation Book, published by arrangement with the author. This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission

Twin Peaks (Berkley Sensation) Mass Market Paperback – October 3, 2006. Susan Johnson is the award-winning, national bestselling author of the novels Hot Spot, Hot Legs, and Hot Pink, among others.

Twin Peaks (Berkley Sensation) Mass Market Paperback – October 3, 2006. by. Susan Johnson (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Susan Johnson (Author), Jasmine Haynes (Author). Jasmine Haynes lives in the California mountains with her husband. She loves writing hot, sexy romances. Series: Berkley Sensation.

Hot Pink (Berkley Sensation). Susan Johnson (Goodreads Author).

by. Johnson, Susan, 1939-. Berkley Sensation mass market ed. Man-woman relationships. New York : Berkley Sensation. External-identifier. urn:asin:0425196828 urn:acs6:hotpink00susa:pdf:b71-eb37d14d209e urn:acs6:hotpink00susa:epub:bed-e1c956d58203 urn:oclc:record:1035608732.

Seductive as Flame (Berkley Sensation). Hot Streak ]. Johnson Susan. 276 Kb. Sweet as the Devil. 343 Kb. When Someone Loves You.

Download books for free. Seductive as Flame (Berkley Sensation).

Find nearly any book by Susan Johnson (page 2). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. ISBN 9780425190104 (978-0-425-19010-4) Softcover, Berkley, 2003. Find signed collectible books: 'Hot Pink'. Hot Property (Berkley Sensation).

Susan Johnson eBook Online Read. Sexy As Hell (Berkley Sensation). Author: Susan Johnson. Published Year: 2010 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2008 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2001 History & Fiction. Kuzan 02 - Lovestorm. Published Year: 2011 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2000 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2004 History & Fiction.

Susan Johnson Some characters are simply unforgettable-and Susan Johnson's Jon Hazard Black is one of them.

Second in the all-new trilogy from the New York Times bestselling author of Gorgeous as Sin If his mistress is missing, then who's the woman in the baron's bed? When Baron Lenox's assignation with his mistress goes awry, he finds himself in bed with the wrong lady. Some characters are simply unforgettable-and Susan Johnson's Jon Hazard Black is one of them Some desires can't be denied.

Web designer Chloe Chisholm, determined to have a fling with no strings attached, finds her erotic encounter with sexy stranger Rocco Vinelli turning into something more when she falls for her new lover, who happens to be engaged to someone else. Reprint.
Comments: (7)
I love everything that Susan Johnson has wrote & if you like erotic romance you will too! She writes what real people feel and do. It is like you are in her book. I recommend this for those how do like erotica and look forward to many more books of hers to read. I need new ones because I have read all her books thus far & look forward to the future ones!
Actually, I first bought this book several years ago and re-read it until it fell apart. It's one of my favorites by Susan Johnson. I couldn't find it in the store, so I was glad when I saw it on your website
Bought this book 7 years ago and lost it. bought it again and i love it just the same. This was my first SJ book. she's the best. love them all!
I loved this book b/c it's not like any other romance I've read. The heroine is as casual about sex as the typical romance hero. Not a virgin in site...how nice:)
I have read through the reviews here and I am a bit surprised at some of the vehemence on display.
Hot Pink is not that bad, albeit it is a bit unbelievable.
Chloe and Rocco meet, hook up for a one night stand, and a couple of weeks later fall in love. But, during their two week escapade they have quite a few snags to get over. The first being Rocco's girlfriend...whose not quite a girlfriend, some arm wrestling, and the trials of trying to start a business. Yet, in the end, love does conqueror all...of course.
I, personally, found the book to be witty and well written. I laughed out loud at some of Chloe's comments, and overal SJ did a good job of making her somewhat believable. Rocco, who is described as drop dead gorgeous, was a little harder to buy, but it's not so bad that he is way out there in left field. It's definitely Sex in the City-ish, complete with the duo of companionable friends and liberated sexual views. Overall, it was a good book to take to the beach and read. Plus, the cover is cool. I don't know if that counts for anything, but it helped.
I did have one major problem with the book though. When Chloe and Rocco first hook up they don't use a condom. Now, IMHO, that is absolutely nutty especially since at the time they hadn't known each other but five minutes. But, I am not such a prude to let it sway me from the book, or let it raise my moral hackles to the point of outrage. It's a book of fiction...not a guide to life. Yet, they continue having sex without a condom, and except for one very small thought from Rocco nothing else about birth control is mentioned. I just found that way wierd. And, I feel like something should have been mentioned. Not doing so was a huge oversight.
But, aside from that...the read was pleasant. Try it out for yourself...you might like it.
Ye gads, I was afraid to write a review for this book. It seems readers are gettng mighty personal about other people's reviews and opinions!

Now IMO, this book was okay-ish. I got it on sale at Borders so I can't complain. Amy was actually the most fleshed out character in the book. And she was a freaking pyscho. I got a sorta Sex and the City vibe with Chloe reminding me of Carrie and I was starting the HATE Carrie by the show end.

There was nothing in Rocco's and Chloe's relationship that made think they had a real relationship. Conversations while orgasming doesn't count. Well they did have that one conversation where they found out they liked baseball!

Hmm what else...Chloe's friends were annoying (IMO jeez !) I didn't think the erotic scenes were all that hot (does that make me a heathen of some sort ?! lol)

I read another review that mentioned the lack of explanation for the pink hair. I found that lacking as well. This was the first SJ contemporary I read, and I was wondering why it was entitled 'Hot Pink' , and then saw the heroine had pink hair, and I was like 'what the hell? pink hair?!' I kept imagining her with tinted pink hair like a geriatric old lady.
It pains me to give a Susan Johnson book a one-star rating, but this book deserves it. Hot it ain't. Plot there isn't; in fact, the story is just peripatetic, wandering from point A to point B, with an antagonist who folds like a really band hand in a high stakes poker game.
The story line is credible but not very interesting; one gets the idea that the hero and heroine finally get their act together when nothing else can be done with the story line. There's no real tension, no real sturm und drang, no real anything that makes a Susan Johnson novel spectacular. The characters aren't particularly interesting, and their romantic situation is rather trite. All it took to solve the big issue in the story was a little honesty. Quite frankly, sex scenes weren't enough to carry the story, and they should not be.
If Blonde Heat was a fun summer read last year; Hot Pink isn't, this year. Blonde Heat was funny. Hot Pink isn't. More than that, the female protagonist of Blonde Heat pretty much kept herself to the same guy, and the one in Hot Pink was more free with her favors. That makes highly questionable the whole idea of true love at the end. Maybe she was compartmentalizing, who knows.
All I know is this, reading this book at Borders was enough for me to know I will not be adding it to my collection of Susan Johnson novels. Come to think of it, I'm suspending my purchases of Susan Johnson novels until I see her put out good stories, like she used to. Thank God for soft chairs at Borders, until then.
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