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eBook Heroes: Saving Charlie: A Novel epub

by Aury Wallington

eBook Heroes: Saving Charlie: A Novel epub
  • ISBN: 0345503236
  • Author: Aury Wallington
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Del Rey; Reprint, Media Tie In edition (August 26, 2008)
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Heroes: Saving Charlie: A Novel Mass Market Paperback – August 26, 2008.

Heroes: Saving Charlie: A Novel Mass Market Paperback – August 26, 2008. by. Aury Wallington (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. It felt like a betrayal of Hiro's character-so sweet in the show-to read the dirty, lustful thoughts this author wrote into his narration. Hiro as played by Masi Oka wasn't like that, and it really irked me to see him portrayed that way.

Saving Charlie is a novel written by Aury Wallington and published by Del Rey Books (. ISBN 0345503228), based upon the television series Heroes. It was released on December 26, 2007 in the United States. It is 256 pages long and was made with the full cooperation of the show's creators, although its canonicity in relation to the television series has not yet been established.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. Save the cheerleader, save the world are the defining words of Heroes, the phenomenal series that has transformed television drama. Each possesses a superhuman ability, and together they must prevent the course of history from taking a terrifying turn

Wallington, Aury; Loeb, Jeph; Kring, Tim, 1957 . New York : Del Rey/Ballantine Books.

Wallington, Aury; Loeb, Jeph; Kring, Tim, 1957-. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Based on the series Heroes created by Tom Kring, including without limitation the following episodes Seven minutes to midnight, written by Tom Kring, Homecoming, written by Adam Armus & Kay Foster, Six months ago, written by Aaron Eli Coleite".

Heroes: Saving Charlie

Heroes: Saving Charlie. At least this as an interesting approach to a TV tie-in novel; instead of more exciting adventures with the characters from the series it’s a character piece based on it, a romance with superpowers. That choice is the best thing about the book though.

Saving Charlie (A Heroes Novel).

Save the cheerleader, save the world are the defining words of Heroes, the phenomenal series that has transformed television drama. Saving Charlie (A Heroes Novel).

It is developed through a licensing agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group. Del Rey celebrated the announcement of its Heroes book at the 2007 San Diego International Comic-Con by asking fans to help make 1,000 cranes at their booth by the end of the show. Interest was high and the goal of 1,000 was surpassed.

Written by. Aury Wallington. Manufacturer: Del Rey Books Release date: 26 December 2007 ISBN-10 : 0345503228 ISBN-13: 9780345503220. add. Separate tags with commas, spaces are allowed. Use tags to describe a product . for a movie Themes heist, drugs, kidnapping, coming of age Genre drama, parody, sci-fi, comedy Locations paris, submarine, new york.

Heroes: Saving Charlie is a novel written by Aury Wallington which is based on the famous TV series – Heroes. I picked this book with great enthusiasm as I used to enjoy the show a great deal and thought it would be a good read. One major parameter on which I wanted to test this book was – Will it be a good read for people who haven’t seen the serial? and I must say that in that department Aury Wallington has fared fairly well

Heroes: Saving Charlie : A Novel by Aury Wallington.

Heroes: Saving Charlie : A Novel by Aury Wallington. newSpecify the genre of the book on their own. Author: Aury Wallington. Title: Heroes: Saving Charlie : A Novel. No user reports were added yet. Be the first! Send report: This is a good book. Help us to make General-Ebooks better! Genres.

“Save the cheerleader, save the world” are the defining words of Heroes, the phenomenal series that has transformed television drama. They are also the cryptic marching orders for the show’s cross section of ordinary individuals united by an extraordinary bond. Each possesses a superhuman ability, and together they must prevent the course of history from taking a terrifying turn. Now, in this original novel based on the TV phenomenon, in a thrilling story that will captivate even those who haven’t seen the show, one of these unexpected saviors steps center stage on a deeply personal quest that will test the limits of his gift, the depth of his love, and the ultimate strength of his will. Hiro Nakamura possesses the remarkable power to control time. And like his uniquely blessed comrades, he’s on a mission for the good of humankind. But another challenge awaits him: saving the love of his life from an unspeakable death. Charlene “Charlie” Andrews is the big-hearted, small-town beauty whose sunny smile and sweet soul knocked the shy Hiro head over heels. But when Charlie’s young life is snuffed out by a grisly serial killer, their budding romance is brutally cut short. Or is it? Thanks to his astounding newfound skill, Hiro has the means to do what no tragedy-stricken lover in history ever could–turn back time. And no matter how raw his abilities, or how many twists of circumstance conspire to foil him, he vows to deliver Charlie from the evil poised to claim her. He will be her hero. But what possible consequences might changing the past visit upon the future? How could saving one cherished life affect millions of others? And what ultimate choice will Hiro make when the power of fate rests in his hands?From the Hardcover edition.
Comments: (7)
There are no spoilers in this review so please read along.

Honestly I had low expectations for this book. I am a huge Heroes fan but didn't expect this part of the extended storyline to be interesting at all, this part of the overall story was only in one episode and was very brief. I was pleasantly surprised by this story as it was interesting and kept with the baseline of the main story. Mind you this isn't literature, but it was an entertaining read. Fans will like the treatment of Hero in this and frankly it helps to explain some inconsistencies elsewhere in the first series. The day after I finished reading it I had to watch Season I all over again.

I would suggest getting a used copy if you are a casual fan - you'll throw it away when you are done. As for the hard core folks, this fills in some nice little gaps and will be treasured. The cover art, font composition and other aesthetic points of the book itself were nice. Pages were thin but that is common in a trade book. The perfect binding even held up to my normal abuse. If you are a heavy reader like me this book will take just a couple of evenings. If you are obsessive and read Divinci Code in like a day, you'll read this in a few hours.

For the folks who control the story line I would suggest spending some time looking at how Lucas & Star Wars handle the extended universe, lots of cross over and tons of cool story lines - things like this book are exactly what fans want.
It's been said that this is a novel length fanfic and that's truely what it reads like. No, the writing isn't great. No, questions from the show aren't answered. And yet it's quite enjoyable. It's a fun easy read about two of my favorite characters (Hiro and Charlie) from the show.

Basically, don't expect anything great from this book. Just expect a light, cheesy romance with a slight sci fi bent.
The character Hiro in this story was nothing like the character from the television series. This version of Hiro came off as constantly whiny. If I wasn't a fan of the show I probably wouldn't have continued reading this story. :(
I am a huge Heroes fan, and I've been dying to know the details of the Hiro/Charlie story. Even though it was only a tiny part of the series, I really loved the character and wanted to know what could possibly have happened to cause Hiro to not save Charlie. Did all the jumping forward and backward in time mess up the time line? Did saving Charlie lead to some worse result later on? Would we have a Sylar/Hiro confrontation? Unfortunately, the novel gives us nothing, and that nothing occurs in the last few moments of the book. We don't even get to see what happens in the final timeline where Hiro and Ando walk into the diner that Hiro has been working at for all those missing months. Instead, all we get is page after page of a Hiro that bares little resemblance that the Hiro we've come to love. I did find some of the Hiro/Charlie romance charming, and the book did have a nods to the fans. But ultimately, it reads more like a short fanfic expanded to book length instead of a story that could have actually been part of the show.
With Hiro as one of my favorite characters, I'm a little biased. This book was still well written and kept you moving through it to find out all those little details never expanded on in the comic or the TV series.
I liked the way they explore hiro's character in this book. Not a bad read, a little confusing at first if you never saw the show.
I was always a fan of the Hiro/Charlie storyline and was wondering what the hell went on during his disappearance during that time. The book brought it together nicely. The only thing I didn't particularly care for was the author had them have sex at one point in time. I just couldn't see Hiro or Charlie doing that. Great book none the less. Pick it up.
This book is a chapter of Hiro's life which was started in season one. Hiro and Ando are on their way to a "save the cheerleader, save the world" story arc. Hiro becomes distracted by love when he meets a waitress named Charlie, a Texan woman that speaks fluent Japanese. Hiro is just learning his time trailer ablates and Charlie is discovering her memory has more storage power than Microsoft. Unfortunately, his first time love experience is short lived because Sylar (big bad guy of season one) kills Charlie before Hiro and Ando finish their breakfast.

Hiro, being a time traveler, feels he can go back in time and prevent Charlie from coming to work that day, thus, saving her life, their love and still staying on track to "Save the Cheerleader..." Consequently, he accidentally ends up six months in the past. He has to go to work at the diner, meet Charlie for the "first" time again and convince her of his special ability of time travel and her future gift of memory. None of this is easy, nothing for Hiro Nakamura ever is. This book starts off like a NBC meets Lifetime love story. I'm not a fan of love romance novels, but a fan of Heroes especially Hiro Nakamura.

The book works as a story between episodes. Some reviewers may complain that the book doesn't provide any new information about Hiro, but keep in mind that the book and show are produced by different writers, and if the book writers introduced new information it would conflict with upcoming television shows.

One thing I like most about this book is that "Saving Charlie" shines with back story of Hiro as a kid. It provides a background of the powerful business of The Nakamura family. I enjoyed the scene of Hiro's first crush on his big sister's best friend. Hiro has major insecurities with girls and fails to live up to the expectations of his father.

The entertainment value of this book is high. The author Aury Wallington writes with the witty dialog of the NBC hit Heroes. It's a nice read wile waiting for the DVD of season 2 and the premiere of season 3 Villains in September. The only thing missing is a hook for the non Heroes fan. If you have never seen the show I doubt you would like this book. I read this as a fan and I'm very happy to have it in my collection.
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