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eBook Alone (Book One in the 'Serenity' Series) epub

by Marissa Farrar

eBook Alone (Book One in the 'Serenity' Series) epub
  • ISBN: 0957152418
  • Author: Marissa Farrar
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Warwick House Press (April 18, 2012)
  • Pages: 264 pages
  • ePUB size: 1685 kb
  • FB2 size 1655 kb
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One thing that bothered is the recurrent theme of Serenity's inability to have children. She talks about having had miscarriages and how her body doesn't seem to let her have children. I have read so many books from well-known publishers in the past few weeks that have a self-published feel to them because of all the glaring errors contained within. There was a trailing conclusion to the story and the first chapter to the next book in the series to spur interest into purchasing the next book.

Listen to books in audio format. Caught in a violent and abusive relationship, Serenity thinks there is no escape. Get the second book in this brand new dark romance series! Read online. Upon meeting a stranger, Sebastian, she is shown the possibility of a different future. Only Sebastian has a dark secret; he is a vampire. As Serenity’s life takes a terrifying turn, she discovers a world she never knew existed. But no one else with save her as she struggles to find the strength to be 'Alone'.

Book 1 of 5 in The 'Serenity' Series (5 Book Series). Caught up in the turmoil of having lost her job due to one of her husband's tirades, Serenity's mind starts to shatter as the implications of her current predicament are made clear. She knows she'll need to keep up appearances. To maintain a happy front, for Jackson will make her life difficult should he ever find out.

Captured (Book Three). Jackson’s reaction to her leaving terrified Serenity

Captured (Book Three). Book One in the ‘Serenity’ Series. Jackson’s reaction to her leaving terrified Serenity. He had no qualms about giving her a swift elbow in the kidney if she burned dinner; she didn’t want to imagine what he’d do if she told him she was leaving. Serenity stopped on the edge of the sidewalk and waited for the lights to change. People gathered either side, closing in, and suddenly her head swam. Despite the cool evening, beads of sweat slicked her palms and her cheeks flushed.

When she woke the next morning, Serenity knew she couldn’t stay in the house. Everywhere she turned, reminders of Jackson lingered. Everywhere she turned, reminders of Jackson lingered round, expecting to find him standing, furious and dead, behind her. How could a house feel so haunted when the supernatural she feared was outside? Memories filled the place; none of them good. She would have to find a motel to stay in until she figured out what the hell to do with herself

Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Caught in a violent and abusive relationship, Serenity meets the vampire, Sebastian, who shows her the possibility of a different future. On the day she fears her life can get no worse, she meets a stranger, Sebastian, who shows her the possibility of a different future.

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Alone (Book 1 in the Serenity Series), an ebook by Marissa Farrar at Smashwords. A great vampire story. Alone by Marissa Farrar on StoryFinds - Caught in an abusive relationship it takes a to save her. In this ‪ Paranormal Freebie - Caught in a violent and abusive relationship, Serenity thinks there is no escape. When the darkness declared war on humanity, 18 year old Lily Baxter was ready to do her part.

Comments: (7)
I have had this book on my ereader for quite a while. I'm not sure why it took me so long to read it (probably I'm more of a thriller reader), but I'm glad I finally moved it up my list. I was ready for a thriller break and this fit the bill for sure! For a vampire book, this one is pretty typical- girl who becomes intrigued with a mysterious man who can't stay away, dark and dangerous, and neither one can resist the draw. Pretty standard stuff, yet the author adds the finishing touch by being a fabulous writer and creating characters that are lifelike. Oh, and some romantic sizzle also adds to the book's charm! I see some readers have thought this was a bit depressing, but this is only the first, short book in the series. If you've read it, then I'm sure we all know what's coming up in the next in the series- more action, more romance and more steam. Overall this is a great start to a paranormal romance series, and it whets your appetite for more.
This book was very very depressing. I thought I downloaded a love story. Vampire hides in the shadows, happens upon an innocent beautiful woman....you know, the norm.

There was a lot of abuse, both mental and physical in the book and it didn't end until the book was half way through. I nearly deleted it from my kindle because even though abuse is wrong, readers can only take so much. This woman ended up pissing me off. Over and over again, she said she was leaving, then got scared and didn't. She got truly pathetic and then, got even more so. Hate to say it, but the reader wants to smack some sense into Serenity as well. Just LEAVE already and quit talking about it; I'm already half-way through the book for crying out loud.

A vampire named Madeline called Serenity pathetic and I wholeheartedly agreed.

Id have covered the abuse in no more then three chapters, then moved on to make the main character stronger, sooner.

Serenity and Sebastian are weird as well. He's gonna stay, then he doesn't. She wants him with her, then she doesn't. Back and forth....

Yes, it was a decent enough story to at least finish it, but I agree with some other reviews that there were too many typo's, grammar issues and just weird analogies. One analogy had me reading it a few times out loud and I just shook my head because it was so odd.

"She wanted to make him hurt, to prod at it like a hole in a molar." Lol


Then she asks officer Dawson...

"Can I ask what this is about?"

Officer Dawson replies

"of course not."

Meaning, no. She cannot ask. Lol. I think the author meant Serenity to ask if the officer minded if she asked what this was about. Then his answer would have worked. Editors, PAY ATTENTION.

There were sentences that were one complete thought, but separated into two sentences instead.

Then, the exact opposite.

A comma, when there should have been a new sentence created instead or even a semicolon would have sufficed.

Very depressing story and the main character doesn't even end up with the one she loves. Mr. Vampire that is. There's just a lot of asking going on and a lot of the word no, being given in reply.

I've always said, in a series or trilogy, you MUST have a complete book in each separate part of the series. You can't leave blanks and holes thinking "Oh well, the customer will be so interested in what happens next, that they'll go buy the second installment. Not true.
Since the age of eighteen, Serenity Hathaway's life has been a living nightmare. Her husband is nothing but unkind and repeatedly uses her misgiving's as a way of making her compliant to his wishes. She's tried to be helpful, to be understanding in the face of such adversity. Yet every bone in her body cries out against the injustices Jackson has committed against her.

Caught up in the turmoil of having lost her job due to one of her husband's tirades, Serenity's mind starts to shatter as the implications of her current predicament are made clear. She knows she'll need to keep up appearances. To maintain a happy front, for Jackson will make her life difficult should he ever find out.

Coming across a complete stranger on her way home, the man offers her a solace no one else ever has. In his arms, she feels safe. There's something about him that draws her to him and she knows he'll never hurt her. Yet the thought of trusting him is daunting and she's not sure she can do that just yet. Nevertheless, the memory of him embeds itself deep within her, drawing forth a well of emotion she never knew existed. One that clamors for his touch in more ways than one.

Determined to stay away from the woman he unexpectedly comes across, Sebastian Bandores knows its a battle he'll never win. Serenity has incited his desires and stoked the flames of feeling he tamped down so long ago in order to survive. Witness to the degradation she suffers at the hands of her husband, he's well aware that he should stay away. That he should move on. Yet his better sense prevails and he dives head on into a situation he knows he may not come out of in one piece.

Suffering for so long, Serenity finds herself latching on to the enigmatic vampire. Her heart and soul yearn for him quite badly, something she knows is forbidden. Yet their immediate gravitation is a fact she cannot deny. As the situation between her and husband takes a sordid turn, she knows she'll need to find a way to set herself free if she's to truly be happy. Yet when the opportunity presents itself, the price of her freedom is one she never imagined she'd end up paying in the very worst way.

This was a very heart-felt and thought-provoking story. Domestic and spousal struggles is something quite a few women go through in this day and age. Many, unfortunately, may not live to see another sunrise. There are those who remain in such relationships because it's all they know. Others remain because they're too afraid to walk away for fear that they'll lose everything they hold so dear.

Parts of this story hit home while I was reading. My Mom went through something similar when I was little. Thankfully, she found it within herself to walk away. Granted, my step-father wasn't that bad a guy, but his drinking problem caused irreparable damage that might have gone badly if Mom hadn't stamped her foot down and said, `Enough is enough.'

I think Marissa did a great job in building Serenity's world. The pain and heartache she feels pour through every page. We're able to feel her insecurities, her doubts, and her joys as she tries to stand firm and face the situations she finds herself in head on. I look forward to catching up on the next book in the series to find out what happens next with her, Sebastian, and Jackson. Kudos, Marissa, on such an intriguing story!
This story was absolutely amazing. I fell in love with Sebastian and Serenity. Serenity had a very emotional and mental roller coaster that had me in tears more than once. I am glad that this is not the end of their story or at least not the end of Serenity's. I'm hoping that there is going to finally be a happy ending. But I'm onto the next book and hopefully I'll find out soon. Way to go Marissa, your books so far have me addicted.
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