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eBook Time Enough to Die epub

by Lillian Stewart Carl

eBook Time Enough to Die epub
  • ISBN: 0809556626
  • Author: Lillian Stewart Carl
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Wildside Press (January 20, 2006)
  • Pages: 260 pages
  • ePUB size: 1806 kb
  • FB2 size 1220 kb
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Lillian Stewart Carl. The students have already gone to the di. .He sat down on the edge of the be. atilda yanked the sheets and comforter smooth, driving Gareth to the chair.

Lillian Stewart Carl. d have described his motion as a flounce. He radiated irritation-with her, with Ashley, with the case. She wasn't exactly calm herself. Not to mention, she said with more than a trace of sarcasm, that evildoers come scurrying out of the woodwork like cockroaches as soon as you turn your back. "Did you talk some sense into the girl?

Time Enough to Die book.

Time Enough to Die book. Lillian Stewart Carl's work often features paranormal/fantasy themes and always features plots based on mythology, history, and archaeology. Most of her novels take place squarely in the twenty-first century, where the past lingers on into the present, especially in the British Isles, Lillian's home away from home. She is the author of nineteen novels so far, including the Jean Fairbairn Author bio

Time Enough to Die - Lillian Stewart Carl. He’d hardly been flirting with her-Matilda was old enough to be his mother. Not that he reminded her of her own college-age son.

Time Enough to Die - Lillian Stewart Carl. Patrick had his moments of defensive tautness, when he yet to accept his own burgeoning persona.

More by Lillian Stewart Carl. Time enough to Die. Really enjoyed this book. Good story, always like treasure hunts. Lillian Stewart Carl. by Barb D. on February 7, 2018. by Lillian Stewart Carl.

Download books for free. Carl Lillian Stewart.

Lillian Stewart Carl (born 1949) is an American author of mystery, fantasy and science-fiction novels. Carl resides in North Texas. This is described in the introduction to Bujold's collection Dreamweaver's Dilemma. Bujold's second novel, The Warrior's Apprentice, is dedicated to Carl. Both authors are friends with fantasy and sci-fi author Patricia Wrede

by Lillian Stewart Carl.

by Lillian Stewart Carl. Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13:9780809556625.

But one thing Matilda has learned is that such relics of time past are not valued only by museums but also by unscrupulous . At last Matilda and Gareth have to stop arguing and begin a race against time to prevent another murder.

But one thing Matilda has learned is that such relics of time past are not valued only by museums but also by unscrupulous collectors, and the il. They do, after all, agree on one thing: the risk of death makes life and love all the sweeter. Похожие книги: Lillian Too's Little Book of Feng Shui at Work. Lillian Too. от 620. Great Expectations. Great Expectations от 3844. Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2013 Boar. Lillian Too, Jennifer Too. If you were born in the year of the BOAR then you can . т 1019.

There's always time eugh to di. Black & White Illustrations. Paperback The Wheel of Time Books.

There's always time eugh to die. Product Identifiers. Eric Carle Picture Books Adult Fiction Books. Matilda Gray, an expert on Roman/Celtic antiquities, learns that the illegal trade in such treasures can be deadly. Gareth March, a Scotland Yard detective, learns he must work with Matilda to solve a murder. Together they learn that the excavation of a Roman fort might cause another one. They agree on one thing: The risk of death makes life and love all the sweeter.

Matilda Gray is an expert on antiquities, especially the Roman and Celtic artifacts found in Great Britain. But one thing Matilda has learned is that such relics of time past are not valued only by museums but also by unscrupulous collectors, and the illegal trade in such treasures can be deadly. Gareth March is a Scotland Yard detective who must work - reluctantly -- with Matilda to solve the murder of a woman who knew too much about stolen antiquities. Solving the murder will earn him a promotion. And more--perhaps a greater treasure than Celtic gold is a relationship appearing when he least expects it . . . The murder case, the case of the stolen antiquities, and the treasure coming to light at the excavation of a Roman fort are tied inextricably together. At last Matilda and Gareth have to stop arguing and begin a race against time to prevent another murder. They do, after all, agree on one thing: the risk of death makes life and love all the sweeter. There's always time enough to die.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery by Lillian Stewart Carl, an author who should be much better known than she is. I loved the mix of mystery, suspense, paranormal phenomena, myth and legend, and a bit of romance. I liked the way the characters were portrayed and the way the story was told, in the third person, from the points of view of the three main characters: Matilda Gray, an antiquities expert and parapsychologist; Gareth March, a skeptical detective from Scotland Yard who's investigating a murder; and the attractive, intelligent but naive, young student, Ashley Walraven.

I also liked the setting, an archaeological dig in an English town, the glimpses of the ancient past when Matilda sees and hears the ghosts of a Roman couple and their Celtic female servant, the mystery plot itself, which involves murder and antiquities theft, the diverse assortment of characters, and the exciting, satisfying resolution.
Author is known for her gentle detective stories. This is one of her better ones. A Scotland Yard inspector and an expert in art smuggling go under cover at a small archeological site to find a murder and thief. Almost always Carl's stories are in small village England and include a little paranormal elements. Romance is also a recurrent theme. This one is unusal for her because the romance is between an older women/younger man. Nice mystery and a faster paced book then usual. The author has a tendency go drag things out, but this one is nicely focused
Matilda Gray, a parapsychologist, was used to the skeptical reactions she got from people when she explained what she could do. It is true that she was top ranked in her field and was an expert on antiquities, especially Roman and Celtic artifacts, but that doesn't mean she was respected. When Scotland Yard asks Matilda to work with a detective, Gareth March, to solve the murder of a woman and find out who was stealing artifacts from a new dig, Matilda was intrigued. She also despised those who stole artifacts that belonged in a museum and was excited to discover the history of the Roman fort that she would helping to excavate.
When Matilda arrived at Corcester, she knew that the case was going to be harder to break than she thought. First off, she had to work with the pompous head of the dig, Howard Sweeney, who always seems to get the credit for others' hard work. Because Howard does his best to avoid work in any way shape or form, Matilda is stuck looking after the student volunteers. She cares for all of them, but she is particularly concerned about the lovely young Ashley Walraven, who seems to have taken up with a wanderer who could potentially be the murderer. Then Matilda has to deal with the belligerent owner of a nearby horse farm, who owns the land they are excavating, and is in it for the money. It wouldn't be so bad if she could get Gareth to believe in her visions of the past and to work with her instead of going off on his own and not telling her vital information. With so many suspects, her work and her disturbingly realistic visions of the Roman fort when it was still in use centuries ago, Matilda will have a hard time catching the killer before he or she strikes again...
I enjoyed this mystery, as I have enjoyed all of Lillian Stewart Carl's books, but I have to say that I feel that this was her weakest book by far. The mystery had great potential and was set in an archaeological dig - one of my favorite locales - but it just wasn't used very much in the story. Carl did such a great job incorporating the mystery in Dust to Dust on an archeological dig and so I was expecting something equally fabulous. Carl did provide a lot of information regarding Roman and Celtic artifacts and managed to sneak in quite a few points of history so the story is actually quite educational, but it can get a bit dull on the longer passages. Although Matilda and Gareth are the main characters, we also see the story from Ashley's point of view, and I didn't particularly enjoy the multiple points of view. Gareth was drawn to Matilda, but she was quite a bit older than he and had that power, so they never really got together. Theirs was more of a promise of romance that may have come about in a physical way, but never went anywhere else. Ashley had a couple of love interests, which were kind of interesting, but she was pretty naive and socially inept so it was more like reading about a teenager. While I wish I could recommend this book wholeheartedly, I find that I can only recommend it as an interesting mystery with some historical background thrown in for good measure. Also, although the book is well written at the exorbitant price that you have to pay for this book, I would say go and find a nice copy of Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust, both by Lillian Stewart Carl, and both of which are much better than this one (not to mention a whole lot cheaper!).
The characters are well developed, the plot keeps your attention, and the writing style is smooth. There is just a touch of the supernatural, and a little romance, but the mystery is the main focus. The author is well informed on the parts which touch on history in the region. I found this to be a very enjoyable read.
Her books have a good story line and likeable characters. I think she is too wordy. She could shorten her narrative and have a real cliff-hanger.
While I love travel, archeology and history, the author seems to bog you down with too many irrelevant details. I found myself saying "get to the point already". So 80 percent good story, 20 percent boring fluff.
Another of Lillian Stewart Carl's thoughtful, history-based and mythology-laced books. I can't get enough of them.
Lillian gives us another set of interesting characters mixed with mystery, British countryside, history, and mysticism! An enjoyable light read.
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