eBook Evergreen epub

by Belva Plain

eBook Evergreen epub
  • ISBN: 034063992X
  • Author: Belva Plain
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Coronet Books; New Ed edition (1995)
  • Pages: 364 pages
  • ePUB size: 1189 kb
  • FB2 size 1633 kb
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Sweeping in its scope, yet intensely personal. An epic of people you know. Once you know Anna, you won’t want to put the book down.

Sweeping in its scope, yet intensely personal. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. a magnificent stor. his beautifully written book will be treasured and reread for many years to come. Plain doesn’t know how not to write a bestseller. Reading a novel by Belva Plain is like resuming a conversation with an old friend-a comfortabl. ncounter that leaves us feeling good. The Pittsburgh Press. An accomplished storyteller.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A young Polish immigrant woman, in love with the scion of the German-Jewish banking family for which she works as a maid.

I HAD to get her ENTIRE collection, and read them all again, start to finish.

Anna Friedman transfixes us with her passion, determination and passion. She and her family survive war, tragedy, secrets and forbidden love, bittersweet and evergreen. I HAD to get her ENTIRE collection, and read them all again, start to finish. This one starts Anna's life/journey.

Why? Why? And no answer. It was too much effort to eat, too exhausting to dress or go down to the market, a burden to answer the telephone. a stirring of desire to feel again. And she took out a sheaf of letters, tied together, that had arrived from Europe during the terrible time when Maury had been struck down

A grand, sweeping panorama. richly written, finely detailed.

A grand, sweeping panorama.

Evergreen: A Novel - ኤ-መጽሐፍ የተጻፈው በBelva Plain። .

Evergreen: A Novel - ኤ-መጽሐፍ የተጻፈው በBelva Plain። ይህን መጽሐፍ በእርስዎ የፒሲ፣ android፣ iOS መሣሪያዎች ላይ የGoogle Play መጽሐፍት መተግበሪያን በመጠቀም ያንብቡት። . this beautifully written book will be treasured and reread for many years to come.

Belva Plain is the New York Times bestselling author of Evergreen, Random Winds, Eden Burning, Crescent City, The Golden Cup, Tapestry, Blessings, Harvest, Treasures, Whispers, Daybreak, The Carousel, Promises, Secrecy, Homecoming, Legacy of Silence, Fortune’s Hand, After th. .

Belva Plain is the New York Times bestselling author of Evergreen, Random Winds, Eden Burning, Crescent City, The Golden Cup, Tapestry, Blessings, Harvest, Treasures, Whispers, Daybreak, The Carousel, Promises, Secrecy, Homecoming, Legacy of Silence, Fortune’s Hand, After the Fire, Lookin. ore about Belva Plain. Category: Women’s Fiction Contemporary Romance Military Fiction.

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Belva Plain (October 9, 1915 – October 12, 2010), née Offenberg, was a best-selling American author of mainstream fiction. She was born in New York City. Belva Offenberg was a third-generation Jewish American who was raised in New York City. She graduated from Barnard College in 1939 with a degree in history. Plain lived in the Short Hills section of Millburn, New Jersey.

And then Evergreen by Belva Plain.

And then Evergreen by Belva Plain Читать весь отзыв. A Barnard College graduate who majored in history, Belva Plain lived in Millburn, New Jersey, where she and her husband raised three children.

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Rating 4.0 stars. _No graphic sexual content.
Stand alone read. 1st in the Evergreen series.

GOOD READ. Compelling storyline, well developed main characters, well researched, great locations details, large and diverse secondary cast, and some twists and turns. HOWEVER, some characters are underdeveloped, the writing is occasionally stilted and fragmented which makes the chronology difficult to follow, the storyline contains a lot of angst and tragedy, the relationship with the heroine's first love ends unsatisfactorily, and the book is long, so set aside enough time to appreciate the read.

THE STORY follows Polish immigrant, Anna Foster (Friedman), who travels to New York at age seventeen to start a new life. She faces crowded living conditions in substandard housing, menial jobs, class discrimination, and religious prejudice. But she perseveres, finds work as a maid and meets wealthy banker, Paul Werner, and house painter, Joseph Friedman. Because Paul, the love of her heart is beyond her status, she marries Joseph and starts a family. The story then follows three generations of her family through WWI, the fall of the stock market, the Great Depression, WWII, the establishment of Israel, and the Viet Nam war.

OVERALL, engaging storyline and detailed locations that add depth and richness to the book. The EVERGREEN series includes Evergreen, The Golden Cup, Tapestry, Harvest, and Heartwood.

You may also enjoy the historical fiction of Irving Wallace and Leon Uris or the exciting political/spy thrillers of Brad Thor and Scott Horvath.
fire dancer
I read Belva Plain books that my grandma would lend me, so I thought I would go back to the beginning to Plain's first novel: Evergreen. I cannot believe this was her first novel because it is so well thought out and I've seen no cliches often seen in novice writers. It's a saga for sure and it's over 600 pages long, so I'm not finished, but I don't want to rush the story, it's that good. In fact, the historical elements alone make me interested to learn more about the stock market crash, the Great Depression, etc. Those were things my grandparents lived through, so I can see why my grandma liked Plain and why she recommended her back in my teens and 20s.
I first read Evergreen back in the 1980s when it was published. I kept my copy of the book until moving just a year ago, and then decided to buy the book again as a Kindle download.

This story is so well developed that readers will be able to picture each character and their homes. Readers will enjoy following the life of the main character, Anna, from her life as a girl in a Polish village, to her life as a wife, mother, and lover in New York.

I will say that I was dismayed by the number of typos in this book. I forgave the first one, became irritated at the second one, and began taking notes with the third one. Here are some examples: "He had so much contempt for me that he didn't even brother to pretend," and "Hell tell you about it." There are not just a few of these mistakes, but dozens! As a freelance editor, I can't help but to notice these errors. I find them to be very distracting, and I don't think that the book should be available for purchase in this condition.

That having been said, this is an excellent book. If you read it, though, go with the printed version, not the Kindle download.
I read this book years ago and loved it and wanted to read it again. Just as good the second time except all of the contractions were missing an apostrophe! I cannot remember if this was true in the hard copy or not but irritated me to no end in the Kindle version.
Truly enjoyed following the two Jewish immigrants who come to America in the early 1900’s and the book ends in the 1960’s. Following the struggles and joys and all the history of this time period in one family was fascinating. So well written, want to read more from this author.
I read the book years ago and was happy to see a Kindle edition available. What the heck? Dumb editing mistakes all through the book. One I recall offhand is any time the word "bother" would have been appropriate, "brother" was there instead. Like, "I hate to brother you". Amateurish.

Also, as an error by the author, is that the building the partners first rehabbed and sold is somehow magically still in their ownership later after the Crash. In a book with otherwise careful attention to detail, it stands out.
Gold as Heart
"Evergreen" is an epic novel about Jewish immigrants to the U.S. at the turn of the 20th Century and beyond. Anna and Joseph go from extreme poverty, to comfort and wealth ... because of Joseph's perseverance and work ethic. The underlying plot line is her love for Paul, a wealthy young man who didn't have the courage to marry Anna instead of someone of his "class". Paul appears throughout the novel and is the key in the life of Anna's daughter. Loyalty, faithfulness, ethnicity and family are "painted" beautifully in this story.
I have always enjoyed Belva Plain's writing and this book is no exception. It is so well written and pulls the reader in right from the start. It mainly revolves around one of the 3 sisters and follows her life from childhood on. Ups and downs, twists and turns. It is a book that I could not put down. If you love reading Belva Plain - you will enjoy this book for sure.
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