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eBook Seize The Night (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) epub

by Dean R. Koontz

eBook Seize The Night (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) epub
  • ISBN: 0613223594
  • Author: Dean R. Koontz
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Turtleback Books (December 1, 1999)
  • ePUB size: 1672 kb
  • FB2 size 1214 kb
  • Formats mobi lrf azw mbr

Library Binding: 544 pages.

Library Binding: 544 pages.

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Book Description Turtleback, 1996. School & Library Binding. Seller Inventory SONG0808598597.

Part of Moonlight Bay series by Dean Koontz. This night, neither water nor anything else moved along the moonlit channel. Not enough of a breeze slipped off the Pacific even to stir a dust ghost from the silt. I checked the radiant dial of my wristwatch. Worried that every minute might be Jimmy Wing’s last-if, indeed, he was still alive-I nudged Orson: What is it? He didn’t acknowledge my question. Instead, he pricked his ears, sniffed the becalmed night almost daintily, and seemed to be transfixed by emanations of one kind or another from some quarry farther up the arid river. As usual, I was uncannily attuned to Orson’s mood.

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Christopher Snow investigates the disappearances of the children of Moonlight Bay.
Comments: (7)
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters from Fear Nothing continue in this book with some good additions. I was glad to see that Mungojerrie, the cat from Fear Nothing has a larger role in this book. However, I have a warning for those about to read this book. This series was intended to be a trilogy and when I reached the end of Seize the Night it was obvious that there was more to come. Trouble is, this was published 18 years ago and Mr. Koontz has not seen fit to write the third book and conclude this series. I was left with the feeling you get when you are caught up in a television series and it is cancelled in the middle of a season. No doubt Odd Thomas is more profitable but it would be decent of Mr. Koontz to finish this "trilogy" or perhaps publish a revised edition of Seize the Night that doesn't introduce new questions in the final pages.
The premise behind the plot is a very good one. Mr. Koontz's very good writing style is very much evident. The setting for the story, in an old abandoned military installation, is very good, as well. Some of the descriptions happening at the old base are very good.

There is where it just falls off. The novel has a tendency to drag on and on ad infinitum. I don't know why it takes an entire page or pages of text to describe a miniscule space in time. The book becomes far too descriptive and I found myself skimming through many parts of it. There, at times, seem to be endless pages of dialogue between important events in the plot. Skimming can be troublesome since the cast grows to quite a large number of secondary characters.

The book became wearisome, I didn't much care what happened in the end. Don't look for a great, or even a very good ending. The ending shows promise of interest. The last few pages fall flat.

I found this barely more passable than its predecessor. If a third installment is sneaked in somehow, I'll surely take a pass.
It has been quite some time since I've read Koontz novels, so perhaps he rights this way all the time, but I found the florid prose a bit much. I also didn't care for the one- or two-sentence paragraphs, even when the sentences were very, very long. I also struggle with the pedantic structure to avoid ending sentences with prepositions, which I can't say enough is perfectly acceptable to do. There is a construct called a verbal phrase and examples are "put up with," "talk to," "come from," and the like. I absolutely hate it when writers think they're being grammatical by using "from which," "to which," and so on.

Be that as it may, I did enjoy the first book in this series. I like the characters and the storyline is compelling enough, but the second novel just went on and on and on with the plot. Is the whole book really about saving a kid and a dog? Yes, it is. If Koontz writes more in this series, I will likely pass.
2nd part of Fear Nothing. Becoming involved with the first book, this second part brings all of it together for a resolution. Enjoyed being part of the characters lives, living alongside the challenges and finding out what is really going on here. A fantastic trip into what intelligence enhancement would bring into the world of nonhuman creatures. Just love Orson, the dog. The characters are odd but lovable, strong in character, fighting for truth and humanity.
Brick my own
I loved this the Snow series, or i once thought it was to be a trilogy. This is at least the second time i have read the books with Christopher Snow. The first time this book was in hardback and my memory, as foggy asit it is theses days i remeber reading the jacket an there in was a promise of a thrid in theseries and i have waited and it never came. This book left tommany loos ends and the 3rd book could have tied them up. Mr. Snow where are you?
Sadaron above the Gods
I read the first book in this series and of course wanted to read the next one. I'm so glad I did. Though at times it was sort of depressing I kept reading. All I can say now is, what a fabulous writer! I anticipate the next one.
language, his sense of humor in his writing, his turn of phrase. I am not surprised that he is one it the most popular writers in his genre. I "discovered" his books years ago with The Watchers, which is still my favorite. I noted the reference to that book in Book 2 of Seize The night. Mr. Koontz, you have MY permission to continue with more books in this series. I am sure many others feel the same. Also, as a dog-lover, I appreciate your using dogs in so many of your novels. I have a little sweetie now who is half sheltie and half border collie. She is black and white like her border collie Mom, but has the Sheltie-Daddy's face and long, heavy fur coat.She is not only good looking, but smart as a whip as well.
Dean does it again. The book seized my attention immediately. Being the second book, it cleared up some questions that were left from book one. I read it even chance I get, it's a mind game and novel warped into a book. I can't wait to read the final of this series!
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