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eBook The Knight Templar (Crusades Trilogy) epub

by Anna Paterson,Jan Guillou

eBook The Knight Templar (Crusades Trilogy) epub
  • ISBN: 0752846485
  • Author: Anna Paterson,Jan Guillou
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Orion (December 5, 2002)
  • Pages: 320 pages
  • ePUB size: 1408 kb
  • FB2 size 1163 kb
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The Crusades trilogy is a series of novels about the fictional character of Arn Magnusson. The series is written by Swedish author and journalist Jan Guillou.

The Crusades trilogy is a series of novels about the fictional character of Arn Magnusson. After finishing the Coq Rouge series, Guillou wrote a trilogy about Arn Magnusson, a 12th century Folkung who was forced to become a Knight Templar.

A knight in the Holy Land. A woman in the frozen north

A knight in the Holy Land. A woman in the frozen north.

The Crusades Trilogy by. Jan Guillou, Anna Paterson (Translator). Having watched a number of films about Guillou's Hamilton, I found that this trilogy were the only books by him in my local library system. The setting is for the most part quite accurate historically overall, with Arn being inserted into the main historical actions in a clever way. One clever idea was to place Arn's last day of his required penance on July 4, 1187, the date at which the Templars suffered their disastrous defeat by Saladin at Hattin, thus requiring him to participate.

Swedish author Jan Guillou follows up the highly acclaimed The Road to Jerusalem with the second book in his Knights Templar trilogy. The Knight Templar follows Arn's adventures in the Holy Land.

The Knight Templar book . Guillou's discussions and interaction between Arn, the Knight Templar, and Saladin offer interesting insight into the struggle between Islam and Christianity that continues today. Nov 24, 2018 Ash Gawain rated it it was amazing. Quite an enjoyable book, Follow Swedish Crusader Arn Magnusson from the battle of Montgisard (1177) to the battle of Hattin (1187), that very battle where Guy de Lusignan was captured and Renault de Chatillon executed by Saladin.

The second volume of the crusades trilogy from bestelling Swedish author Jan Guillou. THE KNIGHT TEMPLAR follows Arn's adventures in the Holy Land, where he discovers that the infidel Saracens aren't as brutish and uncivilised as he had been led to believe, and that in fact there is another, darker side to the teaching of the Cistercians.

10. The knight templar. Guillou, Ian ; Paterson, Anna (translator): Published by London : Orion (2002). ISBN 10: 0752846507 ISBN 13: 9780752846507.

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Comments: (7)
Jan Guillou is a story-teller! He writes mainly from the Templar Knights' perspective, particularly one, Arn. However, we are drawn into the person who is doing a 20-year penance for loving a girl. He was well-schooled from an early age in all aspects of the Catholic faith with Father Henri and Father Gilbert due to a vision of his mother which she believed was given her by the Virgin Mary. However, recognizing his unusual athleticism, the Arch-Bishop together with Father Henri begin his training in the martial arts by Father Gilbert, a former Templar Knight for ten years in the Outremer. We first meet Arn with his Sergeant in Book 2, The Templar Knight, thundering past three Saracen merchant traders being pursued by ten bandits to engage them in battle, and rid the region of this menace.

Surprisingly, the Moslem merchants do not flee, but wait to thank their Templar Knight savior. When he returns, they do thank him, he directs them to good camping with fresh spring water and *surprise* assures them they do not need to fear an attack by the Templars that night. "Why?", the merchants ask. "Because they had already achieved what they had been tasked to do, and did not the Prophet say, may he rest in peace, that night was a time for rest, sustenance and reflection; and not a time for waging war on your enemies.", replied the Templar Knight flawlessly in the blessed language (Arabic). The merchants immediately invite the Templars to the evening repast, and both parties bring their own dinner. Before the end of the evening, the senior merchant asked to talk alone with El Ghoati, Arn, who had recognized the merchant as Saladin. They spoke together late into the night, both men of honor and integrity in their personal character, and both strongly influenced by their separate faiths.

Are you honestly surprised that a man of one religion would be well-versed in another religion? Or, that two prominent names from the historical record from opposing sides on the battle field, would be respectful of each other, respectful of the adherents of a religion with whom they were at war with? They would meet again.

Jan Gaillou does a fantastic job as a masterful storyteller, fleshing out the bones and myth of history, presenting the good, the bad, and the truly ugly and unreasonable errors of the crusaders - mainly against themselves. He also fleshes out key figures leading the Islamic forces opposing the Kingdom of Jerusalem. He respectfully treats both faiths, and takes you behind the curtain of the crusaders and their decisions, and out into the full clash and heat of battle!

I strongly recommend reading this trilogy in the order I did: 2, 1, 3. If action draws you in, you will be glad you did! All three books could stand alone - each is so well written! Yet the stories are woven together so masterfully you may well fall asleep while reading them late at night because you cannot bear to put them down.
A good follow-up of the first book. Although the writer is very familiar with Scandinavian History, his knowledge of Catholic History is not as good, and some cultural bias comes through, although I believe he has tried not to allow it to show. A very interesting historical novel, I have enjoyed it except for the shortcoming I have already mentioned.
I have to re-reveiw (8/10/15) after finishing this book. The author's obvious bias to the Roman Catholic Religion has seeped out in places in both books of this trilogy, but his self loathing of Western Culture has blossomed to its fullest in this volume. His obvious love for Saladin shines forth in his minimizing of all the atrocities committed by this man. His recounting of the siege of Acre, and the subsequent slaughter of the hostages held by Richard I is so poorly written, so out of sync with the actual facts agreed to by both sides of the conflict, it would be laughable, if not so egregious.
Just another Western mea culpa for something which requires none in the first place. The liberal elite has made it just so fashionable to loathe one's own culture, that lies have no meaning to them. So sad.
Well written, well researched novel of one of the Crusades in the 12th century and the second volume of a trilogy about a culture which I knew little about--the first volume, The Road To Jerusalem, takes Arn, the protagonist, from birth to his forced induction into the Templar Knight order and his essential banishment to the Holy Land for 20 years. Arn's Medieval Scandinavian culture is not well known to me, but the writer plunges the reader into it until the reader is accustomed to the strangeness (for me). The Order of the Knights Templar and the medieval Catholic Church is also well explicated. I really wanted to know how the story unfolds, so I am into the final volume now and am not disappointed. Across the three books, Arn grows from an innocent monastery-reared boy to a hardened, seasoned, intelligent warrior with a broad knowledge base that the writer freely shares. Excellent read, if you are into historical fiction.
The Apotheoses of Lacspor
I really really enjoyed this series and hated to see it end. Historical fiction in the medieval or before time is my favorite books to read. I like when the author throws in a little factual info and then builds his own story and world. Arn was a very compelling character who I thoroughly enjoyed riding along through his life's ups and downs. The rest of the characters that littered through the years were developed enough for their role they played in Arn's life. I definitely recommend this book.. and the entire Trilogy. After you have read historical fiction for a long time, it's hard to find a book that does not bore you to death. Definitely recommend this to those that are interested in this era of history.
This book is part of a trilogy and I would highly recommend reading them in order. The books build on each other and each one is well worth reading. The story is moving, informative and sheds light on the early history of the Scandinavian countries. All characters are extremely well developed and remain interesting throughout the trilogy. The writing itself is of the highest quality. Also, a greater understanding of the Knights Templar and the role they played in the Holy Land and their interaction with Saladin is gained. In summary: if you like history, a love story and are interested in gaining a greater understanding of the early formation of the Northern countries and the crusades, these books are a must-read.
I like historical fiction, and I wanted to read something about the time of the crusades. I've read all three of the books, and they are very well written and riviting, like it's hard to put the books down. There are many historical figures sprinkled in with the fictional characters, and the books provide insights that I've never had relative to the time period. I've learned a lot about the Templar Knights and the politics of the time in Europe as well as the middle east. Highly recommended.
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