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by Robert Wayne Walker

eBook Aftershock epub
  • ISBN: 0312909063
  • Author: Robert Wayne Walker
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press (November 1987)
  • ePUB size: 1312 kb
  • FB2 size 1975 kb
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or for you. (This 80,000 word novel was originally published in paperback. It also includes an excerpt of Abaddon by Robert W. Walker, and Origin by . Robert W. Walker is the author of more than forty thriller and horror novels, including 11 books in the acclaimed INSTINCT series featuring FBI medical examiner Jessica Coran.

Robert W. Walker is also known for his work under the pseudonyms of Geoffrey Caine (Abraham Stroud series), Glenn Hale, Evan Kingsbury and Stephen Robertson.

THE MUTANT - In a secret laboratory beneath .  . Nov 18, 2009 Palindrome Mordnilap rated it liked it.

THE MUTANTIn a secret laboratory beneath . I Love Rob Walker's Books. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 9 years ago. I grew up reading mysteries and thrillers. That's probably why I write them. One of the writers who influences my most was Robert W. Walker. These were taut, suspenseful crime novels that pulled no punches. But Rob had more than just those.

by Robert Wayne Walker. Published November 1987 by St. Martin's Press. There's no description for this book yet.

Robert John Walker (July 19, 1801 – November 11, 1869) was an American lawyer, economist and politician. An active member of the Democratic Party, he served as a member of the . Senate from Mississippi from 1835 until 1845, as Secretary of the Treasury from 1845 to 1849 during the administration of President James K. Polk, and briefly as Territorial Governor of Kansas in 1857.

Author: Robert W Walker. Tags: US publication: 1987. Detective: n/a. Genre: novel.

Used availability for Robert W Walker's Aftershock. Walker (Author, Publisher), Vesper Naiad (Narrator). Publisher: Robert W. au Release Date: 2 December 2014. Whispersync for Voice: Ready.

THE MUTANTIn a secret laboratory beneath L.A.'s streets, a group of top scientists worked on the ultimate biological weapon... daring to create what humans were never meant to know... THE MONSTERThen the earthquake hit. It's epicenter: downtown L.A., a city now filled with twisted steel and mangled flesh- and terror. Because from it's sterile laboratory, something unspeakable had been freed... THE PLAGUEDr. Mike McCain and lovely Dr. Casey Sterns worked feverishly to save the earthquake survivors mysteriously dying from a new, alien disease. But no disease could account for some of the corpses--mutilated, headless, horrible. And no medicine could stop the thing hiding in the rubble, watching, reaching out with bloodstained claws for the unsuspecting, the injured... or for you.(This 80,000 word novel was originally published in paperback. It also includes an excerpt of Abaddon by Robert W. Walker, and Origin by J.A. Konrath.)About the AuthorRobert W. Walker is the author of more than forty thriller and horror novels, including 11 books in the acclaimed INSTINCT series featuring FBI medical examiner Jessica Coran. Praise for Robert W. Walker"Masterful." -- Clive Cussler"Ingenious." -- San Francisco Examiner"Gruesome." -- The Sunday Oklahoman"Frightening." -- Midwest Book Review.""Bone-chilling." -- Publisher's Weekly"Perfect for Patricia Cornwell fans." -- Mystery Scene"Walker is a master at the top of his game." -- Jack Kilborn
Comments: (6)
This had a plot that reminded me of a Michael Crichton book I had read. It was an enjoyable read. However, I felt that the
romance angle was unbelievable.
It was a good book and a pretty easy read. I think maybe I had different expectations as to how it would play out. Would recommend it tho.
First the Disclaimer:
I am acquainted with the author through a couple of Kindle message groups we both post to, but I have no reason to give him either a good review or a bad review other then the quality of his writing. -Don

Now the review:
Robert W. Walker is one of a small group of established print authors who have decided that they can do a better job of marketing and distributing their e-books than the traditional print publishers can, and we as readers are better off for it. Not only is he self-publishing his new books, he is also going into his back-catalog of print books and is re-releasing them as e-books at a price much more appropriate for the media.

"Aftershock" is one of these and even though it is dated in some of the technology described (not a PC in sight, typewriters abound though), it does not affect the flow of the book (and really isn't noticeable unless you're a tech-head like me), which is a fast-moving horror novel. It would be hard for me to describe the antagonist that the fear and dread revolve around without giving a lot of it away. But suffice to say it is a rather unique combination of microbes and monsters whose origins and relation is slowly developed throughout the book. Mr. Walker is a master of revealing a little at a time as the plot develops instead of just dumping it on the reader all at once.

He does quite a decent job of characterization, especially for a genre where that talent is not particularly valued, but he keeps killing off the most interesting of them. That would be my one gripe, and it is a small one as that is the nature of the genre.

Possible Spoiler below:

I hope that he brings back the little creature (mentioned in the epilogue) that survived. A most interesting and unique creature that I hope is not done menacing mankind.
A stilted, poorly written book that really has no redeeming features that I can think of. Characters are wooden, the dialog is juvenile. Plotting is bizarre.

Examples? Two adult doctors, rivals upon meeting, are in bed, declaring undying love for one another 48 hours after their contentious introduction and enduring a major earthquake that has had them performing emergency medical services for that entire timespan. I would think that they would have other things on their minds.

A creature fully evolves from a human within that same 48 hour timespan and goes on a feeding frenzy. (Guess what it feeds on.)

Another point, that is probably not the author's doing. Scene and perspective changes are not delineated by a space break of any kind. On many occasions this leads to confusion as you suddenly shift from one character./location to another with any forwarning.

I've been trying to get a feel for what the self publishing/small press offerings were like on the Kindle. This is my second attempt to find an enjoyable read in that area and frankly I am giving up. There are too many good authors out there and the backlist is way too deep to waste time with slush pile rejects.
Good premise but not what I expected. In the end I thought...meh...not a bad price, though.
Beware. A couple of the reviews are by the author himself and his buddy.
A very poor book. Very unbelivable plot and not very good storytelling at all. If time is more important than money to you than do not bother with it.
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