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eBook X Marks the Scot (Bad Boys of the Highlands Series) epub

by Victoria Roberts

eBook X Marks the Scot (Bad Boys of the Highlands Series) epub
  • ISBN: 1402270097
  • Author: Victoria Roberts
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (February 5, 2013)
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Award-winning author Victoria Roberts writes Scottish historical romancesabout kilted heroes and warriors from the past.

X Marks the Scot is a wickedly good romance and I can't wait to read what Ms. Roberts has in store next for her Bad Boys of the Highlands. As a fan of historical Highlander novels this one was perfect. Award-winning author Victoria Roberts writes Scottish historical romancesabout kilted heroes and warriors from the past.

3 primary works, 3 total works. Shelve X Marks the Scot.

X Marks the Scot book. In Book two of Victoria Roberts Bad Boys of the Highlands Series we meet the every smexy Declan MacGregor sigh excuse me while I swoon just a bit. and the oh so unique Lady Liadain Campbell, a Campbell with a conscience ready to tup just about anything in a skirt.

Used availability for Victoria Roberts's X Marks the Scot. January 2013 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

X Marks the Scott, Victoria Roberts (Bad Boys of the Highlands, - Bookswagger. Victoria Roberts - X Marks theScot great trilogy from this historical romance author on my definte read list. An English Bride In Scotland (Highlanders, Romance: Free and Bargain Kindle Books (December. X Marks The Scot (bad Boys Of The Highlands Series). X Marks the Scot (Bad Boys of the Highlands Series) Victoria Roberts 140227402270093 X Marks the Scot (Bad Boys of the Highlands Series).

What people are saying about Victoria Roberts. Victoria is one of the top writers today to find adventure, romance and highlanders in one wonderful book. Victoria Roberts is an author to watch; her writing will keep you captivated and enthralled the whole way through. An author who manages to snag her reader from start to finish.

Victoria had me laughing, crying and even yelling at a few the events in the book. story was so evolving that it holds you spellbound through each turning page.

To Wed a Wicked Highlander. What do ye mean, ’tisnae your arrow?. A chill ran up Alex’s spine as he turned and escorted Sybella firmly by the elbow. Walk quickly back to your mount. Now. ghtened, his eyes darted around the trees, brush, anything that held even the slightest of movements. Ye are making me nervous. If that isnae your arrow, do ye think someone deliberately took aim for my head?. He increased his gait. I donna know and I will see ye safe before I find ou. .The lass almost had to run to keep up with him.

Bad Boys of the Highlands series: Temptation in a Kilt (Book 1) X Marks the Scot (Book 2) To Wed a Wicked Highlander (Book 3). What readers are saying about X Marks the Scot. The plot was intriguing, keeping me hooked all the way through. There are a few twists and turns that kept me at the edge of my seat. Never a dull moment, the story was excellent. And the ending was utter perfection.

"For a complex story brimming over with pride and passion, betrayal, trust, and most of all the power to make a bad boy a hero, pick up this read." - RT Book Reviews 2013 Reviewers Choice Award WinnerHe was a Highland Rogue Wicked with a Bow and Just as Wicked with the Ladies. Declan MacGregor hadn't a care in the world beyond finding a soft bed and a willing woman...until he had to escort Lady Liadain Campbell to the English court. The woman needles him at every turn, but he can't just abandon her to that vipers' nest without protection. She Never Asked for a Bodyguard...
Comments: (7)
I just finished reading "X Marks the Scot" by Victoria Roberts.
I really enjoyed Ms. Roberts's first book "Temptation in a kilt" of her Bad Boys of the
Highlands and was not disappointed with this one either.
I loved her characters Declan MacGregor, a Rogue and Liadain Campbell, a Healer.
His two passions in life are womens and drinking. He feels misunderstood by all.
As for her, she leads quiet life as a healer for her people, but she is also a sharp tongue woman.
Ciaran, Declan's brother, gives him the mission to protect Liadain. Declan meet her again during a bow challenge with some of his friends and begins to be puzzled with her. Because of her brother's wrong going, she is stuck at court as a ward and feel she does not belong there. Her true mission is to heal people.During a bow challenge, Declan wins the tournment and gains the Campbell's castle and the King order him to marry Laidain. Both are not thrilled with this decision but decide to make the better of this arrangment. But under a Rogue mask, Declan is a very kind and passionnate man who loves dearly Laidan. To know more details, please read the book. You should read Ms. Roberts's first book to fully understand the dynamic of the MacGregor family. If you love a marvelous Scottish adventure, then this book is for you. Very well written by this new author! If you are a fan of Highlanders and Warriors you will live a great adventure and will not be disappointed! I will definitely be reading more books by Ms. Roberts.I devoured this book! I highly recommend this Scottish romance! I can't wait to read her third book "To Wed a Wicked Highlander"
Liadain, as the sister of a clan leader who was killed for treason, is at court waiting for the king to decide her fate. As a healer she is always quick to help others but rumors of witchcraft begin to place her life in danger.

Declan is a rascal and a lady’s man. He escorted Liadain to court and now feels responsible to remain and watch over her until a decision is made regarding her future. She is lovely but her independent nature and resistance to his obvious charms has him rankled.

While passing time, Declan is approached by several other men to participate in friendly games, particularly archery where his skills lie. The men talk and pose questions that could raise issues of treason. Declan dances a fine line away from the political and religious pitfalls that surround the court.

Liadain’s first love, who abandoned her without a word, suddenly appears at court with a very pregnant wife. Liadain is stricken to see Robert but can’t turn away when his lady wife needs assistance. The King throws a celebration to honor Robert. An archery contest, with a fine purse prize, is part of the festivities. But Robert convinces the King to add a greater prize for the winner – the forfeited lands of Liadain’s brother.

A twist of fate, through more whispered hints, result in forcing Declan and Liadain to wed. Neither is pleased to be hastily pushed into marriage and anger, resentment, frustration and misunderstandings mar their mutual attraction. Liadain particular despairs of winning Declan’s heart.

When the King is nearly assassinated by a long distance arrow, Declan is the prime suspect. How can Liadain save the man she has come to love when the traitors are using Declan as a pawn?

There is fun banter between Liadain and Declan but I had some difficulty with Declan’s character which is mercurial as he runs from playful and tender to angry and outright cruel. There are, somewhat usual, conflicts associated with insecure emotions from a forced marriage. The romance is written nicely with good tension. I enjoyed the intrigue in the traitors’ plots that adds some substance beyond the romance. The story is enjoyable but I just didn’t find it special. Still, if you enjoy Highlander stories I think you would enjoy this.
I received the title from Sourcebooks for an honest review.
I have read two of her books, her first one , "Temptation in a Kilt", and this second one, "X Marks the Scot". I enjoyed both of these books a lot and would recommend them to any reader of historical romance novels. The plot in the "X" story was very interesting and kept me enthralled. The characters were all well defined and kept entertained and I found myself chuckling throughout the book, laughing at the antics of her very descriptive escapades. I personally think her second book is better than her first, even though I thought her first book was good. For a fairly new author with only three books to her credit, (as far as I know), she writes very well. The only real problem I had with both these books was not enough intimacy, especially in the first book. So I am very curious about her third and last book, "To Wed a Wicked Highlander", hoping it has improved even more than her second did from the first book. Stay tuned for further reviews! Happy reading!
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