eBook Mandibles epub

by Jeff Strand

eBook Mandibles epub
  • ISBN: 1594260060
  • Author: Jeff Strand
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Mundania Press LLC; Trade Pbk ed. edition (June 30, 2003)
  • Pages: 212 pages
  • ePUB size: 1450 kb
  • FB2 size 1277 kb
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Mandibles is a creature feature by Jeff Strand about large fire ants overrunning Tampa. Strand easily delivers on a story that is gaggingly hilarious with such flair that I was disappointed the book ended. That's pretty much it. It follows the lives of office works, people in a dentist office, a couple stickup men, and an entomologist during the rampage of the ants.

Author Jeff Strand has a sharp wit and knows how to pace a story. His wicked humor had me chuckling out loud several times as the book’s characters think of creative ways to outwit the giant ants.

But these ants are far from normal. Author Jeff Strand has a sharp wit and knows how to pace a story. Not that it’s all joking around here; there’s plenty of unsettling violence, blood, and bug guts to leave you cringing and creeping out. -Page Horrific.

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Jeff Strand (born December 14, 1970) is an American writer, best known for his works of horror-comedy. He has written novels, short stories, screenplays and comedy sketches.

Jeff Strand (born December 14, 1970) is an American writer, best known for his works of horror-comedy. In addition to his adult-oriented horror works, Strand also writes young adult fiction. He has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award four times.

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Mandibles is a 206-page creature feature horror novel by Jeff Strand. I’m beginning to think I haven’t read nearly enough Jeff Strand. This is the third book I’ve read by him (‘Haunted Forest Tour’, ‘The Sick House’ being the others), and every time he manages to make me laugh in pure delight at whatever he’s throwing at me. I think if there is a single writer whose books can define ‘B-movie cheese’, it’s him.

Horror, thrills, and chills abound when plus-size ants take over a small town in this 2002 Dream Realm Award Finalist for Best Horror novel.
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I'm guessing Jeff Strand is a huge fan of B-movies like THEM! Similar in frenetic pacing to Strand's WOLF HUNT, this one gets right into the ant vs. man carnage. Because so many different characters are introduced in the beginning I found it a bit harder to connect to anybody until additional scenes from characters already seen started happening. If you can stay with it, things become more cohesive.

Dustin, the entomologist, appears to be the primary protagonist, but he shares a lot of time with a couple other characters. Dustin is known as "the ant expert" by my two favorite criminal characters, Hack and Slash. Hack and Slash are pure Jeff Strand mad scientist creations. Few authors compare in the ability to make unlikable characters like these two miscreants (somewhat) likable, or at least enjoyable as a guilty pleasure. In many of Strand's books, you'll find curious characters like these who are on the wrong side of the law and the author makes you want to follow their misadventures.

The body count is high in this one and there are more than a few surprise twists. The humor is a little toned down in favor of some scenes that literally crawl. People you think will live die and people you think will die live, which is another credit to the excellent story telling. I didn't love this like some other Strand books (PRESSURE, DWELLER, WOLF HUNT, THE SINISTER MR. CORPSE), but it's a very strong four star read and recommended for those in the mood for a good killer insect read.
I stumbled across Jeff Strand when Amazon recommended the Sinister Mr. Corpse to me. It was a great, rip-roaring read. I enjoyed it so much that I ordered another one of Mr. Strand's book. And since I always had a thing for giant-insect-horror, Mandibles seemed like a great fit.

Like all giant bug plots, this one is quite simple. Giant Fire Ants attack Florida. They range in size from three inches to couch size, and they are, of course, deadly. The novel does a great job with the horror aspect of this plot line. There are several very horrifying scenes. But although Mandibles was much bigger in the horror department, the humor that I enjoyed so much in SMC was far less. In SMC I was laughing outloud every other page, in Mandibles I would go stretches before chuckling. Also there a couple of staples that Mr. Strand falls back on (man in the street snippets, section breaks for one-liners from another character's POV, etc.) that are slightly less charming the second time around. Combine that with a not so skillful attempt to juggle multiple plot lines that converge into a single finale and well...eh.

Ultimately, where his other books seem to be Comedy's with Dark/Horror plots, Mandible comes off as a strange hybrid coupling of a Horror book with Comedic Plots. I love Jeff Strand and will read more of his books, I just think Mandible misses the target too many times to be anything but 3 stars.
If this were a 1950s b-movie, it would probably be titled “Attack of the Killer Ants” which pretty much describes the story of giant mutated fire ants eating people and terrorizing a city.
This is a fast paced, plot driven, horror novel featuring zany characters and descriptive scenes of carnage all written with a touch of humor. The author has a macabre sense of humor.
I can't resist a good monster tale and I recommend to anyone who enjoys stories featuring creatures, and there are creatures other than ants in this one, running amok.
I took off a star mainly because the first third of the book was a bit disjointed and ran like a misfiring roadster. It was a bit disconcerting to say the least to be following several story lines only to find out that one of them, for no apparent reason, took place 8 years before the other action in the book. The prologue, although amusing, really didn't relate to the story. It was like a really good movie that suffered from bad editing. It leveled off after that and was smooth and fast to the conclusion, although I could have used a bit more back-story as to how and why anyone wanted to create a large breed of vicious ants in the first place. As with the other books by Strand that I have read, the writing is smooth, the dialogue witty, and the story was compelling--exciting even. I will also say that as soon as I finished this I bought two more Jeff Strand books on Kindle. He is one of those authors that I will read absolutely everything he writes.
Mandibles is a non stop, no holds barred thrill ride that is guaranteed to simultaneously make you squirm, laugh, and gag! From the very beginning all the way until the end, action picks up, gaining speed, the gore and gross out factor just keeps going, the laughs roll in, and you simply can't put the book down! This is the epitome of B-movie greatness in literary form. I always have a great time with Jeff Strand, and highly recommend this one!
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