eBook LIFE MASK epub

by Emma Donoghue

eBook LIFE MASK epub
  • ISBN: 0156032643
  • Author: Emma Donoghue
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harcourt; 1st edition (September 5, 2005)
  • Pages: 650 pages
  • ePUB size: 1994 kb
  • FB2 size 1873 kb
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Life mask/Emma Donoghue. p. cm. 1. Derby, Edward Smith Stanley, Earl of, 1752–1834-Fiction. Life Mask is dedicated with gratitude. to my three best teachers. of writing and theatre

Life mask/Emma Donoghue. 2. London (England)-. History-18th century-Fiction. 3. Damer, Anne Seymour, 1748–1828-Fiction. 4. Triangles (Interpersonal relations)-Fiction. of writing and theatre: Arthur Alexander, Joan Winston, and Betty Ann Norton. How tired I am of keeping. a mask on my countenance. How tight it sticks-it makes me sore.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The bestselling author of Slammerkin turns her attention to the Beau Monde of late eighteenth-century England.

Emma Donoghue, celebrated author of Slammerskin, vividly animates hidden scraps of the past in this remarkable collection. An engraving of a woman giving birth to rabbits, a plague ballad, theological pamphlets, and an articulated skeleton are ingeniously. Patience & Sarah. A year has passed since the closing of Finbar's Hotel, a down-on-its-heels hotel on the Dublin quay.

Tool MarksMarks left on a surface by the sculptor's tools, often best preserved in hidden areas. THERE is a curious aspect of the British character, not often remarked on, viz. a positive fascination. If the Emperor of China were to change magically into a Woman, or if the Russian serfs were to take to walking backwards, it would merit only a paragraph in a London newspaper. But when it comes to matters Gallic, no investigation is sufficiently exhaustive, no report long enough, to please the English. In the days of the Ancien Régime, when the French lived.

Life Mask (New York: Harcourt; London: Virago, 2004), my fourth novel, is about a love triangle in 1790s London, among the elite who moved through the overlapping worlds of art, politics, sport and theatre. It tells the tangled true story of three people who lived in the harsh glare of publicity: the Honourable Mrs Anne Damer (a widowed sculptor with a Sapphic reputation), the Earl of Derby (a fabulously wealthy politician who founded the Derby horserace), and Eliza Farren (the leading comedy actress on the British stage).

Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 12 years ago. Emma Donaoghue takes her time developing the delicious characters in her book which minces along for 190 pages before she opens the door to the intricacies of these people even a crack.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 5 сент. Oh, I love Emma Donoghue! This is historical fiction of the best kind - actually based very closely on fact, using an impressive treasure trove of journals, letters, and biographies to flesh out. The bestselling author of Slammerkin vividly brings to life the Beau Monde of late eighteenth-century England, turning the private drama of three celebrated Londoners into a robust, full-bodied portrait of a world on the brink of revolution.

Life Mask - Emma Donoghue. I thought perhaps you'd had each of us shown into a different room. So as to engorge our lines before the rehearsal. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted. Oh, we're only your hosts, we'll leave everything to your manager,' said Richmond. It'll be the first time we've ever had an actress in the house,' said Lady Mary with a sidelong smile, 'but really, as I was telling Mother the other day, Miss Farren and Mrs Siddons are the two exceptions to the rule.

Eliza makes her marriage to Derby and achieves her desired worldy success but the book hints at the possibility of other desires unsatisfied

Eliza makes her marriage to Derby and achieves her desired worldy success but the book hints at the possibility of other desires unsatisfied. Her characters are dimensional, based on historical fact but with the fiction writer's license to create where creation is called for.

The bestselling author of Slammerkin vividly brings to life the Beau Monde of late eighteenth-century England, turning the private drama of three celebrated Londoners into a robust, full-bodied portrait of a world on the brink of revolution. In a time of looming war, of glittering spectacle and financial disasters, the wealthy liberals of the Whig Party work to topple a tyrannical prime minister and a lunatic king. Marriages and friendships stretch or break; political liaisons prove as dangerous as erotic ones; and everyone wears a mask. Will Eliza Farren, England's leading comedic actress, gain entry to that elite circle that calls itself the World? Can Lord Derby, the inventor of the horse race that bears his name, endure public mockery of his long, unconsummated courtship of the actress? Will Anne Damer, a sculptor and rumored Sapphist, be the cause of Eliza's fall from grace? This is a remakable novel in the tradition of the very best historical fiction.
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"Life Mask" is a long, leisurely novel that charts the personal and romantic maneuverings of three prominent characters against the political backdrop of late 18th century England. It chronicles the intersecting lives of the widowed sculptor Anne Damer, who is hounded by rumors that she is a Sapphist (lesbian); the lovesick Lord Derby who pursues with persistence a woman not his wife; and Eliza Farren, a popular comedic actress determined to improve her social position. While charting these characters' struggles for self-fulfillment, the author highlights interesting issues of the time: the growth of liberalism in the wake of the American and French Revolutions; the vibrant, raucous theatrical world (playwright Richard Sheridan is a major character); the vicious scandalmongering of the emerging press; and the search for love and security in a society that restricts women's choices.

I can see how the book's length and the details of political rivalries in Georgian England might put off some American readers. Despite those challenges, I enjoyed the details and slow development of the story. Emma Donoghue inhabits her characters' hearts and minds the way few other novelists do. I got to like the main players in their long journeys to self-discovery, and I was impressed by the author's command of historical detail and social manners. She captured romantic longing and repulsion, friendship, duty, betrayal, family ties and inheritance, artistic endeavor (sculpting and acting) and social conventions in all their complexity. The depiction of Anne Damer slowly coming to an understanding of her sexual nature against all odds was particularly thoughtful. I recommend "Life Mask" for patient readers who enjoy historical and romantic fiction.
Having been swept away by Emma Donoghue's riveting "ROOM", I wanted to explore this writer's other works. I was not disappointed.

The story takes place in late 18th century England, and the novel's characters are all real individuals in London society at that time. At the center of the novel is the story of a famed and very beautiful actress in London then, Eliza Farren, and her contemporary, the famed sculptress Anne Damer, as well as Miss Farren's suitor, the Earl of Derby. Other characters that play important roles are politicians of the time, all historically accurate in this novel, as well as royalty. Eliza Farren's gorgeous portrait by Thomas Lawrence, also a vivid character in this novel, hangs in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The portrait and the stir it caused in London at the time are brought to life in this novel, one the many historical details in this novel.

But do not think this is a dry history lesson. There are a number of romantic plot lines, not only berween Eliza Farren and the Earl of Derby, but between Anne Damer and other women. These also are historically accurate. Themes explored in this novel include theater life at that time, the political upheaval of the period, and the secrecy and suppression of lesbian (and by extension all same-sex) feelings and relationships, a serious crime then, and a cause for social outcasting. The novel is rich in details of daily life in London, and so historically accurate that one is left with a strong sense of what went on in England at the time.

Strongly recommended.

N.B.: It is best to bookmark the list of dramatis personae at the end of the book, because of the numerous characters and their political roles. The Kindle editon had many typos thoroughout, such as "Damer" appearing as "Darner" in several places, quite confusing at first.
After hearing how wonderful this book was, I was very excited to read it. Sadly, it was not all that I had heard and hoped. I love lesbian fiction. I also love historical fiction. I have read and enjoyed all of Sarah Waters's novels. This book I have to say though, was not that great. There is a great deal of historical research here, but at times the intricate political intrigues are explained in detail at the expense of the story. We have to be introduced to a large circle of nobility to support this, and must remember both names and titles, which are used interchangeably - along with nicknames for some characters (three names apiece!). I found the endless political discussion and plotting to be tiresome after a while, and trying to keep up with all the characters was confusing for me. This would have been fine however, if the story and characters had been compelling enough. The main characters are well-drawn and do stay with you, but the romance, which is what I thought the story was about, doesn't occur AT ALL until like the last 20% of the book, and feels tacked-on. It almost felt as if the book was supposed to be longer and the stories had to be wrapped up suddenly. The only other thing I can think is that the publisher specified a page length for the book and that Ms. Donoghue could not bear to part with any of the no-doubt exhaustively researched political intrigue to give a little more space to the romance. Maybe the book should be marketed more as a novel of political intrigue than as a romance. Or maybe there are tons of history-starved lesbians out there wanting this type of book. Or maybe someone of a more intellectual bent would enjoy it more, although I have to say that I usually don't have a problem following a book. I guess you'll decide for yourself.
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