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eBook The Miracle of the Bells epub

by Russell Janney

eBook The Miracle of the Bells epub
  • ISBN: 9997502205
  • Author: Russell Janney
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literary
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Prentice-Hall (June 1946)
  • ePUB size: 1374 kb
  • FB2 size 1831 kb
  • Formats mbr azw lit docx

Directed by Irving Pichel, with a script by Quentin Reynolds and Ben Hecht.

Directed by Irving Pichel, with a script by Quentin Reynolds and Ben Hecht. The film is based on a novel by Russell Janney.

Russell Janney’s debut novel tells the story of Bill Dunnigan, the greatest press agent in America, who brings . The first part of the book is a flashback to the love story of the press agent and the actress, which was ideal, rather uncomplicated, and completely unconsummated.

Russell Janney’s debut novel tells the story of Bill Dunnigan, the greatest press agent in America, who brings the body of Olga Treskovna, the purest female and best actress of America, to Coaltown, the worst mining town in the country, for burial. However, with Olga’s death, there begins an exhibition of power by the press agent-and this becomes the real substance of the book.

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RUSSELL JANNEY (1884-1963) was a theatrical producer and author. He is best known for his 1946 best-selling book and first novel, The Miracle of the Bells, which was made into a film of the same name in 1948, starring Fred MacMurray, Alida Valli and Frank Sinatra. He also produced and co-authored the 1925 musical The Vagabond King, working with Brian Hooker and composer Rudolf Friml, and numerous other plays, including Marjolaine (1922), White Eagle (1927), June Love, Ballyhoo (1927), and an adaption of The O’Flynn (1934).

Later, the author of the book appeared to face the critics. John K. M. McCaffery was the moderator from 1948 to 1951. Faye Emerson had a brief stint as moderator in 1952, during which the show was moved to prime time. The DuMont episodes of the show were produced by Phyllis Adams Jenkins, a pioneer in providing serious programming intended for daytime television audiences. She went on to produce other shows, including What's the Problem?, the daytime show Home starring Arlene Francis in the 1950s, and Dinah Shore's daytime show in the 1960s.

The Miracle of the Bells.

Janney, Russell, 1884-; Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress) DL. Books for People with Print Disabilities.

Janney, Russell, 1884-; Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress) DLC. Publication date. Internet Archive Books.

Russell Janney’s debut novel tells the story of Bill Dunnigan, the greatest press agent in America, who brings the body of Olga Treskovna, the purest female and best actress of America, to Coaltown, the worst mining town i. . Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Russell Janney’s debut novel tells the story of Bill Dunnigan, the greatest press agent in America, who brings the body of Olga Treskovna, the purest female and best actress of America, to Coaltown, the worst mining town in the country, for burial.

Miracle of the Bells. The Miracle of the Bells. New York: Prentice-Hall, 1946. Handsomely bound by bayntun. Octavo, contemporary full black calf, raised bands, elaborately gilt-decorated spine, red and green morocco spine labels, marbled endpapers, all edges gilt.

From Chapter 1: A tall figure of a man stepped down from the last day coach a the end of the express train from the West. He carried a heavy, much-traveled suitcase. He looked about as if the surroundings were not familiar, then proceeded along the lengthy platform toward the front end of the train. He passed several more day coaches, three Pullmans, and arrived at the two baggage cares, from the open doors of which some trunks were being unloaded as well as numerous sacks of mail. As he reached this point a long box was pushed from one of the cars onto a waiting hand truck. It was mid-afternoon in late August. The tall man put down his suitcase and gazed about impatiently. The railway station (its name was on a sign across the end of the platform's half-roof) wa that of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The long box obviously contained a coffin.
Comments: (7)
Read this because it was listed as the most popular novel the year I was born. The writing style and lingo thus hearken back to the late 1940's. That in itself made the book fun to read.
The plot is part redemption, part spiritual awakening. After a while, the twists do get very predictable although the details are still enjoyable to uncover. The overall result is believable but just barely.
Still, I found the book enjoyable although I was surprised when I reached midway that I was only midway.
The proofing was less than stellar. The Kindle edition looks like it was scanned via an OCR process and many of the word glitches endemic to such scans are retained. Like "well" instead of "we'll" and some broken words obviously out of place. I am guessing this is a low volume seller that didn't merit the extra human proofing cost.
Brick my own
The first time I read this book was about 40 years ago, now. I adore the message under the message that this book is trying to tell. Out of one single man's actions, undertaken for the sake of the pure agape love of a girl who he loved in life, hundreds of lives are made much, much better. I think it worth noting (which I found out just a few months ago), that the book is a tribute to the author's wife, who is a roughly parallel character, and has/had many of the same life events in her life. I know that they made a movie, ROUGHLY based on this same book, but the book is Much, MUCH better, but even if I don't "get" all the references to various characters , the storyline keeps it's strength, and I, reading the book for the however-manyith time, regain enough energy to keep on keeping on.
I just finished The Miracle of The Bells and found it to be the perfect antidote for today's fractured world we live in. It's a book in which Truth lives; in which people work together regardless of background, wealth (or lack of it), different beliefs. It's a book in which sincerity and kindness are important. the hero of the story, one Bill Dunnigan, learns what is really valuable and that will challenge his long held beliefs. The truth is that I feel hopeful after reading the book - and isn't that what a good story should do? Make one feel, think, and challenge preconceived notions? Yes, you might know how the book might end when you first start it, but what you don't know is how it gets there. Kindness is important in our world.

Please, take the time and read The Miracle of The Bells - it's as relevant today as it was when it was written.
This book contains the most amazing wisdom I've ever read. Once you get past the 1940's stereotypes, you'll realize Russell Janney wrote a beautiful novel for all races, religions and ethnic groups.
This novel offers love and hope to humanity.
Chapter 70 is incredible. The dialogue between Bill Dunnigan and the 80-year old gravedigger is truly inspirational. This elderly character converses with the press agent about the real meaning life and death---and the importance of not wasting your allotted time here on earth.
Even if you've read hundreds of metaphysical books, none are as meaningful as the wisdom you'll discover in this novel.
There's magic on every page.....a spiritual adventure.
I'm thrilled to learn it's now available on Kindle.
I chose this book because it was the best seller in 1947, the year I was born. I was mesmerized by the progression of the book with each added and colorful character. The inspiration i felt by the main character, Mr. Dunnigan, grew as he influenced person after person to change, grow and influence others for good. I was sad to come to the last page of the book!
I was curious about this book which had been popular the year I was born. The prose and dialog are dated, which is not unexpected in a book written 70 years ago. The story had many instances in which the reader is required to suspend disbelief in order to continue. The second half of the book seemed to go more slowly than the first. Overall an enjoyable read and my curiosity is sated.
I first read this book when I was about 12, & have periodically read it ever since, especially when I need some positivity, or a lift. It involves a theme of how lives touch each other- how positive things can ripple to make more positive things...this book makes me aware that this is not as dark a world as we may think- it is a book of hope. Never read one quite like it before....
I read this book when I was in the seventh grade--twice. And 50 years later, I still remember it.

I didn't know it had been made into a movie--starring Fred MacMurray, Alida Valli, and Frank Sinatra--which I caught on Amazon Prime two nights ago. After seeing the movie, I HAD to get a copy of the novel again and read it again.

I finished reading Moby Dick just last year, The Unbearable Lightness of Being before that, East of Eden a few months ago, and am currently enjoying Swann's Way, so it's extremely clear that The Miracle of the Bells is NOT great literature. But it is still a wonderful read--clever, humorous, warm . . . charitable . . . showing not only how petty, selfish, and cynical people undercut themselves but how they can be brought out of their pettiness, selfishness and cynicism.

My only complaint: the hardcover edition is printed on cheap paper. How cheap? The novel is almost 500 pages long, but when the book arrived in the mail, it felt lighter than a small paperback. The pages are somewhat fragile and all of them "tanned." I was disappointed because the copy was advertised as "Used--Very Good" and the price was over $25.00. Cheaper copies were .01, but I wanted to get a really nice copy as a kind of souvenir. I have a feeling that if I had purchased a much cheaper copy--in "Good" condition ($10.00 or less)--it would not have been in much better condition.
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