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eBook Second Honeymoon epub

by Joanna Trollope

eBook Second Honeymoon epub
  • ISBN: 0552773727
  • Author: Joanna Trollope
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Black Swan; Export / Airport e. edition (2007)
  • Pages: 384 pages
  • ePUB size: 1364 kb
  • FB2 size 1575 kb
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The twentieth stunning book from the lauded bestselling author, Joanna Trollope.

When Gillon comes back to her native Charleston, she has a young Englishman in tow. He has accompanied her on a lark, planning to take pictures. The twentieth stunning book from the lauded bestselling author, Joanna Trollope. An extremely assured writer, with a brilliant eye for detail and a finely tuned emotional intelligence" Sunday Times "She can be as subtle as Austen, as sharp as Bronte. Trollope's brilliant" Mail on Sunday. The day Stacey Grant loses her job feels like the last day of her life.

Second Honeymoon book. Now that her third and last child has left the nest, Edie Boyd's. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

There were single trainers on shelves, mugs and cereal bowls on the floor, scatterings of papers and books everywhere.

Chapter One. Edie put her hand out, took a breath and slowly, slowly pushed open his bedroom door. The room inside looked as if he had never left it. The bed was unmade, the curtains half drawn, the carpet almost invisible under trails of clothing. There were single trainers on shelves, mugs and cereal bowls on the floor, scatterings of papers and books everywhere.

The young man in the box office, who had clearly been surprised to find Ruth waiting when he opened up, said that there were better seats in the centre of the back, for the same price. She had put on a black. She had put on a black canvas bucket hat and sunglasses, and thought, glancing unhappily in the mirror as she left the flat, that she looked like a Japanese tourist. I’m sure they’re better, but the side is where I’d like to sit, please’. The young man sighed, and slid the ticket towards her.

After a twelve-year stint as a teacher she turned her hand to writing historical romantic novels, beginning with Eliza Stanhope, published in 1978 under the pseudonym Caroline Harvey.

Her new novel, Second Honeymoon, centres around another very familiar life crisis - she could as easily have called it "Empty Nest"

Her new novel, Second Honeymoon, centres around another very familiar life crisis - she could as easily have called it "Empty Nest". It opens with a distraught mother in the wreckage of her son's bedroom. Her youngest child has left home, and taken her whole identity with him.

Joanna Trollope CBE (/ˈtrɒləp/; born 9 December 1943) is an English writer. She has also written under the pseudonym of Caroline Harvey. Her novel Parson Harding's Daughter won in 1980 the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists' Association. Trollope was born on 9 December 1943 in her grandfather's rectory in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, England, daughter of Rosemary Hodson and Arthur George Cecil Trollope.

Second Honeymoon by Joanna Trollope, Joanna Trollope - contemporary looks at English life. David Barnett: Elizabeth II's reading habits are largely a mystery – what would you recommend as a diamond jubilee page-turner for Her Maj? Arts and entertainment news from Guardian US. Joanna Trollope - love all her books. Empty Nest And/or Wishful Thinking in Joanna Trollope's "Second Honeymoon". Joanna Trollope - love many of her books, contemporary looks at English life. Diamond jubilee reading?. the novelist Joanna Trollope (left) and the Queen. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA.

Comments: (7)
This book is about a woman whose youngest child has finally left home. Edie has defined herself as a mother for so long that she has no desire to be anything else. Her husband has his vision of how life will be now, and is eager for her to conform to his view.

Edie half-heartedly auditions for a role in a production of an Ibsen play, and (to her great surprise) gets the part. Just as she is rediscovering the actress in herself, who she had put in the backseat for many years, her children return home. As much as she's wished for this, the experience isn't what she expected.

Each child had their own story. I was particularly interested in Matthew, the oldest. In many ways, he is the opposite of the rest of his family-- neat where they are messy, organized where they are scattered, ambitious where they are laid back. He's got a successful girlfriend that is ready to move up in the world, and is going at a pace he can't keep up with. He's having a very hard time dealing with this.

Ben and Rosa are both much earlier in the process of finding out who they are and what they should be doing with themselves. Rosa is fairly newly out of an intense relationship that left her significantly in debt. Ben is moving in with his girlfriend, who isn't quite ready to leave her mother.

These characters and more are what made the book work. They had interesting stories. They were each flawed while still being sympathetic. I was interested in where they ended up, even while recognizing the mistakes they made in getting there.

To me, the book reflected the importance of control over ones own life. The characters making their own choices about how they were living had a much easier time coping than those at the mercy of circumstances.
A mother who longs to have her children come back to live with her is suddenly faced with three young adults who have only co back ho e under financial duress. This mother is suddenly faced with several unpalatable facts of her children and this makes for an interesting book from a favorite author.
I did not enjoy reading this book. Story of odd mother, distant father and whiny children was not time well spent. I kept reading ,thinking it had to get better or at least it would become interesting but it never really happened. I can't understand why this book came with book club type discussion questions... I would never expect friends to slog through this mess!JMO...
This is Edie and Russell's story, their children now all grown up have left the nest to find their own paths in life and now that Ben the youngest at 22 has left Edie cannot sit still, she is worried sick and misses him so much she wants him back terribly.

You will wonder why she doesn't bask in her husband's attention to detail and his flowers and little notes but well she doesn't; she just wants her kids back to being kids. Meanwhile their daughter Rosa is fired from her job and wants to come back home to live with Mommy and Daddy until she finds herself and sorts her life out and Russell feels overwhelmed with feelings of neediness for Edie he didn't realize he had been feeling all the time the have spent raising the kids, he wants to go back to being married.

Their eldest son Matthew is having a hard time with live in girlfriend Ruth who earns much more money than he does and wants a very expensive apartment on a very exclusive area he cannot afford and Ben is living with Naomi and her mum in the end of the world.

This book explores family dynamics like no other and will entertain you with the comings and goings of Edie, Russell and their kids.
I read Joanna Trollope's Daughters-in-Law and really enjoyed it so was excited to be reading another Joanna Trollope masterpiece. Unfortunately this one did nothing for me. I really wasn't interested in the characters and the multiple points of view, which I usually enjoy, in this instance just frustrated me. Nothing exciting happened and there was nothing to grab me. I kept reading hoping for a great ending that bought it all together. Again I was disapointed. I would recommend you skip this one.
I found myself having trouble staying interested in this story. It skips back and forth between several characters so quickly that it was difficult doing the mental gymnastics to keep up. Near to the end of the book, I'm finding the story flowing better and more interesting. I was reading this book as a book club selection, otherwise I don't think I would have gotten past the first couple of chapters. Just didn't do it for me.
Trollope has written exactly the kind of book I love. Like Meg Wolitzer and Anne Tyler, her writing hits the perfect note of compelling and luxuriously traipsing. My only tiny nitpick is that I would've enjoyed getting into the characters' head more deeply and wish the POVs had been limited to 2 to 4 characters. Still, this story was a joy to read. I'll be looking for more of Trollope's novels.
This was a great book. Sounds all to much like what is going on in this day and age. Grown children move out, only to move back and don't seem to understand that they aren't staying a a motel.
Yep, better watch what you wish for.
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