eBook Cat Toy epub

by Illian Obsidian

eBook Cat Toy epub
  • ISBN: 1600540341
  • Author: Illian Obsidian
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: loveyoudivine; 2nd edition (January 31, 2006)
  • ePUB size: 1502 kb
  • FB2 size 1181 kb
  • Formats lit mobi txt lrf

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Cat Toy. Illian Obsidian. A young man and his shuttle have crash-landed on a wild planet, light-years from home. He’s suffered a head injury and can’t remember his own name. What else could go wrong? Heck, maybe he could be attacked and captured by men who look a lot like cats. Or maybe he could realize that he is living in a Master/slave society and is now a servant to a planetary leader named Tryl. Depending on how he looks at it, his situation might not be so bad, even if he can't figure out who he is or what he's going to do next.

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Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. 379 Kb. Secrets of a Pirate's Slave Capture. Obsidian Illian, Orchid Emerald. 237 Kb. Secrets Of A Pirate's Slave. 245 Kb. 703 Kb. Obsidian Illian, Massa J J. Category: fiction.

A human male, a pilot, unsure of his place in the world and unsure of what he wants in life. What happens when one lone man crashes on a planet inhabited by men very different? He learns that cats are playful, aggressive creatures who value their toys a great deal.

Part of Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. But mingling with kids I'd never met wasn't my thing.

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Read full description of the books: A young man and his shuttle have crash-landed on a wild planet, light-years from home.

A human male, a pilot, unsure of his place in the world and unsure of what he wants in life. What happens when one lone man crashes on a planet inhabited by men very different? He learns that cats are playful, aggressive creatures who value their toys a great deal.
Comments: (7)
Light out of Fildon
I'm surprised that this book received so many five stars. The main character is way to naive and reminded me so much of a child that I almost felt uncomfortable reading it. Yes, he lost his memory, but still. He actions, thoughts, even the descriptions of him are supposed to make him seem small and cute, more like a child than a man.

In addition, Yai accepts Tryl to quickly for my taste. He pretty much just says, 'well I'm here now so I might as well accept it and like Tryl. I have no memories anyway.' I could believe him getting attached to Tryl more quickly than usual since he's alone and scared, but it's not very believable. They can't even understand each other until half the book is over which I found frustrating. Also, *spoiler* Tryl spanks Yai just to remind him of his place. Yes, Yai gets excited over it, but Yai is sobbing by the end and I don't believe in punishment just for the heck of it. There should be a reason, for pleasure or to learn something.

I didn't like Tryl either. *spoiler*In the beginning he has sex with basically two slaves who have been prostituted out to him. He does this because he wants Yai so much, but doesn't want to have sex with him yet. He treats those slaves like crap. He's mean and what I see as verbally abusive to them and while he doesn't treat Yai like this it disgusted me that he could treat others that way. He didn't have to be loving or cuddly, but he was such a jerk about it. In addition, the slaves didn't really have a choice in this so it could also be considered non-consensual sex.

There also wasn't much character depth. There was some, but not enough to completely make me happy.

Why two stars instead of one then? Well, because this story had great potential. I liked the idea and the events that the author included. It was a great premise and the author even did some parts well. If the story had just been more believable and had more depth it could have easily received five stars from me. However, Yai acting like a child and the unbelievable thoughts and reactions just ruined the book for me. Yes, for the most part the sex was hot and the idea was great, but that was it.
I own the paperback coy of this book and LOVED it. It was simple and sweet and just a quick little love book to keep in my car to sigh over when I was caught in traffic. Unfortunately after a car accident the book was destroyed and I was heartbroken. I was so excited to see the ebook version i bought it right away, but I think there have been some changes made.
*Maybe Spoiler Warning*
I seem to remember there being a little snippet about Karl and one of the cats, where they meet, and he gets his name.
I'm almost positive that it was longer and a little more fleshed out - in the ebook version he just kind of shows up and has a new name an gives a readers digest version of what happened. No biggie I guess, but the book was a little light to begin with, and I was sad to see it was lightened even more.
This was a great story. Futuristic, with an intriguing premise. "Yai" is a human pilot that crashes on a planet of cat-people. He is taken as a slave by their alpha leader, Tryl. But, what will happen when Yai's people come looking? Will he stay with the one he has come to love, or leave?

Despite the short length (this was a long novella), I came to care about the characters. One reviewer was unhappy with the abrupt ending. I didn't see it as abrupt; it was much like any other novella's ending. I can only hope there will be more adventures with these two. Would I have preferred a lower price, certainly. But I would happily pay $10 again knowing what I was getting, a story worth re-reading again and again. Well written and highly recommended.

Illian Obsidian has another book available that doesn't come up with an aauthor search! Check out: "Get Lucky: Seven Seductions from His and His Kisses." Illian co-authors it with JJ Massa.
Mostly I stay away from interplanetary stuff but I love this one have read it about 20 times keep hoping there will be Manks story
For being a short it had a lot in it.
[...]The first thing I noticed was that "Cat Toy" wasn't very well written-- the author's writing style reminded me of the amateur unpublished works on fanfiction.net. I expect something better from a published book, and this didn't meet my expectations at all. It was littered with errors and I often questioned if the the company that published this even read it first.

This book is hardly 96 pages, since the story starts on page 9 and ends around 92. I was sure that there was no way any good plot could form in that amount, and I was right. A few space ships, other-worldly gadgets, and culture differences were thrown in and none of it was really explained.

As a reader I was not satisfied at all with this book, for the size and quality of "Cat Toy" it should probably be in the 'bargain bin' for less than 5.00 dollars. I feel that the characters were not developed well at all and that the plot was virtually non-existent. It seemed as if Illian sat down and wrote this book in a couple of hours. Many of the characters, especially the humans made decisions that didn't feel very realistic, they submitted to this new world and these furry giants without a fight and hardly a question! It left me bored after the first few sex scenes, and then happy only because the book was almost over.

Overall: If all you want is to read lots of sex then buy the book for [...]or go on adultfanfiction.net and find the same for free (and many of the stories are of better quality too.) However, if your searching for just a little more... keep on searching.
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