eBook Scruples epub

by Judith Krantz

eBook Scruples epub
  • ISBN: 0446305316
  • Author: Judith Krantz
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Warner Books; First Printing edition (May 1982)
  • ePUB size: 1875 kb
  • FB2 size 1478 kb
  • Formats lrf lit mobi rtf

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With Scruples, Judith Krantz earned her reputationas a Scruples is the novel that created publishing history, the first-and widely acknowledged to be the very best-novel ever written about the staggeringly luxurious life of a Beverly Hills boutique and the people who work in it. Scruples wa. .

With Scruples, Judith Krantz earned her reputation as a blazingly talented and original storyteller

With Scruples, Judith Krantz earned her reputation as a blazingly talented and original storyteller. I discovered Judith Krantz' books many, many years ago. I have all of them. I just bought this Kindle book so I'd have it on the Kindle.

With Scruples, Judith Krantz earned her reputation as a blazingly talented and original storyteller. she takes her readers behind the scenes of wealthy and fame to show them the real people and the real emotions that exist at the core of even the most high-powered lives. Scruples is the leader of her best-selling novels. Judith Krantz writes with obvious authority.

American author best known for her ‘sex-and-shopping’ novels such as Scruples and Princess Daisy. The shopping in the novels of Judith Krantz had an intensity the sex could never match. There were antiques, art and bibelots on offer, plus real estate in select venues, but fashion always came first. Krantz believed that clothes comfort women and she was fervent about sartorial transformation, I write about clothes as magical things that can change yo. he character suddenly appears, and that those characters were desirable and desiring only when perfectly dressed.

Judith "Judy" Krantz (née Tarcher) is a Jewish-American novelist who writes in the romance genre. Her works include Scruples, Princess Daisy, and Till We Meet Again. Seven of her novels have also been adapted for television (as either films or mini-series), with her husband serving as executive producer for some of them. She has also written one original mini-series for television, Judith Krantz's "Secrets", as well as many articles for leading magazines.

Scruples, Judith Krantz's electrifying, world wide bestseller appeared fifteen years ago and made book publishing history. Now that unforgettable story, a story that marks an era, a story that millions of readers wish had never ended. Only a single night's sleep seperates the lives of the characters in Scruples from this mesmerizing sequel. Billy Ikehorn is a contemporary woman living on a grand scale. A self-made beauty and the exquisite owner of a fabled Beverley Hills boutique called Scruples and married to the Oscar-winning producer Vito Orsini.

Many of the grips, lighting crew, set dressers, and camera crew had had nasty touches of the vile disease themselves. From being The Producer’s Wife, she was transformed into the wounded comrade who. had returned from the field hospital to the front to carry on the war side by side with the troops. Everyone from Svenberg, wrapped in his dreamy isolation, to the drivers of the honey wagons, as the indispensable portable toilets are called, hailed her and wanted to know how she felt.

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Comments: (7)
????: three compelling main characters, intersecting plot lines, insights into the film industry and the world of high fashion.
????: a few too many minor characters, endlessly rambling descriptions that devolve into tedious tangents. The trademark trashy sex scenes would make even Lady Gaga blush.
???? That said, I couldn't put it down, always curious as to how Billy would orchestrate her next move in the world of wealth, power, & haute couture.
In a fit of nostalgia, I decided to buy a copy of this book and Princess Daisy, also by Judith Kranz. I had enjoyed both books when I was in college, and I wanted to see how well they stood up to the years. Better than I did, I have to admit. They are still pure fantasy, wish fulfillment, and happy endings rolled up into one. They remind me of the glitzy, glamorous movies that were popular during the depression. Sometimes I need something to transport me out of my mundane existence into the realm of rich, powerful, beautiful people for a few hours. These books definitely fill the bill. Escapist? You bet, and of the very best vintage. Am I tempted to read any more? Not so much, but the fluff was fun while it lasted.
I read this book, and the two that followed, many decades ago. As I re-read Scruples, I was amazed to find the story still enthralled me. The character development, the entangled interactions, the fast-paced storyline, the sex...all gifted me with several nights of enjoyable reading. The only downside of this ebook is the more numerous than usual typos, misspellings, and even deleted phrases encountered while reading.
I have read this book over and over again and it still hasn't lost it's charm. Judith Krantz writes stories about bold, determined women that make their own rules. Perfect to kick back with and relax as you cheer the characters on.
you secret
I really enjoyed #2. It provides readers the ability to follow all the key characters as their lives unfold and intertwine. I loved discovering those new to the story as they take their well deserved places in the book and our hearts.
I discovered Judith Krantz' books many, many years ago. I have all of them. I just bought this Kindle book so I'd have it on the Kindle. I've always wished I could write like her with that air of insouciance; love it.
Thank you for prompt service. I am enjoying reading part 2 of Scruples. I have the movie Scruples and enjoyed it.
"Scruples" was my final beach read for the summer of 2007. Does that mean I won't be reading anymore light fiction for the rest of the year? No, it just means that summer is over. I've never been deeply fascinated by the lives of the wealthy, but "Scruples" makes it look like a lot of fun.

Judith Krantz's novel is almost thirty years old now, (this was one of the books that kids in the 70s and 80s would sneak peeks at while adults weren't looking) so how does it hold up? Very, very well. I admit I was a little reluctant when I started the book because I initially found Krantz's style overly wordy, but once I got into it I was won over and Krantz held my attention the entire time.

And I wasn't just a passive reader; to my surprise, I learned things too. The sections describing Paris couture are interesting and I liked how Krantz laid out the entire process without once making it boring. Krantz (whose husband was a producer) also goes in-depth into Hollywood and deglamorizes the film industry so that we, along with Billy, are treated to the tediousness of the on-location process. Let's not forget the process of building up "Scruples" which is written with such flair that the excitement is infectious.

The characters in the novel are well developed, though I tended to enjoy the supporting characters more than the main ones. I had a hard time accepting that Billy was only in her mid-thirties. She seemed much older but maybe that was the point. I enjoyed Spider and Valentine at first but neither came alive so that by the end of the book, my interest in them had waned. I think this is because Krantz spends so much time on the movie business toward the end that Spider and Valentine fall into the background. When they re-emerge, I had discovered characters like Dolly Moon and Vito whom I enjoyed a lot more.

Great fun, great read.
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