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eBook War Cries - a collection of military poems epub

by Christian M Benedetto jr

eBook War Cries - a collection of military poems epub
  • ISBN: 1933265280
  • Author: Christian M Benedetto jr
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Poetry
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Wasteland Press; 1st edition (January 1, 2005)
  • Pages: 48 pages
  • ePUB size: 1984 kb
  • FB2 size 1109 kb
  • Formats lit lrf doc lrf

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War Cries A Collection Of Military Poems by.

Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Christian M. Benedetto J. s books. Christian M. s Followers. War Cries A Collection Of Military Poems by. Christian Benedetto.

War poetry: This is a collection of poems about war and soldier poems written in combat. Find First World War poems and videos, poetry from nine wars and Vietnam War Songs. War is the common denominator of civilizations. More than history books are able to do, war poetry captures the essence of wars and transmits emotional legacies to succeeding generations. This collection represents a range of thoughts and experiences as only poets can capture them. They don't want history books. They know what happened.

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Choose from thousands of free War and military Poems from the best up-and-coming writers. I composed this poem as a short summary of my views on the current situation in the early 21st century on the Israel/Palestine reformation since the mid 1900's.

Publisher: Wasteland Press, 2005. Shipping: US$ . 9 Within .

Poetry. Christian Benedetto Jr. is a decorated combat veteran, having served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the early to mid 1990's with, among other units, the twenty-fourth Marine Expeditionary Unit - Special Operations Capable. At a time when well-written poetry by soldiers is in high demand, this first book of poems details legends and good old-fashioned "sea stories," as well as offering the reader a haunting first-hand experience of the psychological, physical and emotional toll inflicted by and on one soldier during the first Gulf War.
Comments: (7)
In this beautiful and touching book of poems, Christian Benedetto gives everyday citizens a first-hand look at war and its destructive aftermath. I see fires burn on television. I can hear the death toll on the radio. And I read about the buildings and land destroyed each day. But this book of Benedetto's most private thoughts and moments welcomed me into his mind and heart showing me how the inner-fight within our troops never ceases. Our troops come home but the war comes with them.

This book is a must read for any American citizen whether you agree with war or not. I am positive it will open you to many thoughts and emotions and make you appreciate your freedom so much more. Benedetto truly has a beautiful soul - as do all the men and women who gave me the freedom to read this book safe in my apartment on a quiet summer night.
night lite

I read the book several times each time thinking - he is against the war, then he is for the war - I think one thing is clear, he is for the Warrior. Each of us forgets that it is someone `s son, brother, or best friend putting themselves in harms way each day - so we may be a little safer

The words are so very powerful and allowed me on some very small level feel the pain and the pride. What must it be like to not be able to sleep ? To fear the dark, yet face demons everyday ? How could you not fall in love with such a book and it's authors soul. I do not know what he looks, like nor have we spoken, yet I can hear his voice. A soul like this is worthy of everlasting love or at least one night. I hope he finds peace and look forward to reading anything else he writes.

Sleep well or the best you can

"there souls are my night light"

one of the best lines ever written
from earth
In the tradition of Red Badge of Courage and All Quiet on the Western Front ,this grouping of poems brings the heart and brain of the Citizen Soldier painfully close to home.The author succeeds in drawing a human face on to often inhuman conditions and situations.The thoughts ,dreams and nightmares of the combattant and his compatriots leave the reader more than a little thankfull for the time and blood they gave in service of us all.

Obviously,this is an extremely timely book.It will be as timely when the ultimate history of the current conflict is written.And perhaps even more timely when the seemingly inevitable future debate about next military incursion takes place.After you read it,I suggest you keep it.
This is a must read for anyone who has ever worn a US military uniform on active duty in a war zone or similar engagement.

It should be required reading for all United States Marine Corps recruits undergoing basic training at either San Diego or Parris Island and especially for Officer Candidates at Quantico.

Written in a straight forward, no nonsense style, the poems are gripping and gut wrenching. Equally candid and concise, the work gives us a private tour of the inner mind and soul of a Marine sniper.

Reading this book of poems while currently working in Iraq only increases its impact.

BRAVO ZULU to Mr. Benedetto and to all Marines....no better friend, no worse enemy.


Terry McIntyre
To be reminded about what can happen when normal rules are set aside.

To awake to someone else's questions and to fear for the futility of someone else's hopes. These poems, while sometimes cryptic in reference or written directly to someone with whom the author shares a secret, remain an open channel to the author's most essential longings and fears. These poems explore regret without too much sentimentality, are primal in their descriptions of longing, and are sophisticated in their reflections. These true poems of war are interspersed with fictional accounts of callousness outside of war. These juxtapositions are unfair in that the solder has no choice, but by making these comparisons the author shows how morally serious these reflections are. This is not a book to be read casually.
and our vertans pay with thier souls

from "when will I sleep"

Will I sleep when I finally wed

Will I sleep when I'm a father

Will I sleep when I am dead

I do not know if I can wait that long

people today forget why they are free - it is at a cost to our veteran's, not our politicians or business leaders - it is the loss and blood sweat and tears of the men and woman who serve and have served our great country - like Mr. Benedetto - thank you for all the sleepless night and joy you have given up so that we man enjoy everything that makes America great

not many books have the impact as "War Cries" - read it and you will find yourself calling old friends who served and thanking them

Mr. Benedetto I salute you -
War Cries is a profound and overwhelming look at war through the eyes of a soldier/civilian. Not only are the authors' words burned forever into your conscious, but subconscious as well. His honesty, passion, pain, fear & bravery are felt throughout this book. I felt compelled to share this work with everyone I know & care about. The sense of respect I have for the men & women protecting our freedom every day has been heightened. As a private citizen, I cannot begin to understand the horror of war and what a soldier carries in his heart & mind forever. This book afforded me a much closer insight as its riveting words took hold of me until the very last page. This is what the media cannot & will not show you. I am truly looking forward to reading more of Mr. Benedetto's work.
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