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eBook The Second Time Around epub

by Jan Maxwell,Mary Higgins Clark

eBook The Second Time Around epub
  • ISBN: 074352845X
  • Author: Jan Maxwell,Mary Higgins Clark
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Short Stories & Anthologies
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio; Abridged edition (April 15, 2003)
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The second time around. knows how to spin an intriguing tale. she’s created a convincing heroine in Carley. Daddy’s Little Girl is the best book Clark has written in two years. Her work seems somehow more solid, the plotting more deft.

The second time around. ending is so unexpected and harrowing I just had to sit back and allow the story to run through my mind until I absorbed the depth of all I’d just read.

God help us, the two of them are even taking piano lessons together According to the reports, Lynn Spencer had driven to her home in Bedford around eleven o’clock last night.

God help us, the two of them are even taking piano lessons together. You should have heard the concert I got treated to when I went down to Boca for a weekend last month. I admit I didn’t like Lynn when I met her. I think she kisses the mirror every morning. According to the reports, Lynn Spencer had driven to her home in Bedford around eleven o’clock last night. The housekeepers, a couple, Manuel and Rosa Gomez, live in a separate residence on the estate. They apparently were not expecting her to be there that evening and were not aware that she was in the main house.

By mary higgins clark and carol higgins clark. He Sees You When You’re Sleeping. Cover photo by Viosin Phanie, Rex Interstock/Stock Connection/Picture Quest. Mary Higgins Clark, The Second Time Around. Thank you for reading books on BookFrom. We hope you enjoyed reading this Simon & Schuster eBook. Join our mailing list and get updates on new releases, deals, bonus content and other great books from Simon & Schuster.

This time the Cross Bronx Expressway ran true to form. An accident had it backed up for two miles, giving plenty of quiet time to think. Maybe too much time, because I realized that despite everything that had been disclosed about Nick Spencer and his company in the past few weeks, there was still something missing, something wrong. Ms. Clark has another winner for her readers to enjoy getting us there with this entertaining taut tale in which the suspense spins from family violence to biblical archeological violence. At once a breathless murder mystery and a hunt for what may be the most precious religious and archeological treasure of all time. 4 5 Author: Mary Higgins Clark Narrator: Jan Maxwell. The "Queen of Suspense," Mary Higgins Clark, delivers a gripping tale of deception and tantalizing twists that might have been ripped from today's headlines. When Nicholas Spencer, the charismatic head of a company that has developed an anticancer vaccine, disappears without a trace, reporter Marcia "Carley" DeCarlo is assigned the story.

The Second Time Around book. The Second Time Around is Mary Higgins Clark at her best, telling a story that intertwines fiction with the stuff of real-life headlines in a novel of breathtaking suspense and surprises.

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By Mary Higgins Clark. The New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark has written forty suspense novels, four collections of short stories, a historical novel, a memoir, and two children’s books

By Mary Higgins Clark. Unabridged Audio Download. Mass Market Paperback eBook Abridged Audio Download Abridged Compact Disk. The New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark has written forty suspense novels, four collections of short stories, a historical novel, a memoir, and two children’s books. With bestselling author Alafair Burke she writes the Under Suspicion series including The Cinderella Murder, All Dressed in White, The Sleeping Beauty Killer, Every Breath You Take, and You Don’t Own Me. With her daughter Carol Higgins Clark, she has coauthored five more suspense novels.

A chilling corporate scandal comes to life when the aftershocks lead to a boy's mysterious disappearance and the wife of a corporate businessman turned fugitive assumes that her husband is accountable, only to learn that the consequences of corporate misdeeds can become a matter of life and death. Simultaneous.
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I started reading at 3 pm and could not put the book down until I finished reading it entirely at 2 a.m.!!!! I love Mary Higgins Clark and love the way she develops a story with lots of suspense and twists. The previous book where the main character was Elvira? was co-written by her daughter (I'm sure) and I absolutely hated it. I know MHC is now in her 80s and probably does not write as many novels as she used to. I have every one of her books. I even double-checked to make sure I had not read this book previously and had forgotten. If this is the latest book she's written, good for her! Great story...
This was really good. The tension kept building in a way you just have to keep turning the pages to see what happens. So many died due to the greed, manipulation and cold hearts of a big drug company. This is a story that could really happen, well if it hasn't already. I like the fact that Carley never gave up even tho she put herself in danger.
Mary Higgins Clark is a master storyteller. I've enjoyed all her books. Read it, you won't be disappointed!
I haven't read a MHC novel in quite some time and I don't know what possessed me to pick up this one. The main character Carley DeCarlo, is a financial advice columnist and finance usually bores me to tears. But there is much more to this story than finance. There is research for a cancer cure, murder, theft, betrayal and stalking. All the things that make for a good juicy tale. It is not exactly an original plot, but MHC is such a good storyteller she makes it seem fresh. She reveals just enough to keep the reader guessing to the end. Carley seemed a little too sweet at times, but believable for the most part. The medical aspects of the story were sometimes vague and imprecise, but that was easy to overlook because the plot was the star of this book and if some of the parts didn't ring true, all can be forgiven for dramatic effect. One of my favorite lines was, "A good night's sleep means that all parts of my brain come awake at the same time". MHC must have been enjoying a morning like that when she came up with the idea for this book. My decision to read this book was a good one. A very enjoyable read.
I am a huge Mary Higgins Clark fan, and although this book was most enjoyable, I may have reached the end of my fascination for the "young girl in jeopardy" plot MHC has so successfully mastered. After more than twenty novels following the same basic pattern, the plots have become a little too familiar, the ending a bit too predictable.
With that being said, I still enjoyed this one. The deception and suspense were first-rate as always and the idea of corporate fraud very timely. The charismatic Nicholas Spencer who is determined to develop his vaccine that cures cancer is larger-than-life. Readers are drawn to him as we learn about his first wife's ill-fated battle with cancer and his concern for his own son and the millions of children he wants to save from the heartbreak of losing a parent to cancer.
Investigative reporter Carley DeCarlo is the heroine who has not only a professional interest in the disappearance of Nicholas Spencer but also a personal one. She is the stepsister of his second wife and wants to either clear his name of the fraud he is accused of or be satisfied that he did indeed loot the company and offer false hope to patients.
Carley is led on a hot trail of clues as she tries to establish Spencer's guilt or innocence while a disturbed killer who lost money on the vaccine methodically kills every person he feels has committed an injustice against him.
Watching the threads come together and uncovering the a world of medical fraud and financial manipulation is interesting, but it is the cancer patients themselves who make this book tug at your heartstrings. A young girl and a grown man find new life thanks to Spencer's vaccine, but others will fall hard as the truth comes to light.
Meanwhile, Carley's own tragic past is revealed and a new love gives her support and hope as she discovers love the second time around.
Another great story that was in-depth and made you keep guessing through. Great story telling by a pro. I've read all of her other books, and somehow missed this one. All of the stories after this one h a s even improved with her background of characters.
Mary Higgins Clark is one of my VERY FAVORITE authors: I never want her books to end, a sure sign of a very good read! Also, after a little time has passed, I read (or listen to) them again. She always surprises with her fascinating plots and, like Agatha Christie, I never know who the villain is before the end. But as much as I love Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clark's characters seem more like real people. And this may seem a minor point, but I appreciate it very much that Mary Higgins Clark's books are NEVER gory or terribly violent - I cannot say this about many suspense writers.
I like MHC but I don't think this was her best work, maybe I'm burnt out on her. I didn't start reading her until 2013 and then have read almost everything by her since so I guess I might be on overload with her books. They all seem similar in most ways, you can usually tell who the murderer is her books, you just don't always know the why until the end. I'll keep reading MHC books, but only the new releases.
I love Mary Higgins Clark and read all I can get my hands on.
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