eBook Mirabile epub

by Janet Kagan

eBook Mirabile epub
  • ISBN: 0312852207
  • Author: Janet Kagan
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: United States
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Tor Books; 1st edition (October 1, 1991)
  • Pages: 278 pages
  • ePUB size: 1866 kb
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Mirabile by Janet Kagan This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

Mirabile by Janet Kagan This is a work of fiction. A Tor Book Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. West 24th Street New York, . Mirabile, Janet Kagan. p. cm. тАЬA Tom Doherty Associates book. тАЭ ISBN 0-312-85220-7 I. Title.

Mirabile is a 1991 science fiction novel by American writer Janet Kagan. It is a fix-up of her short stories set on the planet Mirabile, which were originally published in Asimov's Science Fiction beginning in 1989; the compilation was published by Tor Books.

On the distant planet of Mirabile, a settlement of human colonists from Earth is jeopardized by the genetic mutants of Earth plants and animas like the Lock Moose Monster, the Frankenswine, and the dreaded carnivorous Kangaroo Rex-and it’s up to ecological troubleshooter Mama Jason to destroy the menacing mutants. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, coauthors of the best-selling Liaden Universe® series.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. On the distant planet of Mirabile, a settlement of human colonists from Earth is jeopardized by genetic mutants of Earth plants and animals.

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Baen recently released e-books of Janet Kagan's most popular works

Baen recently released e-books of Janet Kagan's most popular works. Mirabile is a wonderful collection of short stories following the same character, Mama Jason, as she works to understand the biodiversity on a relatively recently colonized planet and to stabilize the species they've brought from Earth. There are too few slice-of-life science fiction novels about life on a newly colonized planet, and Mama Jason is an interesting and strong-willed character to follow.

Janet Lorraine Kagan was an American writer. Kagan’s Mirabile constructed an utopia based on genetic engineering helped out by sociological principles

Janet Lorraine Kagan was an American writer. She became mostly known for her science fiction novels and short fantasy stories. Kagan’s Mirabile constructed an utopia based on genetic engineering helped out by sociological principles. Kagan's science fiction and fantasy short stories appeared in numerous periodicals including the Analog Science Fiction and Fact and the Asimov's Science Fiction.

What can I say about Janet Kagan? She's written three books, and all three of them could have been justly called Mirabile (Wonderful in Latin).

On the planet Mirabile, the Earth plants and animals genetically programmed to proliferate as on Earth are producing bizarre mutants--among them, the carnivorous Kangaroo Rex and Frankenswine--who threaten the planet's ecology and its colonists
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BE AWARE! This edition is ONLY a collection of Janet Kagan's Mirabile Short Stories. This is NOT the expanded version that was originally published as the book 'Mirabile'. It lacks the connecting storyline that made the original book so good...Janet Kagan must be rolling in her grave.

One of my all time favorites! I bought the original print edition in '91 and re-read it every couple of years. I've been waiting and requesting (and re-requesting) the Kindle version since 2008, and now it's finally here!

When talking about fun adventure stories, it doesn't get better than this. The premise is original: the planet Mirabile was colonized generations ago, and all Earth imports (plants and animals) were genetically fixed with DNA redundancies of other species, in case anything got lost. So you have daffodils that can, through successive generations, "chain up" to moose, for instance. But since information on controlling this process was lost at landing (of course), the humans scramble with the surprise biology. In addition, the imports mutate and the native lifeforms impact, so it's all a constant dance.

The book is six short adventure stories linked together via Annie, the "jason" responsible for decoding and fixing issues with both wildlife and domestic stock, and her developing relationship with Leo, the retired "opener" or new territory scout. There's plenty of action, and danger, but everybody's having a good time. So will you.

There are background themes to appreciate, too. I enjoy that the leads are middle aged, not teenagers, as so often found in sci-fi. And since the colony ship was generational, when people talk of old fashioned manners, for instance, they are referring to the way it was done on Ship, not Earth. These are minor points, but they add nice flavor to the action.

NOTE: There is something in the print edition that is missing from this digital one. Between each of the six stories, there is supposed to be a single page of dialogue, that works to tag the adventures as memories of the characters, telling the stories to a new generation. Their loss doesn't impact the individual stories (Loch Moose Monster, Kangaroo Rex, etc.), but it does take something away from the overall novel. The omission is odd, and hopefully just an oversight that will be corrected via update.

Kagan only wrote three novels. The Star Trek Uhura's Song, went digital a while back, and now we have Mirabile. So maybe Hellspark (space opera meets first contact) is forthcoming? But she primarily wrote short stories for sci-fi magazines, so I will keep hoping for a Kindle "complete works of" at some point.

Or even better, that some other author gets permission to pick up the Mirabile / Jason theme and writes more stories for me . . . ahem . . . I mean, for all of us.
With her novel Hellspark, Janet Kagan created her own sub-specialty in the world of science fiction-- cross-species cross-cultural communication. She realized that if we are going to someday contact the "BEMs of Outer Space", technology would facilitate but not enable communication, just as today a traveler's communication is facilitated but by no means enabled by a phrase book and a good dictionary.

With Mirabile she went a different route, turning genetics as used in hard science fiction pretty much on its head.

Mirabile is, like all three books by Kagan, a delight. On the surface it's a very funny, easy read. Beneath the surface it's far more. It's a collection of half a dozen short stories about the work done by "field geneticists" a few generations after the landing of a 'century ship' and the start of the colonizing and terraforming process.

[The six stories are supposed to be connected by a page of dialogue between each, as various characters "pass on the past" to future generations living on the planet. As such, the stories are tied together as an oral history, rather than just being a collection of short stories. This is the sort of error I would expect more from the Gutenberg Project than from Amazon, and I hope the folks at Kindle correct it.]

The stories, all of them about disasters that could negatively effect the entire human population on Mirabile, are hilariously funny-- something I would have expected neither from stories about disasters nor from stories about genetics. The premise is the same: before sending out the colony ship, geneticists on earth carefully encoded into the DNA of practically every species that of other species as well, to ensure that nothing important would be lost. These secondary sets of DNA were carefully recorded in the ship's library, along with instructions on how to "turn on" or "turn off" the code. The encoded species weren't necessarily related-- the second DNA was just "piggybacked" onto the first (I am explaining this very poorly-- Ms. Kagan knew far more about genetics than I!).

It was a fine idea, and would have worked beautifully-- except that the ship crashed after entering Mirabile's atmosphere and the ship's library was seriously damaged. Now, instead of having access to the information that would enable the colonists to introduce rabbits or rodents or radishes into the ecosystem, things begins appearing randomly, and cross-breeding in ways never intended by their Creator.

Mama Jason is the head of a field genetics emergency response team-- her job is less to keep disasters from happening and more to figure out how to keep disasters from becoming catastrophes. The titles of the novelettes making up this book tell the story: The Loch Moose Monster, The Return of Kangaroo Rex, Frankenswine... Disaster has rarely been so much fun.

Kagan only wrote four books-- two novels, 'Uhuru's' Song (in the Star Trek universe) and 'Hellspark', and two story collections, this one and
'The Collected Kagan'. She died too young, at 61, having won the Asimov's Reader Poll for Best Novelette in 1990, 1991 and 1993. The 1993 winner, "The Nutcracker Coup" was nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novelette, and winning the Hugo.

If you haven't discovered her yet, I envy you. If you haven't read these for a few years, here's an opportunity to return to Mirabile.
WOW. I have had a copy of Kagan's Hellspark for several decades. I never saw any other works from her. UNTIL NOW! Miabile is a story about a world colonized by Generation Ship / Sleeper Ship (Its not clear) that are dealing with problems caused by "helpful" scientists on Earth in the colony's past. Ecological Science Fiction w/o any of the polemics or partisan politics found in similar more modern works. Really readable, this is also a gentle love story and Generational Coming of Age story. Be aware that this is a adapted anthology, the "chapters" are actually the separate short stories Kagan had published earlier.

A thoroughly enjoyable read!
Mirabile came as a total surprise. It was "recommended" based on my browsing history, so I downloaded a sample...and before I'd finished the third paragraph, I bought the whole book. The world of Mirabile and the creatures who inhabit it have a special place in my heart. I want to be a jason, too. Or maybe and opener. I want to know all about the new plant and animal life. I haven't been this exhilarated by a sci-if book in years.

I strongly recommend this very entertaining and absorbing book. My only regret is, it was far too short. I want to go to Mirabile again!
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