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by Lisa Reardon

eBook Billy Dead epub
  • ISBN: 0670882240
  • Author: Lisa Reardon
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: United States
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Viking Adult; First Edition edition (October 1, 1998)
  • Pages: 304 pages
  • ePUB size: 1766 kb
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. When his universally despised older brother meets a bloody end, Ray Johnson and his family are forced by their small Michigan town to relive their scandalous past.

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An extraordinary novel. Lisa Reardon has made one of the most powerful debuts in recent American fiction. Previous Next Close. Such is the situation of Ray Johnson, the narrator of Lisa Reardon's first novel, Billy Dead, as we begin a gut-wrenching trip into the past of an American family that's about as unappetizing as you will find. This is a hard, in-your-face kind of book that takes you for a disturbing ride, and finally asks you to reexamine your notions of what is and what is not right when it comes to affairs of the heart. BILLY DEAD named one of BOOKLIST'S 20 Notable 1st Novels of 1998.

author of the acclaimed novels BILLY DEAD, BLAMELESS, and THE MERCY KILLERS. author of two other well-regarded novels, Billy Dead and Blameless, has given us a timely novel of terrific suspense that is as socially aware as Dreiser, as astute about working-class American character as Raymond Carver or Joyce Carol Oates, and all together terrific. The Washington Post on THE MERCY KILLERS.

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book by Lisa Reardon. So, you find out one day that your brother has just been killed, brutally murdered in fact, by someone who seemed to take calm delight in watching him die slowly

book by Lisa Reardon. In the wake of his brother Billy's murder, young Ray Johnson must relive the violence that has marred his family while the police track down the killer.

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Used availability for Lisa Reardon's Billy Dead. April 2000 : UK Paperback

Used availability for Lisa Reardon's Billy Dead. April 2000 : UK Paperback.

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1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Billy Dead from your list? Billy Dead. Published May 1, 2000 by Penguin (Non-Classics).

When his universally despised older brother meets a bloody end, Ray Johnson and his family are forced by their small Michigan town to relive their scandalous past
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The magic of this book is its insight into the true meaning and necessity of love, and how each person’s unique emotional needs are shaped by family and early experiences. Reardon skillfully and seamlessly weaves us through the lives of these characters from childhood on, ringing so true that it is easy to fall right in with their thinking, to understand how they became soulmates, and how there could be no greater love than what they’ve always had for each other. That they happen to be siblings seems, by the end, totally beside the point. I will never forget Jean and Ray, and will always wonder what became of them.
As I happily read my way through this fascinating book, I, like any hopeless romantic, wanted our hero to end up carting his true love off to a pretty little cottage with a white picket fence. Every night for a week I would breathe a deep sigh, put the book aside, turn out the light, and drift off to sleep. But every night just before my brain and body yielded to a night of dreams, a jarring thought raced through my head. "Do you realize that you are hoping that our hero finds true happiness with his sister?"
The highly dysfunctional Johnson family fits nicely into the socio-economic class informally know as trailer trash. Somewhere in the history of this family an elder must have neglected to pass down information on whom one does and does not have sex with. As a result of this information gap the Johnsons seem to have established no restrictions on their sexual activity. Yet, seamy as this is, we develop a certain fondness for brother Ray, the book's narrator. Part of the reason for this is that Ray doesn't talk like someone with highly defective genes. Sure, the author has him using a few verbs in the wrong tense, but he still sounds as intelligent as many of my buddies in graduate school.
What is astounding is that Lisa Reardon, a New York City resident with a Master in Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama, would decide to get inside the head of a small town, good ole boy from rural Michigan. She does a pretty good job of it. You may well like reading it, but of course you can't tell anyone you enjoyed it. What would they think of you?
Not for the faint of heart, BILLY DEAD is an incredible first novel.
In a small town in Michigan, the murder of Billy Johnson is a relief for some and the reliving of a nightmare of violence and cruelty for the Johnson family.
This novel is extremely dark and tragic-a story of the horrific abuse within a family, and the search for redemption.
I have never read a more disturbing novel than this one, nor have I ever read one as honest and gut-wrenching. Although the novel is shocking and often repulsive, Reardon's beautiful writing and her empathetic portrayal of Ray Johnson makes this book impossible to put down, and even harder to forget.
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Billy's dead. He was so full of pure meaness, his brother Ray, the book's narrator, finds it amazing he wasn't killed sooner. He was found lying in a ditch with his head brutally bashed in. It hadn't been an easy death and the killer had watched him suffer as he crawled up North Lake Road towards Dewey's Tavern, finally finishing him off as he reached the bar's parking lot. Though Ray can think of lots of folks who would want Billy dead, including members of his own family, the shock and relief of his death allows Ray to look back and focus on his own life, a life filled with violence, cruelty, abuse and incest and examine his passionate and forbidden relationship with his sister, Jean..... Lisa Reardon has written a very original and gut-wrenching novel that seductively drawns you into the lives of this dysfunctional and troubled family and never lets go. Her characters are beautifully and painstakingly drawn and as each layer of their lives is peeled away, come more and more alive on the page. But the real strength of this book is Ms Reardon's eloquent writing and attention to detail. Because of its disturbing nature, this is not an easy book to read and one you often want to put down. But, Ms Reardon quiet, yet powerful prose is so compelling, it won't let you look away. Told with great insight, Billy Dead is a riveting story, not for the faint of heart, and a stunning debut novel everyone will be talking about.
Billy Dead by Lisa Reardon reads a lot like a television miniseries, that is quite intriguing but lacks any real substance. There was a part of me that would have wanted to rant about how horrible this book was, but it wasn't. I did fnd myself pushing through this book wanting to know how things would work out between Ray, his sister, and his family, in the same way that gives miniseries and TV talk shows their appeal. You just want to learn mor about their dirty laundry and see things finally work out in their own twisted way. This is the one thing that drew me in about this book. However, Lisa Reardon should really stick to writing about what she knows. It was obvious in reading this that she has never been in rural Michigan for any amount of time. I have doubts as to how much she knows about rural life at all. I was not convinced by the narrator of much of what he was telling me much because of this. Also, the plotline and the characterizations are a major slam against lower-class families. Most of her characters are based on cheap stereotypes and lack any real substance as human beings. Finally, this book might have worked better for me if she didn't try to write it from a man's point of view. It was less than geunine, shifting from machismo sterotypes to a falsely feminine inner voice. Ms. Reardon does a horrible job of trying to speak from a man's perspective, and it shows. Overall, this could have been a better book had she taken the time to learn about her subject, and told the story from a more geuine perspective.
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