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eBook Key of Light (Key Trilogy) epub

by Susan Ericksen,Nora Roberts

eBook Key of Light (Key Trilogy) epub
  • ISBN: 1441841830
  • Author: Susan Ericksen,Nora Roberts
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: United States
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Abridged edition (February 28, 2010)
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Nora Roberts Key Trilogy. Key of LightThe Malory Price Life Plan does not include a quixotic quest?but the strangers on Warrior's Peak claim that she must find a key that will release three souls held captive by an evil god. Little does she know that the quest will bring her two new friends, the love of her life, and danger beyond anyone's imagination. Key of KnowledgeTo Dana Steele, books and the knowledge they hold are the key to contentment.

Android App. Key series (Nora Roberts). Key of Knowledge (Key Nora Roberts. Year Published: 2003. best book ever tea is good. wrong grammar wrong grammar grammar master. Key of Light (Key Nora Roberts. Key of Valor (Key Nora Roberts. A Song of Ice and Fire series. I love reading all kinds of books Marisa Sumayo Isidro. I love it it is amazing ines nunes. i love this book dearly. everybody squeal, go get her boyie lily2000.

by Nora Roberts (Author), Susan Ericksen (Reader). Good Book for a car trip 10 hrs one way and then back home again after visiting. The "Trilogy" is three related stories that follow three women on a sort of treasure hunt. The book holds your interest, makes you think, makes you laugh too, in many places. Interesting enough to make you delay stopping until you get to the end of whatever disck you are o. .

Malory Price’s life plan has hit a snag. The first book of an older Nora Roberts Paranormal/Fantasy trilogy. I found it slow, ponderous filled with metaphorical and esoteric stuff. She’s in danger of losing. Lots of space filled, but little action. Malory Price and two other women have received invitations to Warrior's Peak, a local mansion that had long been uninhabited. She is wary, but curious about the new inhabitants, especially as the invitation comes after a horrid day that will likely cost her job as manager of The Gallery.

Nora Roberts Key Trilogy CD Collection. Nora Roberts is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels. Key of Light, Key of Knowledge, Key of Valor. She is also the author of the bestselling In Death series written under the pen name J. D. Robb. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Written by Nora Roberts, Audiobook narrated by Susan Ericksen. Key Trilogy, Book 1. By: Nora Roberts. Narrated by: Susan Ericksen. Series: Key Trilogy, Book 1. Length: 10 hrs and 40 mins. Categories: Romance, Fantasy.

Сравнить похожие товары. When throw this book in about 2 days was another good read by Nora Roberts. Key Trilogy: Key of Light Bk. 1 by Nora Roberts (2015, Paperback). Проверенная покупка: да Состояние товара: Подержанные.

Nora Roberts: Key Trilogy CD Collection AUDIO BOOK Key of Light . Key of Light (Key Trilogy) Roberts, Nora Audio Cassette Used - Very Good.

Nora Roberts: Key Trilogy CD Collection AUDIO BOOK Key of Light Knowledge Valor. Key Of Valor Key Trilogy By Nora Roberts And Susan Ericksen Reader On Audio. Customs services and international tracking provided. Key Of Valor Nora Roberts (2015, CD, Abridged). Key of Knowledge Vol. 2 by Nora Roberts 2003 Cassette Unabridged SEALED.

Items related to Key of Light (Key Trilogy). Don’t miss the other books in the Key Trilogy Key of Knowledge Key of Valor. Susan Ericksen flawlessly switches male and female roles, creating unforgettable characters as she unravels a mysterious and romantic plot. Nora Roberts Key of Light (Key Trilogy). ISBN 13: 9780425278444. Key of Light (Key Trilogy). About the Author: Nora Roberts is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels. Music enhances settings and moods. The greater character and plot development in the unabridged version illuminate this rich fantasy.

Nora Roberts publishes numerous books every year, including detective . The Key" trilogy made its debut on November 2003.

Nora Roberts publishes numerous books every year, including detective romances as . Explore a list of all of Nora Roberts' canon. Nora Roberts releases several new romance novels every year, making her one of the most prolific authors of our time. From series to individual stories, she has published more than 200 novels in total-some sweet, some suspenseful, and some fantasy. Roberts has hit the New York Times Best Seller list regularly. This was a series that fans didn't have to wait for-the second and third volumes followed monthly, ending with "Key of Valor" the next January.

Fate brings three women together for a chance to unlock their deepest desires.

What happens when the very gods depend on mortals for help? That's what three very different young women find out when they are invited to Warrior's Peak.

The Malory Price Life Plan does not include a quixotic quest—but the strangers on Warrior's Peak claim that she must find a key that will release three souls held captive by an evil god.

Little does she know that the quest will bring her two new friends, the love of her life, and danger beyond anyone's imagination.

Comments: (7)
This is one of my re-read favorite books, and I have the print version, the E-version, AND the Audio versions, as permanent fixtures in my collection. The story is good, with enough mystic references to lift it out of the ordinary, and not enough to put it into the fantasy shelf (Although I must admit to having a fantasy of two in my head regarding Pitte, but I'll have to leave it at that, because Rowena would turn me into a pile of ash if the situation ever became real). And even after reading this book DOZENS of times, the funny lines still make me smile, and the scary parts still scare me. That's the hallmark of a really great writer.
As always Nora writes a wonderful story. This book was double fold for me because my husband put thought into a gift I truly wanted and purchased this trilogy for me for my birthday. I have one problem which bothered me was the female characters wishy wasyness. I know it's necessary for her to come into her own but the male got on my nerves. When a female says no, no should mean no and having a man ignore the no send the wrong signals. He pushes his way into her house, he pushes himself on her, and other stuff. I'm not ogle to think borderline rapist qualifies are sexy our romantic. I did complete the read and it worked out some how but I'm very uncomfortable with that kind of behavior. I'm not here to upset anyone but that is my opinion.
The Key Series, by Nora Roberts is now my new all time favorite I don't want to give away the storyline, but I loved the metaphysical flavor, the magic of all three books in the series. This trilogy is a "feel good" series which I'm sure I'll reread from time to time. I loved how the author brought every character to life and made the reader feel like he/she was actually in the story. Just awesome!. The storyline started off really good with the first of book 1 of the series and just kept building, getting better and better all the way through the end of the third book in the series. You really must read this trilogy!!
doesnt Do You

The first book in the Key trilogy reminded me a lot to Nora Roberts' oldest series. The writing, flow and characters felt classic Nora and I loved it.

'Key of Light' focuses on Malory and Flynn with supporting appearances by the future couples. It is Malory's turn to find the first of three keys that will free the demigoddesses that were trapped centuries ago. It is her turn to fall in love and find the courage and beauty she didn't thought she had.

It was a pleasant journey watching her discover more of herself, as well as falling in love with Flynn.

Still, there were some issues I had with the book:

*Malory falling in love fast and not trusting the man. I believe love and trust go side by side.
*There was a scene where the men decide to seek for Rowena and Pitte without telling the women and when the women showed up Flynn reacted too macho for my taste. I hated those scenes. I love an Alpha Hero but I didn't love Flynn's actions in this part.


'Key of Light' had its ups and downs but it was an enjoyable reading. The friendship between the characters didn't feel as strong as other NR heroes/heroines but I want to believe it was because this is book 1. Also, there were no real and dangerous threats like in previous series but that didn't lessen my interest.
This book was like a Harlequin on steroids. The author makes a good point in her story about art being subjective, and this art form is not for me. I cringed my way through pages and pages of profanity and soft core porn. I loved the idea of the story, it is truly imaginative. I would love to know how the story progresses and ends, but I'm not sure I want to purchase another book that I have to continually edit in my mind as I read, or that I have to skip through so many pages to get at the story. It would have been so much better if it had been written in a way that any age could enjoy it. It's not one i will recommend.
~* 4.5 Stars *~
Once upon a time and beyond the Curtain of Power, the Curtain of Dreams, there lived three Celtic demigoddesses, sisters and daughters of a Celtic king and human woman. Some in their world revolted against their existence, offended by their links to mortality. One such god, Kane, rose up against the king and his progeny, and in a moment, a single moment when the demigoddesses' protectors had dropped their guard, he attacked with swift vengeance and wicked sorcery. In the aftermath, three souls were stolen and three sisters lay as if asleep, their souls captured in a box secured by three locks, three keys at their motionless feet. For three thousand years, the protectors have searched for the three mortals to find the three keys, and once in every generation since that dark day three potentials are born. In this generation, Malory Price has been called, Dana Steele has been called, Zoe McCourt has been called. For three thousand years, the potentials have failed. But this time...this time...

Malory Price is an organized, goal oriented woman. Denied the gifts of the true artist but graced with a love of art and a keen mind, she made her passion her calling and manages a small but successful art gallery in the quaint Pennsylvanian town of Pleasant Valley. But not all is going according to plan, and before she can quite grasp it, her job is crashing down after a heated confrontation with The Gallery owner's new trophy wife, she's crashing down after being bowled over by a man and his dog, and her life is crashing down when an invitation to a decidedly odd house in the hills turns into a quest for some mystical key. She's surrounded by strangers, some of whom are in just as dire straights as her, and some look like they just stepped out of a Gaelic fairy tale. And the fairy tale set are spouting off about quests, keys, and gods. Yeah, this was not on Malory's lifetime goals list.

Newspaper reporter and editor of the local paper, Michael "Flynn" Hennessey may have knocked Malory down...well, he blames his unruly dog Moe, really, but it was she who bowled him over with her eyes and hair and legs and... Well, the list is long and very pretty. When the flustered but fascinating woman turns up in his home as his stepsister Dana Steele's guest, he's pleasantly surprised. When he finds out why she's there, and hears what she and Dana and Zoe have gotten themselves into, he's suspicious as hell and determined to get to the bottom of this ridiculous quest idea. And he knows just the two childhood friends to call in for help. Soon the three women and three men are working together - at the beginning with various stages of belief in this quest thing - and struggling to help Malory be the first to find the first key before her month runs out.

I've been reading Nora Roberts for all of my adult life and have to say, this sort of trilogy, with just a touch of the magical and mystical, is my favorite of her styles. It's not just about a couple coming together while something goes on in the background that links the three books together, but rather an intensive study on the relationships between friends, lovers, and family. Written with the classic Roberts lyricism and elegance, sweeping descriptive narratives, witty dialogue, and charming imagination, Roberts blends personalities and strengths and offers up very human foibles and follies for the ultimate in reading entertainment.

The style, the intelligence, the plot and the interpersonal relationships that are born, develop, and thrive, just flat out work for me. I love reading them. The Key Trilogy looks to be another that I thoroughly enjoy, as this first installment was full of wonderful Celtic mythos and a touch of magic, good-hearted people, and sweet romance.

For me, it's all about the characters in these books, and I really enjoyed Malory and Flynn and the rest. The three women are strong, independent, and intelligent, and even while all three were at a bit of a loose end career-wise, they still maintained a truth to self and an honesty of purpose and value that was very appealing. They're individuals, with very different personalities, but they fit extremely well together. Same goes for the guys. Roberts has a gift for making a seemingly effortless creation of characters, imbues them with such vibrant and varied life, litters their path with peaks and valleys both emotional and profound, and provides them the support of family and love, and by the end of the journey they feel like fond friends with whom I've thoroughly enjoyed spending time.

I will say the actual nitty gritty of the tale, the minutiae like the money that is offered to secure the three women's help and the nearly incomprehensible "assistance" from Rowena, seemed slightly less lyrical and smoothly conceived and realized than Roberts' previous romance trilogies with a magical theme. I wasn't totally sold on the way Malory's leg of the quest was resolved, either. The plot about the quest doesn't seem as visceral for the characters nor as integral to the overall story as I would have preferred. Still, the formula for the trilogy is a favorite of mine and the characters are exquisitely drawn. Their bonds, their friendships, and their love for each other are the driving force of this book and this series and I'm looking forward to gobbling up the second in the trilogy, Key of Knowledge.

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