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eBook How To Seduce A Texan epub

by Karen Kelley

eBook How To Seduce A Texan epub
  • ISBN: 0758225741
  • Author: Karen Kelley
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: United States
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Brava; Original edition (June 1, 2009)
  • Pages: 320 pages
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How to Seduce a Texan. Author: Karen Kelley. Reporter Nikki ‘The Barracuda’ Scott will sink her teeth into anything.

How to Seduce a Texan. She just isn’t prepared for exactly how rough. Still, the nasty outhouse, noisy animals, and resident ghost won’t put Nikki of. specially once she sets eyes (and hands, and mouth) on her subject.

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How to Seduce a Texan book. How To Seduce a Texan is a stand-alone, steamy romantic comedy from USA Today Bestselling author Karen Kelley. Reporter Nikki Scott earned her nickname, Barracuda, when she. Fanning the pages, he came to the current month

How to Seduce a Texan. Welcome to the family Ms. Jodie Kelley!!! Chapter 1. If Cal Braxton had to explain one more time the workings of a dude ranch, he’d rip out the phone, throw it against the wall, and say to hell with everything. Fanning the pages, he came to the current month. Oh, man, this wasn’t right.

Karen Kelley's How To Seduce A Texan lives up to its title. HOW TO SEDUCE A TEXAN is an amusing contemporary gender war romance

Karen Kelley's How To Seduce A Texan lives up to its title. It's funny, sassy and sexy to boot. Reporter Nikki Scott aka The Barracuda has been sent to get the scope on football star Cal Braxton. HOW TO SEDUCE A TEXAN is an amusing contemporary gender war romance. The lead couple is a fabulous pairing between an obstinate reporter known as the Barracuda for a reason and a football star known for his womanizing ways who matches her stubbornness all the way. Readers will relish Karen Kelley's fun tale while wondering by the two minute warning whether love will prove enough with this pig-headed pair. Chapter 1. Ad Content. What? People couldn’t figure it out for themselves? A ranch was a ranch. Horses and cows equaled ranch. Современные любовные романы. She just isn't prepared for exactly how rough. Reporter Nikki 'The Barracuda' Scott will sink her teeth into anything. Still, the nasty outhouse, noisy animals, and resident ghost won't put Nikki of. specially once she sets eyes (and hands, and mouth) on her subject

How to Seduce a Texan. Reporter Nikki 'The Barracuda' Scott will sink her teeth into anything

How to Seduce a Texan. What? People couldn’t figure it out for themselves?

How To Seduce A Texan. 2009) A novel by Karen Kelley. Football superstar, Cal Braxton, more than earned his bad boy rap, and he knows it, but maybe he's just tired of playing the game. Call it running away, he doesn't care, but he needs a break. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. Tell us if something is incorrect. How to Seduce a Texan.

Ghost Of A Chance Reporter Nikki "The Barracuda" Scott will sink her teeth into anything. So when her editor sends her to get the lowdown on bad boy football star Cal Braxton, Nikki's game to rough it on his family ranch. She just isn't prepared for exactly how rough. Still, the nasty outhouse, noisy animals, and resident ghost won't put Nikki off . . . especially once she sets eyes (and hands, and mouth) on her subject. If there's a juicy story here, Nikki intends to devour it . . . So, the lady thinks she's gonna get the scoop on him? Cal's had his fill of scheming females-hell, his conniving ex-fiancee is the very reason he's hiding out. Then again, if all journalists were as hot as Nikki, he might consider being more open with the press. Too bad she won't be around for long. If the chores and "rustic" conditions don't frighten Nikki off, her haunted accommodations surely will. Tough it turns out Nikki doesn't scare easily. Now Cal's the one who's scared-of falling hard . . .
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There was alot going on in this book. Didn't love it. It was an easy read but there are better things out there.
2 1/2 stars
This book had its moments, and some were quite funny. I found the book to be somewhat entertaining, but it was also a bit repetitive. I got tired of hearing how much Cal disliked reporters, and all the lies and story-telling got to be a bit much. I actually liked Cal's brother Brian and his secondary romance with their new massage therapist better than the main story. Not the worst story I've read, but not the best either.
Reporter Nikki Scott resents being sent by her editor to gather information for a fluff piece on football star Cal Braxton and his recent broken engagement. She makes a reservation for a week at Cal's brother's dude ranch since Cal is hanging out there. Nikki is known as "The Barracuda" and she's certain that she'll be able to charm her way to the truth without even trying. Upon arrival at the ranch, Cal puts her in an old cabin that clearly hasn't been inhabited by anyone for an incredibly long time. Since Nikki lied about the true reason behind her visit, she plays along. When an undeniable attraction develops, Nikki continues her deception, not knowing that Cal is on to her and knows exactly why she's there.
Cal can't help but be attracted to Nikki, but knowing that she's just another nosey reporter, he decides to turn the tables on her a bit and give her an extreme ranch experience. Just as Nikki wasn't counting on rougher than rough accommodations that include an outhouse, pumped water and a woodstove, Cal wasn't counting on falling head over heels for Nikki. Oh, and neither of them was counting on a ghost showing up for a surprise visit.
Karen Kelley isn't just an author, she's an entertainer. Her books are always a bright spot for me, comedic without being ridiculous or cheesy. The lightheartedness is consistently tempered with just the right amount of passion, sensuality, and sweetness to please every romance reader. I'm confident that readers will fall in love with Nikki and Cal. Nikki isn't nearly as threatening as her nickname suggests, and while Cal may think he's doling out tough love to teach her a lesson, they're both getting a lesson - in love.
Nikki Scott is a reporter known in her profession as "The Barracuda" due to her ruthlessness. While getting the low down on a football player by hanging out on his brother's ranch isn't what she is accustomed to doing, she will do what it takes to get her story. Especially when she spends some time with Cal and her hormones come to full attention. She is not a shrinking violet, so Cal can bring on the challenges and she won't back down.

Cal Braxton just wants to have some R&R on his brother's dude ranch and relax doing what his brother needs help with. What he definitely doesn't need is another nosey reporter. So when one shows up, he decides to run her off by putting her into an old unused cabin, without running water and only an outhouse for plumbing. But to his surprise she isn't to be deterred and he eventually figures that he just might not want her to disappear.

Karen Kelley has written a number of stories about alpha men but I have to say, what more could one ask for than Cal? The man is a football star as well as a rancher with one of the biggest soft spots you will find, once you get past the stone like exterior. I absolutely loved how he set up Nikki, but at the same time I also adored how she was determined to stick it out and prove she wasn't a city girl "wuss". I especially love that in spite of themselves they will figure out where their futures and hearts really lie. I look forward to the next story by Ms. Kelley and think if you missed How to Seduce a Texan you need to find yourself a copy quickly!

Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
HOW TO SEDUCE A TEXAN is Karen Kelley's latest release. The book is a hot, sizzling, funny read - true to the style which is this author's trademark.

Cal Braxton is a professional football player, who after a much publicized breakup with his now ex-fiancé is hiding out on his brother's dude ranch from everyone until the dust settles and he thinks through his options. The last thing he needs is a scheming reporter to invade his territory for a story. He was going to enjoy making her life miserable and would have her running back to the city in no time. Cal was going to win this round or so he thought underestimating the staying power of Nikki when she is after a scoop. Nikki handles all that Cal throws at her and then some.

Nikki Scott also known as "The Barracuda" is a reporter who always gets her story. Although she resents her editor for sending her to get the lowdown on Cal - a womanizing, spoilt, sports player - she will get her story and succeed at all costs. When she sinks her teeth into a story nothing will stand in her way. Nikki just never thought that a dude ranch could be this rough and her accommodations are less than ideal with the rustic cabin that has not been inhabited in a long time, and which comes with its own ghost and outside toilet. Who was to know that the subject of her story was so hot and makes her melt whenever she is around him?

The games that Cal and Nikki play are entertaining to the reader. Nikki has no idea that her cover was blown from day one and Cal is onto her. On the other hand Cal cannot believe that no matter what he does Nikki doesn't give up and go back to the City. All he knows is he is losing ground fast when it comes to keeping his heart out of this mix and that is something he will not allow. He is going to use this situation to his advantage and then walk away for once on the winning side of the press.

The hot chemistry between Nikki and Cal make the pages sizzle. There is also a secondary romance between Cal's brother and the massage therapist which only ads depth to an already entertaining read. It is fun to see two stubborn, obstinate people deny their true feelings to one another because we all know that the mighty will fall. When all the lies come to light will these two come to their senses and see past it all to what they really have? Karen has weaved an enjoyable read which I would recommend. This author is one of my favorites and this story has all the elements of a sizzling romance from the very first. I look forward to more stories from her in the future.
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