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eBook Baby Jack: A Novel epub

by Frank Schaeffer

eBook Baby Jack: A Novel epub
  • ISBN: 0786720212
  • Author: Frank Schaeffer
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: United States
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Da Capo Press (November 9, 2007)
  • Pages: 320 pages
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Frank's fourth novel, Baby Jack, is due out in the fall season of 2006 from Carroll and Graf (Avalon) .

Frank's fourth novel, Baby Jack, is due out in the fall season of 2006 from Carroll and Graf (Avalon) as their lead fiction title. Frank was born in Switzerland to the famous American evangelical t Dr. Francis Schaeffer. Frank was sent to British boarding schools-from which he ran away at fifteen. Several times I caught him wiping a tear as he listened - the way he did when he read Frank & John's book, Keeping Faith.

In 2006 Schaeffer published Baby Jack, a novel about a US Marine killed in Iraq. The two memoirs form the first and third book of what Schaeffer calls his "God trilogy". He is also known for his non-fiction books related to the Marine Corps, including Keeping Faith: A Father-Son Story About Love and the United States Marine Corps, co-written with his son John Schaeffer, and AWOL: The Unexcused Absence of America's Upper Classes from Military Service and How It Hurts Our Country, co-authored with former Bill Clinton presidential aide.

Frank Schaeffer is a bestselling author. Frank’s fourth novel, Baby Jack, is due out in the fall season of 2006 from Carroll and Graf (Avalon) as their lead fiction title. His fiction, humor and non-fiction have received international critical acclaim. The Los Angeles Times describes Frank’s writing as, A rich brew of cross-cultural comedy. Frank’s book Voices from the Fron: Letters home From America’s Military Family was followed by AWOL: The Unexcused Absence of America’s Upper Classes From Military Service-And How It Hurts Our County (Co-authored with former Clinton White House aid, Kathy Roth-Douquet, Smithsonian books and Harper Collins) due out May 1, 2006.

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Schaeffer, the author of two nonfiction books based on his experience of having a family member on active duty in the Middle East, treats similar themes in his new novel. Self-absorbed painter Todd Ogden and his patrician wife, Sarah, are stunned when their 18-year-old son, Jack, the product of prestigious prep schools, enlists in the marines. Moving from cajolery to cold fury, Todd finally refuses to speak to his son. Meanwhile, Jack finds the camaraderie and dedication of his drill instructors and fellow marines to be a welcome change.

Город: Boston, MAПодписчиков: 23 ты. себе: "Letter to Lucy: A Manifesto of Creative.

ISBN 9780786717163 (978-0-7867-1716-3) Hardcover, Carroll & Graf, 2006. Find signed collectible books: 'Baby Jack: A Novel'. Dancing Alone: The Quest for Orthodox Faith in the Age of False Religion. ISBN 9780917651366 (978-17651-36-6) Softcover, Holy Cross Pr, 1994. Coauthors & Alternates.

Frank Schaeffer (b. 1952) is a well-known and much sought-after speaker. Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back. He lectures on the Orthodox Faith, Christianity and the arts, and his conversion to the Orthodox Faith. He has served on the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Council and as the lay chairman of the Religious Education Committee of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

Todd Ogden, an acclaimed painter with work in museums around the world and a seemingly successful thirty-year marriage to the Brahmin Sarah, is living and painting in his two-hundred-year-old Massachusetts farmhouse when his youngest child, Jack, chooses the Marines over college. Feeling puzzled and ultimately infuriated by his son's incomprehensible switch to "the other side," a situation only further aggravated by his disapproval of Jack's girlfriend Jessica, Todd ultimately turns his back on his son. Not long after the start of Gulf War II, Jack is deployed to Iraq and killed a week later, trying to end off an ambush. From this point on, Baby Jack tells the story of the family Jack leaves behind, of his parents trying to survive as their marriage shatters, of Todd's own breakdown and after-the-fact attempt to understand his son's life — and of Jessica's perseverance and the baby to whom she gives birth after Jack's death. Baby Jack is a powerful and moving human story of sacrifice and redemption, which takes its readers into a territory way beyond the everyday.
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I'm a Russian Occupant
Where do I start? I'm with Nathaniel Fick, who in his advance praise for this book, said he had to read it in private because "it wrapped me up emotionally and left me wrung out." A former marine himself, Fick oughta know. I've never been a marine and I've never suffered the loss of a child, but I recognize good writing. And this is GOOD! And less there be any mistake, this is NOT just another anti-war diatribe. No, this is a book about the kind of service and sacrifice that President-elect Obama might have had at least vaguely in mind when he mentioned the need for those things in his election night speech. The freedoms we enjoy in this country have been too long defended by the few. There is indeed a "culture war" being waged in the U.S., and nowhere is it more evident than within the ranks of our military, which is populated primarily by our poor and disenfranchised. BABY JACK is about that war, and about the vast gulf between lower class and the upper class - between those who serve and those who surreptitiously scorn the very people who defend their lives of entitlement and privilege. But this is not simply a thinly veiled political diatribe either. This is literary fiction at its finest, with characters you will remember for a long time: the parents, Todd and Sarah; the children, Jack and Amanda; the girlfriend, Jessica; and God. Yes, God becomes a character in this book about war and class struggle. And He is a God you never could have imagined. As a product of a family full of right-wing evangelists, Frank Schaeffer knows his stuff. He uses much, I am sure, from his own life in telling this story, and it all adds to the final impact. Is this a modern parable of the Christ? You decide. Before I go on eagerly to Schaeffer's newest book (a memoir called Crazy for God), I should probably also point out that this is not an unrelievedly serious tome. Although there are several powerful scenes here which will absolutely make you cry (especially if you are a parent),in its depiction of the Marine Corps and basic training at Parris Island, there are also scenes which will make you laugh aloud in recognition. No, I was never a Jarhead, but I went through basic training (Army) - twice - and can still remember the utter terror of being the trainee, as well as the cruelty, the craziness and the pride of finishing the job. Schaeffer, who has never served, credits his son, a former Marine, for the authenticity. But no one can take credit for the sheer beauty of this book other than Frank Schaeffer himself. I will recommend it highly. Well done, Mr S. - Tim Bazzett, author of LOVE, WAR & POLIO and SOLDIER BOY: AT PLAY IN THE ASA
I'm giving this book 5 stars, not because I've read it, but because of my husband's reaction to Frank Schaeffer's discussion of it on Military.com this morning. Several times I caught him wiping a tear as he listened - the way he did when he read Frank & John's book, Keeping Faith.

Tears from a big ol' guy is a good indicator that Baby Jack will make a perfect gift for his upcoming birthday. One of our sons is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom. Even though we can identify with Schaeffer's writings, I hope that other folks who do not have any ties to the military will also give this book a read. It, as well as other of Schaeffer's writings, is a good way to put ourselves in the shoes of those who quietly serve.

To John Schaeffer and his family of Marines, soldiers, sailors, & airmen... THANK YOU!
Baby Jack

Todd Ogden, an acclaimed painter with works in museums around the world and a supposedly successful thirty-year marriage is living in and painting his two hundred year old house when his youngest son, Jack joins the Marines instead of going to college. Jack goes to Iraq and is killed. Baby Jack is the story of how his baby son is coped with by the baby's grandfather.

Recommended for fans of Frank Schaeffer

Gunner December 2007
Very good. The beginning of the story started a little slow. However, as I started to put all the characters together, it was a page turner! Baby Jack, along with previous Frank Schaeffers books "Faith of our Sons" and "Keeping Faith" (loved those) really helped you to understand the military. What I also like about his books is that the books also show the different emotions evolving around the family of a military person.
I had read several of Frank Schaeffer's non fiction books and very much enjoyed them. I then discovered he had fiction books to his credit as well. He is a very talented writer who is able to paint great word pictures and make you feel you are right there with the characters. You feel you can relate to them even if you have seemingly nothing in common with them!
This is an extraordinary book about the meaning of service and sacrifice. Given that we are at war, it is a book that "must be read" if we are to understand that the war is being fought by a very few and their loved ones. It is not a political polemic. It is the story of a young man who chooses to become a Marine and the profound impact of that choice.

Highly recommended.
Not Schaeffer's best work.
Have been reading novels for 45 years. I never stop reading a novel. I stopped reading this one at the 3/4 mark. This novel is Porno and insulting. It insulted me in many ways. Sex, religion, politics, and many other things were not spared the authors insults. If this review keeps just one person from reading this trash it was worth my time writing it, which is something I have never done before.
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