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eBook One Night With His Virgin Mistress epub

by Sara Craven

eBook One Night With His Virgin Mistress epub
  • ISBN: 0373127650
  • Author: Sara Craven
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Subcategory: Women's Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harlequin Presents; Original edition (September 30, 2008)
  • ePUB size: 1611 kb
  • FB2 size 1476 kb
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Sara Craven, Minori Momoka. Fortunately, I don’t have to see much of hi. Lorna gaped at her. ‘Then why are you taking all this trouble, if he’s so frightful?’.

Sara Craven, Minori Momoka. ‘Then why are you taking all this trouble, if he’s so frightful?’ tin. And I should be too, she told herself. Talking about him, thinking about, dreaming about him. And not sparing Mark Benedict a second thought. Especially when he’s barely addressed two consecutive sentences to me since his stepmother’s visit three weeks ago. He said he owed me, she thought. Yet now he seems to have cut me off completely.

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Or if Betty would then have the OW threaten to publicize the heroine's rape scene from said book as a way to libel the hero since he is the inspiration for the hero/villain.

Aug 19, 2018 StMargarets rated it liked it. Shelves: nding-lies, author-sara-craven, e, harlequin-presents, 3-star. Oh, look Sara Craven wrote a Betty Neels story. That is, if Betty Neels would allow her 19 year-old heroine to ask the 31 year-old hero to take her virginity so she can have a healthy dating life and authentic sex scenes for the novel she is writing. Or if Betty would then have the OW threaten to publicize the heroine's rape scene from said book as a way to libel the hero since he is the inspiration for the hero/villain.

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His Wedding-Night Heir. First, there’d been that burning nightmare of a journey, wondering if each moment would be their last, then the flight in the Hercules, and now this damned farce of a press conference with its endless questions. When all he really wanted was complete solitude, an opportunity to get out of clothes that stank and felt as if they were crawling, and a torrent of hot water to rid him of the dirt and the fear and make him human again.

Innocent Mistress, Virgin Bride Series Multi-Author . The Virgin's Wedding Night (2008). Forced to Marry Series Multi-Author. The Santangeli Marriage (2008).

Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Millionaires, Women novelists, Housesitting. Toronto ; New York : Harlequin. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Delaware County District Library (Ohio). Uploaded by AngelaC-loader on September 2, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

SARA CRAVEN was born in South Devon, and grew up surrounded by books in a house by the sea. After leaving grammar school she worked as a local journalist, covering everything from flower shows to murders. She started writing for Harlequin in 1975. Sara Craven has appeared as a contestant on the Channel Four game show Fifteen to One, and in 1997 won the title of Television Mastermind of Great Britain.

Sara Craven was born in South Devon and grew up in a house full of books Recent titles by the same author: One night with his virgin mistress. The virgin’s wedding night. Innocent on her wedding night.

Sara Craven was born in South Devon and grew up in a house full of books. She worked as a local journalist, covering everything from flower shows to murders, and started writing for Mills & Boon® in 1975. When not writing, she enjoys films, music, theatre, cooking, and eating in good restaurants. She now lives near her family in Warwickshire. Sara has appeared as a contestant on the former Channel Four game show Fifteen to One, and in 1997 was the UK television Mastermind champion. Recent titles by the same author: One night with his virgin mistress.

Tallie has moved to London to pursue her dream, so when she's offered a gorgeous apartment to house-sit, she can't believe her luck.Millionaire Mark Benedict returns home and is shocked—although not altogether displeased—to find Tallie in his shower! He will take Tallie to his bed and turn her from inexperienced innocent…to his willing mistress!
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Natalia (Tallie to her friends) is an aspiring writer. She was living at home and then at a flat with two other people. Neither place was conducive to writing. She received an offer to flat-sit, paying 1/2 the electric as part of the deal. She accepted the offer because it would leave her by herself to write. While taking a shower one evening, the shower door was ripped open by a man who ordered her to get out of it as this was his flat and he wanted to take a shower, unless she cared to join him. Mark told her to wait in the sitting room, he wanted to talk.
He gave her a week to find another place. Then he found out that the caterers for the party he was having had had an accident and couldn't come. Tallie volunteered to cook the meal. Mark then offered to let her stay until she finished writing her book.
Tallie was a virgin. Her first and only boyfriend left her to take a job elsewhere. Told her, unkindly, that she wouldn't fit in there. Her second man, fell for her cousin on site and shut her out. The third man had his own issues and ended up turning her down.
She felt her virginity was what was stopping them from getting involved in a relationship with her. So she offered Mark one night only to rid her of her virginity...no strings attached. How were they to know that they would lose their hearts to one another?
A wonderful romance that you will enjoy.
This was just not good at all! It went on tangents that were unrelated- his job, her book writing on and on and on..........
They never even had 1 date; he was supposedly sleeping with another woman past 75% of the book- I could go on and on.
The h, Tallie, was amazingly immature (she was only 19) and H was 31. I completely see these 2 getting divorced within 1 year. Oh wait, he travels almost constantly with is job so maybe they won't realize they are horribly matched until 2 years.
I so loved this book. Sara Craven is a wonderful authentic, have several of her books and they a
L are very good
I really tried to give this book a chance, but it was very difficult to follow. I got this book from a bundle, but I felt I had to review it separately. The story is about Natalie or Tallie. She is an aspiring writer and moves to London to finish her book. Because she has no job or income, she agrees to house sit for someone. Turns out the real owner of the apartment didn't know this. Anyways, they sort it out and the owner Mark, a millionaire, let's her stay there given that he is hardly home and she seems to be taking good care of the place. That sounds easy enough right? Where it gets confusing is where the actual romance novel that Tallie is writting becomes part of the story. So I had a difficult time figuring if this was really happening to her, her thoughts, or those of the fictional love story she was writing. The author switched back and forth between narrating the "story" and her own story. It was just too confusing for me as this format continued throughout the majority of the book.

In any event, Tallie decides she is tired of being rejected for being naive and proposes Mark to make her a woman. He complies and they have an amazing night. Then they return to normal as if nothing happens. Then Mark exits the picture for travel and next thing you knew the book was ending. At the end there was a happily ever after, but I couldn't feel the connection between the two characters to believe the ending.
I found "One Night With His Virgin Mistress" an absolute delight - unexpectantly, I might add. I loved the unconventional way the hero and heroine met (in the shower); how they were wary of each other on sight; how resistant they were of the growing attraction each was feeling for the other; the fact that this heroine was always independent-minded, spirited and self-reliant even though she is young; how the hero has a streak of decency in him that only the heroine, Tallie, seems to bring out; and of their lively banter back and forth. I even loved the ending of the book, which was heartwarming. My only objection was that the hero was just a smidge too old for Tallie, in my opinion (a 12 year age difference), but then, Tallie is very mature for her age, so that evens things out in the end. And, as usual, our hero has a truly bitchy, wealthy girlfriend/lover in the picture who is utterly repulsive to be around! - LOL. You know the type: breathtakingly beautiful on the outside, horribly ugly on the inside. No wonder Tallie looks so good to him in comparison to that creatin of a woman! - LOL. She does some horrible, reprehensible things to Tallie. The book also has a second bitchy female in it it as well - she's no picnic for Tallie to endure, either. The author handles both of these women well in the end. This book is a fun, enjoyable read. It's a go-to book for me now when I want a fast, breezy read when I'm laying by the pool or hanging out in the backyard getting some sun.
When I read the summary of this book I imagined that this would be a book to read without stop. I was expecting something more hot, breathtaking, the kind of story that makes you dreaming for days but this turned to be a real disappointment. So, if you are looking for a story that will reach your heart, I do not recommend this one.
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