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eBook The Prostate Miracle: New Natural Therapies That Can Save Your Life epub

by Dallas Clouatre,Jesse A. Stoff

eBook The Prostate Miracle: New Natural Therapies That Can Save Your Life epub
  • ISBN: 1575665441
  • Author: Dallas Clouatre,Jesse A. Stoff
  • Genre: Health
  • Subcategory: Diseases & Physical Ailments
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Kensington (September 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 288 pages
  • ePUB size: 1491 kb
  • FB2 size 1667 kb
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In THE PROSTATE MIRACLE, acclaimed immunologist Dr. Jesse A. Stoff and Dallas Clouatre, P. show you how diet and supplements can safely and dramatically reduce high PSA levels, which indicate the presence of disease.

In THE PROSTATE MIRACLE, acclaimed immunologist Dr. These supplements include: - PC SPES - Selenium - Lycopene - Plant sterols - Ai/E10 - COQ-10 - Shark liver oil - High lignan flax oil - Food state multivitamins - Fish oil.

The Prostate Miracle book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. Stoff, Dallas Clouatre.

In The Prostate Miracle,, Dr. Jesse Stoff, one of America's foremost . Dr. Jesse Stoff does an outstanding job writing this book. Jesse Stoff, one of America's foremost immunologists, offers life-saving advice for prostate cancer victims, their families an. . I've had friends that have been patients of Dr. Stoff and they are all in remission or on the road to health.

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Dallas Clouatre (Clouatre, Dallas). used books, rare books and new books. Find all books by 'Dallas Clouatre' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Dallas Clouatre'. ISBN 9780961491468 (978-614914-6-8) Hardcover, Pax Publishing, 1969. Find signed collectible books: 'Anti-Fat Nutrients'. SAM-e: What You Need to Know (Nutrition Discovery).

Dallas Clouatre, P. is a member of the American College of Nutrition and a frequent contributor to Let's Live, Whole Foods, Nutritional Business Journal, Vitamin Retailer, Total Health, and related consumer- and business-oriented health publications. He is the author of The Prostate Miracle, Anti-Fat Nutrients, and numerous other books on health topics.

Dallas Clouatre Jesse A. Stoff

Dallas Clouatre Jesse A. Stoff. Stoff also reveals the role of Enzymes, Chinese Herbs and Detoxification to boost the immune system and enhance cancer-fighting power. The Natural Way to a Healthy Prostate Michael B. Schachter McGraw-Hill, 1999 . Prostate Health in 90 Days Larry Clapp Hay House, 1998 .

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and Dallas Clouatre, P. Kensington Books, 2000, New York. 5. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Prostate Cancer, Glenn Bubley, . Warner Books, 2005, New York

and Dallas Clouatre, P. Warner Books, 2005, New York. 6. The Prostate Health Program, Daniel W. Nixon, . Free Press, 2004, New York.

Introduces a program for treating prostate cancer in a therapeutic approach that integrates conventional and alternative medical treatments and incorporates such supplements as plant sterols, lycopene, fish oil, and other cancer-fighting compounds.
Comments: (7)
I'd advise any potential buyer to google Jesse Stoffe. In Jan, 2005 he was hit with a $385,000 fine from the FTC for giving his "expert support" to a product that had previously been shown to be useless. He signed a consent decree in which he agreed to never advertise the effectivness of this product nor give his "expert" opinion in support of marketing for this product.

Also note that in 2003 he lost his license to practice medicine in Arizona. Here is the quote, "With regard to Case No. 02-15, the executive director explained that the investigation was at complete. Assistant Attorney General, Harris explained that the Board may wish to consider a Letter of Concern or move forward with an administrative hearing based on the available information. President Shelton inquired about the status of Dr. Stoff's license following dismissal of the present case. Mr. Harris explained that the license would expire and Dr. Stoff would be unable to practice medicine in Arizona" (this is from the Jan 14, 2003 meeting of the Arizona Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners)
Jesse Stoff describes a broad approach to the treatment of prostate cancer. In fact, it is the most comprehensive prescription for an alternative treatment of prostate cancer that I have ever encountered. The main ingredient emphasized is PC SPES but that is not viewed so much as a 'silver bullet' as it is a necessary part of a multi-faceted attack on the disease.
Stoff writes from the perspective of one who personally treats prostate cancer patients in his medical practice. If this book has a weakness, it is that the reader is given so much information it may lead to some confusion.
The authors describe a comprehensive approach to the treatment of prostate cancer. Much emphasis is placed on the importance of PC SPES as a necessary ingredient in a multi-faceted attack on the disease.
Unfortunately the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned consumers last year to cease taking PC SPES because it contained undeclared prescription drug ingredients. The manufacturer of the product has since gone out of business.
Although THE PROSTATE MIRACLE includes much useful information, the apparent demise of PC SPES seems to greatly diminish the usefulness of this book.
Jesse Stoff outlines a method for treating diseases where poor immune function has lead to severe chronic disease. His use of NK cell activity tests to monitor treatment progress, immune system function and recovery sets him apart from the vast majority of "alternative medicine" writers and medical doctors. This feedback loop of treatment, immune function measurement, treatment...is actually missing from most courses of treatment, conventional or "alternative". Think of the people you know who have had cancer treatment. 1) diagnosis. 2) radiation/chemo 3) scans - cancer is "undetectable" , treatment was successful. 4) go home. Long term survival requires good immune system functionality. This is an exercise normally left up to the patient, without advice from the organization treating the cancer. Is it any wonder that after item 4) we expect 5) eventual recurrence?
The best place to start on this book is the flow chart (algorithm) in the Appendix, it summarizes the approach and perhaps the best way to use the book is Flow Chart - Index - Text.
Dr. Jesse Stoff does an outstanding job writing this book. I've had friends that have been patients of Dr. Stoff and they are all in remission or on the road to health. The unique thing about this book is that it gives the exact protocals of what he does in his practice, what products, therapies, stress management, etc. In fact this book could be used for anyone with any type of cancer, weakened immune system or auto-immune system problem. The only time it wouldn't involve any type of health concern is Chapter 8 since it relates to the male hormone.
I have been in the nutrition industry for 10 years now and am the Wellness Director and Nutriceutical Specialist for The Institute of Anti-Aging and Longevity, and this is the first time I have read a book that lists a balance of therapies, not a magic bullet, that will help the body heal itself if given the right nutrients and the elimination of stress and toxins. I am happy to see the the emphasis of PC SPES and AIDBCWE (or AiE10) as part of the therapy for prostate cancer. These little known substances have shown great promise in the treatment of cancer. We offer the AIDBCWE/AiE10 from Body Wise as mentioned in the book, and it definitely increases the activity of Natural Killer Cells designed to take out malignant cells.
The other unique thing about the book is that Dr. Stoff lists all the sources of where to get products and the laboratories he uses for diagnostics. This is a valuable asset.
My favorite Chapters are 6 and 7 because it relates to how the body can heal itself if the immune system is intact. Dr. Stoff's motto, "Learn how to get well and stay well" is what this book is all about. I highly recommend this book, his therapies and becoming a patient of Dr. Stoff if necessary. Dr. Stoff is one of God's miracles on the planet in helping people become well.
We host lectures with Dr. Stoff with our institution on a regular basis, if anyone would like to attend a live lecture or live educational conference call with Dr. Jesse Stoff, just email me.
I purchased this book for my husband. Recommend for any man before doing hormone therapy. It's a real eye opener.
Old book ..2000 ..the suggested supplement PC SPES is pulled from the market !!
I made a mistake to order this book..sorry
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