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eBook O Jerusalem! epub

by Larry Collins

eBook O Jerusalem! epub
  • ISBN: 1416556273
  • Author: Larry Collins
  • Genre: History
  • Subcategory: Middle East
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster; Movie Tie-In Edition edition (September 4, 2007)
  • Pages: 656 pages
  • ePUB size: 1523 kb
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Now a major motion picture, this remarkable classic recounts, moment by moment, the spellbinding process that gave birth to the state of Israel.

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Israel-Arab War, 1948-1949, Jerusalem Political events 1948. Books for People with Print Disabilities.

O Jerusalem! meticulously re-creates this historic struggle

O Jerusalem! meticulously re-creates this historic struggle. O Jerusalem! meticulously re-creates this historic struggle.

Unlike Leon Uris Exodus, that is rather one sided in it's potrayal of the Arab-Israeli conflict, this book is more neutral, objective, looks at both sides. The events leading up to the formation of Israel are well documented, as also the struggles Jews faced in establishing "This is how history, should be written" said Golda Meir on reading the book. And I agree with her.

Larry Collins, born John Lawrence Collins J. (September 14, 1929 – June 20, 2005) was an American writer

Larry Collins, born John Lawrence Collins J. (September 14, 1929 – June 20, 2005) was an American writer. Born in West Hartford, Connecticut, Collins was educated at the Loomis Chaffee Institute in Windsor, Connecticut, and graduated from Yale as a BA in 1951. He worked in the advertising department of Procter and Gamble, in Cincinnati, Ohio, before being conscripted into the US Army.

At the center of this massive and brilliant book is the most universal of man's cities: Jerusalem, the mystic heart of three great religions, condemned to pay for the passions it inspires by being-through forty centuries-the most bitterly disputed site in the world. O Jerusalem! is the classic retelling of the spellbinding events of the birth of Israel.

An account of the bitter 1948 dispute between the Arabs and Jews over Jerusalem highlights the role of the British as well as prominent individuals in the struggle. Reissue. (A Samuel Goldwyn Productions film, releasing September 2007, directed by Elie Chouraqui, starring JJ Feild, Tovah Felshuh, Maria Pappas, Ian Holm, Patrick Bruel, Tom Conti, and others) (History -- General)
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lets go baby
This book not only offers a detailed and understandable account of Israel & Jerusalem's history from 70 AD to the electrifying events of 1947-1948, it also contains some of the finest creative and simultaneously journalistic nonfiction ever written. Collins and LaPierre somehow managed to report -- from multiple viewpoints -- myriad episodes of Jewish, Arab, and British violence and even terrorism as passionate yet disinterested objective observers, far more committed to an accurate record of events than to any form of dramatic license. As a college journalism professor, I recommend this book to any of my students who desire to rise above the quagmire of biased "media" and become true chroniclers of human events and compelling history. It is must reading for anyone -- student or otherwise -- who seeks to understand the Israel of today through the lens of the nation's compelling and indelible modern history.
Written by two journalists this volume conveys in a fascinationg way, the history of Israel's becoming an independant ste in 1948. I reads like
Written by two professioal journalists, his volume is a history of the founding of the modern state of Israel, It reads almost lika novel, moving, exciting, and in spots leaves the reader almost breathless. It reaveals the laying of the foundation of Zionism, the political manuevering of Zionists, Arabs and others both to restore the Jewish homeland and to keep such restoration from occuring. As the U.N.was coinsidering proclaiming the estblishment of this new nation there was a flurring of activity by both sides of the issue. From the Truman signing of the declaration, through the announcment from Jerusalem of Israel's birth, to the Arab war to erase Israel just as it started, the authors take the reader through major and many minoir events that finally brought an Israeli victory and routing of the overwhelmingly huge Arab forces. The
dedication and commitment of istrael's people was amazing, and there are recorded instances that an unbiased view can
only call Divine intervention. I was so moved that I read if four times. Here is history that is exciting, especially in light of today's Middle East events.
A classic. I was in Israel recently and saw it on sale at the Israeli museum. Before my trip, my wife and I had read the book and agreed that it was an amazing story. It should be required reading for anyone going to Israel for more than a few days. I doubt if 1% of people in the western world are aware of what went on in 1947/8 . To see what has been accomplished by the Israeli community in 60+ years is truly incredible. To see how the Jewish quarter, which was a pile of rubble in 1948, has been rebuilt, is extraordinary. Israel has also become a high tech phenomenon, a leader in agricultural innovation, and the #1 user of desalinization for its water supply. Do read this book if you want to truly understand the transformation of a barren land in under 70 years.
It was interesting that since the time of T E Lawrence Britain was pro-Arab until Americans changed its mind. I learned much history, such as Golda Meir's fundraising in the United States. Personally, I now know why my husband felt strongly about Clark Clifford who had been a force in recognizing Israel. But also, I learned about the Arabian side though not in such a biased way as our Syrian, now American, daughter was taught. The (late) Larry Collins and Dominic LaPierre were intent on being fair to both sides. There is so much tragedy here, not only Arab and Israeli but the non-combatants.
O’Jerusalem is that rare confluence of events that transpire when several unusual circumstances arise to create a compelling and long-lasting masterpiece. First, we have the event itself, the dramatic and tragic story of Jerusalem, the Holy City, torn apart by two opposing sides during the 1948 Arab-Israel war. Second, two journalists, Larry Collins and Dominque Lapierre took the time to conduct hundreds of interviews with key participants over several years, allowing them to publish not only new information that historians rely upon, but visceral accounts that put the reader in the center of the maelstrom. It was extremely fortunate that the two journalists who undertook this task were no ordinary writers, but gifted storytellers. Collins and Lapierre put you front and center in all the momentous events that occurred in such a short period of time: The UN vote to partition Palestine and the joy it caused among the Jews and grief it caused among the Arabs, the battles along the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, highlighted by one attack in late March that nearly caused Jewish Jerusalem to starve, the destruction of the Hurva and fall of the Old City, the two grueling battles of Latrun, the fall of Kfar Etzion, the building of the Burma Road, the massacres at Deir Yassin and Hadassah Hospital. All are recounted in rich, full detail, with their victims, Arab and Jew alike, accorded full sympathy by the authors. These events are not just dramatic, they are important, and their import continued to resonate today. Therefore, if you only read this one book on the entire Arab-Israel conflict, you will have a great starting point, much like if you read the author’s excellent next book, Freedom at Midnight, covering the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 (also highly recommended).
I have read well over a hundred books on this subject and can tell you that this is easily among my top five. On a personal note, I was so impressed by the writing style of this book that it was a major influence in writing my own history of Israel. O’Jerusalem is a well-known and richly deserved masterpiece.
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