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eBook How to Buy a Diamond: Insider Secrets for Getting Your Money's Worth, Sixth Edition epub

by Fred Cuellar

eBook How to Buy a Diamond:  Insider Secrets for Getting Your Money's Worth, Sixth Edition epub
  • ISBN: 1402215061
  • Author: Fred Cuellar
  • Genre: Hobbies
  • Subcategory: Crafts & Hobbies
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca; 6th edition (July 1, 2008)
  • Pages: 420 pages
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Honest diamond dealers―and there are many―loved the book.

Honest diamond dealers―and there are many―loved the book. They said to me, "Fred, we've needed this for a long time, because it's hard to compete with dealers who cheat.

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Get Your Money's Worth on a Great Diamond.

Get Your Money's Worth on a Great Diamond.

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Just the feeling of knowing I was able to outsmart the jeweler was worth the price of the book.

book by Fred Cuellar. Just the feeling of knowing I was able to outsmart the jeweler was worth the price of the book.

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"Finally, one of the top diamond experts breaks the silence and demystifies the world of diamonds for regular folks like you and me." - Gregory J. P. Godek, author of 1001 Ways To Be Romantic

Get Your Money's Worth on a Great Diamond

Buying a diamond can be one of the most important and intimidating purchases you ever make. Whether you're getting engaged or married, or are buying for an anniversary, investment, or just because, How to Buy a Diamond will take the pressure and uncertainty out of your purchase, and will show you how to get the best diamond for your money.

Newly revised and completely updated, How to Buy a Diamond is the only book on the market to include wholesalers' secret pricing charts that you, the public, never get to see! The charts are broken down by carat, clarity, and color - including the various types of color within each color grade.

Important sections include:

Matching your funds with the perfect diamond The four Cs explained: clarity, color, cut, and carat size Ring styles and settings Insuring and caring for your diamond Picking the right jeweler Jewelers' tricks of the trade Wholesalers' secret pricing charts!
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melody of you
Do Not Purchase A Wedding Ring / Engagement Ring WITHOUT READING THIS BOOK FIRST. Precise information -direct and to the point with illustrations and on-line photos of what he is informing you about. There is a newer edition out 8th I think. If its not in the Library yet dont wait buy it and save yourself a ton of money IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A QUALITY RING AND STONE.
So many times I have purchased a book where it has a "Sales Pitch" all over it. This was a pleasant surprise and it is aimed at educating you.

I recommend it to all that are in the process of buying a ring. I wish my husband had read this book when he was buying a ring. He unfortunately did what majority would do. Go to one shop and be sold on a ring just cause he thought it was a good deal and doesn't like shopping around.

I also really appreciated the part where Fred gives you the tools to identify what kind of ring would work best for your Fiancee. Absolute must advice to men that are clueless about buying jeweler "ASK her best friend or Mother or someone that is very close to her" Don't go out and assume this is what she likes or wants.

My dad is in this industry so I know a fair bit to say a lot of what Fred mentions is true.

Happy I purchase this book as I now get Hubby to read it and learn for the future :)
I just wanted to put in a word of warning with all the praise this book has mustered. Fred Cuellar knows his stuff and is usually correct in what he says about diamonds but he please keep in mind that he is sales person - first, last and always. After discussing all the 4Cs, he puts one last bit of advice into the chapters about un-warped stones. And that's were it all unravels; for all the importance he places on this topic, he writes only a paragraph or two about it. Incredible.

Fred puts a lot of emphasis on finding an un-warped stone and eventually points the reader to his own store for "advice." In several months of research about round cut stones, I have found that most people in the business or hobbyists do not necessarily respect his opinions.

Let me explain ...

After trying to locate a reasonably priced stone that matched Fred's guidelines for dimensions, I called his 800 number looking for guidance. I found several stones on bluenile.com that matched all of Fred's recommended dimensions (but were low in price and therefore too good to be true?) but every time I asked the guys at DCI (Diamond Cutter's International, Fred's company), they told me it was an okay stone but warped meaning that the measurements around the stone weren't symmetrical all the way around. Even though the dimensions all matched the ideals for what Fred said in his book, according to DCI, the stones all suffered from a so called tragic flaw that Fred only devotes half a page to.

Yes, this is an important point and they did assure me that bluenile's prices were fair but I was still getting a warped stone which I should avoid. I asked for advice on where I could find a non warped stone because, after lots of phone calls and several months spent visiting jewelry stores, none of the local jewelers in Boston including those in the Diamond District on Washington Street had those types of stones. Except Tiffany's (but they don't have unmounted stones) and I didn't want to pay the 50% price premium for a brand name. I got an email back from the DCI guys with two stones that they could sell to me. I was a bit taken aback. I thought it was a conflict of interest to try and write an informational book about buying diamonds all the while pushing their own agenda and eventually scaring customers to purchase from him.

I ended up with a beautiful round cut, .98, G, SI1 (very nice, eye clean), GIA ideal cut for just under $4400 in Feb. 2006. I had it measured again by GIA and the certification was almost identical to the one I got from the dealer But it was supposedly warped according to Fred's DCI guy. This stone should have gone for $7500 according to Fred (if it were un-warped).

Readers should realized that ultimately, this book will point you to DCI and Fred's own diamond store. See one poor sap's comments, (Derek M. Hardwick "A Very Happy Customer") who fell for the entire scheme. Fred not only made a buck off of the sale of the book but lead this reader right to his store! Google Fred's name for more information about lawsuits against him. And check out this thread and look for his threads on Pricescope.
Fred Cueller provides some quality information. His emphasis on cut is well-placed, as it is commonly accepted that cut is the most important contributor to a diamond's appearance.

Explaining that a VVS clarity diamond is not the best choice for worn jewelry, confirmed by other sources, was helpful and saved me some money.

Recommending to "buy shy" (0.49 ct instead of 0.50 ct) is a handy tip, and saved me some money while getting the look I want.

His relationship advice, stories of crooked sellers, and anecdotes are interesting, amusing, and can be helpful.

However, there are significant problems.

His explanation of the proper cut for the Round is essentially correct, but more research shows his understanding is becoming outdated and may mislead people. The "ideal" is based on a 2D ray-trace of a diamond which ignores some aspects of dispersion. Today, full 3D models of diamonds can be performed. With that, his disagreement with GIA's new recommendations for "ideal" may well be incorrect and misleading people from good purchases.

Worse, his recommendation for choosing proper proportions of a Princess cut seem to be plain wrong. I'm still looking into this, but right now my understanding is that if had bought my Princess-cut diamond according to his proportions, I'd have a poorly cut stone.

While buying shy is a money saver, I'm not convinced it is nearly so useful today as he suggests. Prices I've seen don't jump dramatically at the round carat weights.

His recommendation on fluorescence are not universally held. My jeweler recommends some degree of fluorescence for non-colorless stones to mask the yellow and improve the perceived whiteness of the stone. This is a matter of taste and I'm choosing to believe my jeweler over Cueller.

For anyone looking for diamond buying advice, be wary of Cueller's book. While he provides a lot of useful information to the ignorant (like me), that is also what makes it so risky. The ignorant can't readily identify the weaknesses and errors in his book without further research.
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