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eBook Upholstery Techniques Illustrated epub

by W. Lloyd Gheen,W. Gheen

eBook Upholstery Techniques Illustrated epub
  • ISBN: 0070236224
  • Author: W. Lloyd Gheen,W. Gheen
  • Genre: Hobbies
  • Subcategory: Home Improvement & Design
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Tab Books; Subsequent edition (October 23, 1994)
  • Pages: 365 pages
  • ePUB size: 1431 kb
  • FB2 size 1160 kb
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Upholstery Techniques Illustrated book.

Upholstery Techniques Illustrated book.

Upholstery techniques illustrated. Blue Ridge Summit, PA : TAB Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

ISBN 10: 0830604022 ISBN 13: 9780830604029. Publisher: Tab Books, 1986. Book by Gheen, W. Lloyd.

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from Sunset Book's SIMPLY UPHOLSTERY "No matter what the fine points of their design are, most chairs and sofas have an inner frame built of similar . from W. Lloyd Gheen's book UPHOLSTERY TECHNIQUES ILLUSTRATED. How to make a round bolster cushion.

from Sunset Book's SIMPLY UPHOLSTERY "No matter what the fine points of their design are, most chairs and sofas have an inner frame built of similar structural elements. HOW TO UPHOLSTER A CHAIR Part 1. (REUPHOLSTER A SOFA THE SAME WAY) Learn to strip off the old fabric, take measurements and cut the new fabric. including info on sewing other round cushions. Make cushions for a wicker chair.

I've reupholstered several ottomans (1 with 4" fur which had been my teenage bedspread). For all the info in an easy-to-follow book, get: Upholstery Techniques Illustrated W. Lloyd Gheen Tab Books ISBN 0830604022. Also talk to BentCajunGirl (Perry, are you still posting here?) She's a real upholstery guru making real money at it. - - Remember: Every silver lining has a cloud.

Upholstery Techniques Illustrated by W. Gheen. Complete Upholsterer by Carole Thompson. Reupholstering at Home: A Do-It-Yourself Manual for Turning Old Furniture into New Showpieces by Peter Nesovich. Tags: Decor, do-it-yourself upholstering, reupholstering, upholstering.

Автор: Gheen, . loyd Название: Upholstery techniques illustrated ISBN: 0070236232 ISBN-13(EAN) . Описание: Provides an illustrated publication on upholstery conservation which discusses the issues related to the care, interpretation and treatment of upholstered furniture.

Описание: Provides an illustrated publication on upholstery conservation which discusses the issues related to the care, interpretation and treatment of upholstered furniture. This title presents the inter-disciplinary collaboration fundamental to upholstery conservation and demonstrates principles and practice using illustrated case studies.

A practical guide to upholstery covers tools, furniture structure, styles, fabric selection, cushions, and finishing techniques
Comments: (7)
It is completely useless book. It has many old pictures that basically useless b/s given without sequence of steps, show the old type of fabric, has a lot of general information, that you wouldn't need if you want to learn upholstery. I am sure there are better books out there.
the shipping and price was good. but I didn't expect this book to be so outdated.
thought this book had some colorful photographs, but not disappointed a very informative book. Have to do some reading to really gasp the information, but contain some good secrets of the trade, will continue reading.
The book was in great shape. There were no markings and no bent pages. It arrived on a timely basis.
Upholstery Techniques Illustrated does seem to be fairly thorough, but as other reviewers have noted, the photography is middling to horrible, and the projects shown are far beyond "dated"--they're horrifying!

Herculon and that miserable synthetic shiny velvet stuff are heavily featured. The furniture itself is awful--although some of the 50's era stuff has come back into vogue, making this a possible reference for today's urban chic.

The text is drab but clear, although the terrible illustrations offer minimal support for it. This is a subject for which good illustrations, in my opinion, are indispensable. Overall, the book reminds me of the awful textbooks we had in high school shop class--very old, very boring, and a hulking obstacle to getting on with the excitement of actual creativity.

Moreover, I was hoping to reupholster antique furniture, and the book is very sparse in its treatment of traditional materials, instead focusing on polyurethane foam. Deep button-tufting is lightly covered, but only over foam. The furniture I'm working with features deep channel backs, and this is not included in any useful way.

For someone who is in need of technical expertise, isn't working with antiques, and doesn't mind a very dry presentation, this might be a useful book. For me, it's uninspiring and intimidating, a real disappointment from a book published in the last 15 years.
I use this book as a reference for specific upholstery repair issues. There are not many good upholstery books out there, but this is one of the better ones. The fact that it is illustrated is a big bonus, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is well organized and approaches aspects in a systematic manner.

I agree with the other reviewer. Though the book is profusely illustrated, the photos are B&W and many are of mediocre photographic quality and choice of fabric texture to make clear photos. With today's quality of color photos in many DIY books, this one is in need of an update. It could also use a little better editing so the photos are on the same page as the accompanying text.
I bought this some years ago, purely on its representation as being suitable for students and professionals. I was very disappointed when I received it and so were my students. The book lacks detailed informaton for the traditional upholsterer on many aspects of the work, and therefore could not be described as a definitive work!

We felt that the publishers and the printers obviously did not understand the need for clear enlarged pictures showing detail if the book is to be used as a teaching resource for any thorough course, or for individual use by anyone wanting to learn without the aid of a professional upholsterer.

A disappointing resource and quite frankly a rather boring book!
I just received this book yesterday and already I have learned a great deal about re-upholstery. This book has made me very excited and confident that I can do a good job on my first project. As far as I can tell it covers just about every issue in concise and easy to understand language. I would give it a 5 star rating but for the darkness of some of the photos. However, there are an abundance of photos and if you read the instructions carefully then a few dark photos won't be much of a hinderance. If you are interested in learning about upholstery then this is the book and you can't beat the price for this much information.
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